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    SF643D "Iwata Asks" - Miyamoto, Cuthbert, Amano, Takano

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    NCL has released a new "Iwata Asks" about Star Fox 64 3D.

    In this edition, Iwata interviews Shigeru Miyamoto (Series Creator/Producer), Dylan Cuthbert (SF643D/SFC Director), Mitsuhiro Takano (SF64 Writer), and Yusuke Amano (SF643D Project Coordinator).

    You can see it in Japanese here:


    All-your-base-a-rific translation:


    It has yet to be translated for NOA, but when it is officially translated it will likely be posted here:


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    I'm sure they'll hold off on that translation until September 11th rolls around. Just a hunch.

    But from reading that "translated" article, I read "Falco" and "pheasant". Shocking how much a pheasant head resembles Falco's head. Never saw that coming.

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