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    Star Fox 64 3D Trailer

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    Star Fox 64 3D E3 trailer. There is voice acting! Sounds line new performances, too, though I think some of the same actors. Though it could also be my mind playing tricks on me... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, the game looks amazing, especially Solar.


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    Man, I can't wait to see what Nintendo added into the game. Unless... the multiplayer is the only thing Nintendo has added in. Buuuut, the single player is pretty solid and never really needed changing. (Except for those of you who hated the underwater level?)

    Also, why is it that the voice actors for the English StarFox games are never consistent? Fox's voice actor changes... what... every game? :huh:

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    The Star Fox game for this little baby packs a big asteroid punch! Fichina looks really "cool" and Solar is "hot" *Laughs* Everything looks great! Hey, is it me or does one of the stages in the Multiplayer Mode looks similar to one of the Star Wars movie/TV Show?

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    I don't know about that, but hasn't StarFox been associated with Star Wars in the past anyways? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if mega Star Wars fans were working on those multiplayer levels... then again it could just be coincidence. :lol:

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    If I listen very closely to G. Pepper's voice-over in the begining...

    Listen to the line "He's invaded the Lylat System..etc"

    Notice the longer pause in between "Lylat System" and the word "and". I think they may have remastered a few lines to make it sound like it is coming through a Communication line rather than as clean as it sounded in the original where you could swear they were standing next to you in a small room.

    That being said, there seems to be a mix of remastered, untouched, and re-recorded material. Can't wait for the final outcome of the game though. Just wish my friends weren't so bad at SF...or were buying a 3DS for that matter.

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