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    Coming Soon: The SF-O CCI (Community Content Initiative)

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    Announcing the StarFox-Online Community Content Initiative (CCI)!

    What is the CCI?

    The CCI is a community-based content generation plan for creating content for the main site. What does that mean? I means that you (if you're a registered member) can write articles and/or pages that will be published, after staff review, on the main page!

    Why CCI?

    SFO is currently the top-ranked Star Fox fansite on Google. That's great, but in seriousness, it says more about the current state of the fanbase than it says about us.

    What do other top fansites have that we don't?

    In-depth content. Currently, our content is a slight overview. We have some trivial information and general game information. We need more. We need character information, a good writeup on the canon, and game help.

    The goal is to make SFO the one-stop-shop for everything Star Fox. Need help with a SF game, We'll have it. Question about Wolf O'Donnel? We'll have the answer. Want to share a fanfic? We'll accommodate.

    How will CCI work?

    I still need to work-out the technical details, but it will involve submitting your writeups for review either by myself or by a new staff position, an editor. Once accepted, they will be published in the appropriate section. It will probably be based on the IP.Content article system, which can automate these things.

    When will CCI start?

    Hopefully within the next couple of weeks. I need to get the media section back online first. That is turning out to be a big project, so I need to scale that back. Probably back to static pages until I can figure something out.

    What kind of content do we want?

    Anything! But, there are priorities: Character bios, Vehicle info, Story guides, and game guides are the primary concerns at the start. There will be some quality standards, of course. The only for sure's on that right now are must be written with good grammar and all information must be truly canon. The final standard will be detailed when the CCI kicks-off.

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    kxo CCI jeidtj unojemo!

    Ill also be trying to help with the content so pls tell me what we need still.

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