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    Star Fox Wii U details

    • Teaser Paragraph:

    Here are some details that have come out today:

    * Weapons and the Arwing can be controlled independently.

    * All-Range gameplay was in one of the demo levels, with Falco and Slippy as wingmen

    * In a nod to Star Fox 2, the Arwing transforms into a tank. (Farewell, Landmaster, you served us well)

    * One of the demo levels featured a Star Wolf battle

    * The third level was the most-interesting:

    * The main enemy was a Kaiju-like monster.

    * Other enemies included quadroped robots

    * Hovership with a remote robot

    * Story seems like it will be very little.

    * You will be able to choose levels to play

    * Nintendo is seeking development partners for the game

    * The game was not intended to be shown at E3, but Miyamoto "liked it enough" to show. TBH, I think they had to show it to generate hype for the Wii U.

    * The plan is for an episodic release

    All-in-all, it looks like this will be a VERY different Star Fox game. Using both the gamepad screen and the TV is pretty much required, making off-TV play highly unlikely.

    The game is VERY VERY early, and the things I am ready are suggesting that it really was TOO early.

    In a strange move, Nintendo released an asset dump for the game that is quite puzzling: The picture in the previous article, the Star Fox Assault logo without the "Assault," Star Fox 64's title screen, a screenshot from Corneria in SF64, and a very unprofessional screenshot from Corneria in SF1 that looks like it was taken with a cellphone camera.

    Given this, I highly doubt this game will be ready next year. Despite Miyamoto's assurance that this will be a 2015 title, I think it is more realistic to think into 2016.

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    I'm even surprised i how fast people can make games in a short amount of time. If this is to be an episodic Star Fox Series, then they can make short games in months rather than years. Tall Tale Games was pumping out movie based games left and right. I'm sure when they find their partner, Star Fox Wii U will take off quicker than dessert melts ice.

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    I think Shiggy said On-Rails will return as well, he mighta said that on the Nintendo E3 Treehouse.

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