• The Retro Sutdios and Star Fox rumor is back

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    Normally, I wouldn't bother to make a main-page post about this rumor. It's been around for a long time. In fact, the rumor started while Retro was ramping-up production on Donkey Kong Country Returns. Of course, we didn't know about that game at the time, but the speculation about it potentially being a Star Fox Title was bubbling up in various places around the internet.

    Well, the rumor is bubbling-up again. Retro has already said they are working on something that "everyone wants them to do." There was a little speculation at the time that it may be Star Fox, but there are other things people have wanted out of Retro, including a new Metroid Prime game.

    But, there is something now adding new fire to this rumor.

    The British gaming site TechTroid claims to have an inside source that confirms that the game is, in fact, a Star Fox game! They claim it would not be a launch title, but would be unveiled at E3.

    As exciting is this sounds, let's remember: this is an anonymous source for a blog. Take this with the requisite dose of salt. We'll find out the truth in a few weeks.


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