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    Star Fox 64 3D to use 3DS's Gyro

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    Shigeru Miyamoto gave a talk at a press conference in France.

    He talked mainly about Mario Kart, but did mention Star Fox.

    He has confirmed that Star Fox 64 3D is finished, though the date revealed earlier has already confirmed that.

    What is more newsworhty is that he stated SF643D will use the 3DS's Gyroscope (motion sensor) to give "a new dimension to the game."

    Don't know if want. Motion control and 3D won't mesh well, since the parallax barrier in the 3DS has a quite narrow Field of View. That said, with 3D turned-off it could make for some interesting play.

    I hope the motion control is optional so that I don't have to turn-off 3D if I don't want to.

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    You mean we get to move around like in Face Raiders and Steel Diver? Cool!! I was hoping for something like that.

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    I already got used to maintaining field-of-view while moving the 3DS during Face Raiders. Do want.

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