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    New Wii U information (and rumors) begin to emerge

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    Last year, Nintendo announced the Wii U at E3. The reaction was mixed. While developers seemed to be interested, gamers were cautious. Especially since the system wears the Wii brand.

    This week, however, new information has surfaced, though some if it is most definately rumor.

    What was shown at E3 2011 was not even close to final spec

    Yoshinori Ono, known for Street Fighter, has come out and said that Wii U is drastically different than what was shown at E3 2011.

    "What was shown at last year's E3 is not a reflection of the power the system will offer. We have been trying out the development kits and some of the new features will increase its possibilities. It isn't like the Kinect or anything like that, it is something different," Ono further stated.

    He elaborates on that comment by saying that "I can't talk anymore regarding the subject because, if I do, Nintendo will send assassins to kill me! (laughs). But let's say that the Wii U is going to be a console that will count with some great and unique posibilities that it will be hard to sell them across magazines and other mediums."

    This is intriguing, and a bit scary. "Diffuclt to sell acrous magazines and other mediums" to me sounds like a nice way of saying "people will think it sucks when they first read it, but when they play it they will change." We all know how closed-minded Nintendo naysayers react to these kinds of things. They WON'T play it, and will bash the experience that they did not experience.

    While it is easy to be "their loss," remember, marketing is about perception. Nintendo wants "core" gamers back this time. The system can't be seen as a bunch of gimmicks to them, but I fear it will be.

    Near-Field Communication (NFC)

    Add this to the confirmed list. Nintendo announced that WiiU's controller will have NFC technology buiilt-in. NFC was originally designed for cellphones. It's the technology behind those "tap transfers" where you tap your phone to someone else's to share things. It has also been used for farecards in some mass transit systems.

    This has augmented reality gaming written all over it, as the WiiU will be able to interact with objects in the real world.

    It is worth noting that this may have been what Yoshinori Ono was talking about, but I have not heard anything concerning this.

    Not Wii U Afterall?

    Rumor here, but one I hope is true. Wii U may not be the final name of the console.

    Final Product at E3 2012

    All will be answered here, and at a shortly-after event in Tokyo. So, come June 5, all will be told.

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    I can't wait to see the next Nintendo system. I'm also glad to hear that Developers are excited about it! I do hope that the awesome people at Valve bring some of their fantastic franchises (like Left 4 Dead and Portal) over to Nintendo's next console. I've been jealous of my friends' PS3s and XBOX 360s for far too long! lol

    Also, It would be cool to see another StarFox games make its way to my shelf. I've gotta wonder how Nintendo will handle the next entry, and if they are indeed making it "in house" and not shelling the franchise off to other companies like Rare. 9_9 *rolls eyes*

    I'd be excited to see how the next game handles Krystal on team Star Wolf. "Romance" aside, I bet it'll breathe some new life into StarFox's arguably most controvertial character (to SF fans anyways). Maybe Krystal will gain some more love from the SF community as a whole. <3

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    I've heard a lot from the Wii U, and it looks quite cool. I just might shovel out the 200+ dollars to buy it.

    As of a StarFox game for Wii U, I've heard that they were planning on making a Metroid/StarFox crossover, but then again, it was a HUGE rumor. My take on it: would be an intresting game, but a crazy and almost stupid on to make. But that's just my opinon. But I really do hope they make a StarFox Wii U. It would be AWESOME!!!

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