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    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      If you'd like to detail your choice, please feel free!

    • The VGM Lover
      By The VGM Lover
      My younger brother and I had a conversation regarding both Star Fox Guard and its online gameplay. Why are robots constantly being sent to destroy a mining core? I suggested that maybe this became a sport after the events of the single player story levels. He didn't believe it at first, until I told him the actual value of sports in real life.
      Basically, Grippy tells his story to the paparazzi, and plays them footage of the many battles the player had with the robot army. A group of corporate idiots see this footage, and blatantly ask, "Can we play that?" Then, they spend millions o' dollars to rebuild the robots, build replicas of the mining bases, and re-purpose the cores as goal posts, then demo these arenas across various cities and colonies, asking them, if they want to play.
      Could this seemingly ridiculous idea become an actual sport in the world of Lylat?
    • DZComposer
      By DZComposer
      StarFox-Online is proud to announce that we will be featuring content from YouTuber and Star Fox fan AbdallahSmash026. This content will involve Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard.
      Abdallah has tons of awesome Nintendo-related content on his YouTube Channel, I highly advise all you guys check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/AbdallahSmash026
      Abdallah will be releasing a complete playthrough video series done in a "choose your own adventure" style. This will be done in a similar style to his series on Star Fox 64, which you can view here:
      SF-O will also format this content as part of the SF-O Star Fox Zero Walkthrough.
      SF-O will also be part of Abdallah's SFZ Giveaway Contest.
      Further details are still being finalized, but we are planning on this content going live when the SFZ Embargo lifts at Midnight EDT on Apr. 21.
    • Arwing_Pilot114
      By Arwing_Pilot114
      This is my latest transformers drawing I've made
      I hope to make more quality stuff like this in the near future. Let me know if you guys like it or not/ got any pointers/ etc.
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