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    Sheet Music page added

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    I have added a page for sheet music. It currently contains a piano arrangement of the Star Fox 64 credits and a string quartet arrangement of the Star Fox SNES credits.

    You will find the page under "Other SF Info" on the left navigation menu.

    If you would like to contribute sheet music that you have made to SF-O, please post it to the CCI board on the forums.

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    If you play C-pitch recorder, you can probably read the the string quartet, sans double-stops.

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    Thanks so much DZ! Great news to come home to and see on the main page! Err, the double stops were things I was considering removing as most people don't like playing them and they sound rather unnecessary when played (I played through the violin parts)

    I can play on a recorder quite good. Does Star Fox recorder sheet exist?

    Need help with that? I could probably do a mock-up score for you.

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