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    So....Emile is doing another Pokemon LP, but it's not one of the main games. I didn't think he would start this. Check it out:
  4. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Alright, I'm going to finally get on it. So, I have been talking about Totally Spies and such to build up to what I'm trying to mention. So, about my shipping idea (to which I really come up with such), I have Brock and Sam dating for at least a year throughout the events of Ultimate Story the Missing Link. At one point, they got married. Sam tends to be in space a lot with her 2 friends working with G.R.O.U.P. as well as balance her life as a tv star with the same 2 friends, (I know, they have a crazy life), but they do find a way to let their relationship work regardless of how....long distance it is. By the time Ultimate Story 2 came around, they're already married. However, this isn't to be revealed until a little after Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet. The Starfox Team decided to stay on Earth for a week after a long time of drifting through space. One of the things they did was visit Sam, Alex and Clover as they were going to film another episode for their show. However, as they were filming, Sam felt lightheaded and weak, everyone wasn't sure if she was acting or if it was part of the show. She then collapsed and found that this wasn't an act when even her friends were surprised. She was rushed to the hospital with Brock being called and informed about what had happened. The doctor monitored her informed the group that she collapsed from exhaustion due to malnutrition, but she wasn't intentionally starving herself or at all for that matter. From there, they found out that she was pregnant. From this news, everyone became excited. Her 2 best friends were fighting over who would be the godmother of her and Brock's first child. Sam, however, decided that the godfather would be Peppy, her other best friend. She received some extra support for taking care of her baby. She remained pregnant through all of US2. Later on, everyone found out that she was having twins. She gave birth to both of them within the very end of US2. There, I finally talked about it. Now on to the next topic, after I decide what it would be on.
  5. fanfictiondreamer

    Krystal Becomes Infatuated with Cheese

    Huh, funny, in my story, Krystal is vegan. Fox is the one who likes cheese, but he's also a vegetarian. Don't judge either of them.
  6. fanfictiondreamer

    My Wikis

    I've been busy with plenty of other projects. I think I'll post this one on here:
  7. fanfictiondreamer

    One of the last Star Fox sites still alive(sort of)?

    Well....I'll be using this site again after I nuked my DA account last month. I had a crazy "admirer" who harped on me constantly to continue working on some of the stories that I've worked on for years. She became.....passive aggressive and....well....I wish I had noticed the red flags sooner. Yeah....I blocked her on most of the other sites that we both have accounts on.
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  9. SF Redd

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for reaching for a secret too soon
  10. SkyHunter95

    StarFox: Wings of Lylat (fancomic)

    So since I've changed things, ignoring the events of Command, this is now the first meeting between Katt and Krystal so that's basically the one big story element happening here, that and the landing. Probably off to meet up with Slippy, and the others to see what their mission here is. Which of course means lots of establishing shots of the Fortuna island landscape. And also for costume, already established Krystal in her Assault suit but with a cape. I decided to give Falco the getup he wore in Super Smash Bros Brawl and 4, and for Katt, her outfit from the Fairwell Beloved Falco comic. Of course she is also pink since Command never happened here. That said, I did sneak in Falco's gold boots that he wore in the Marcus ending of StarFox Command where he appeared as an old man in a hover chair. The boots are a pretty cool reference to Captain Falcon from F-Zero. Like how before, Miyu and Fay's interceptor landing gear sprung out from the GDF shoulder structures similar to what Fox's Arwing did in Adventures. Naturally the same thing happens for Falco's Arwing since it is just a standard model. The Catspaw fighter I just sorta winged it. With Krystal's Cloudrunner I had to mess around to figure out where the landing gear would be, of course still using the same GDF pop-down things for it to make its landing. I have to admit I do like the aircraft designs used in Command, the Cloudrunner suits Krystal's character well, I think most of the aircraft do.
  11. fanfictiondreamer

    My Wikis

    So, I've started a new story. Here is the link to its wiki that I created:
  12. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Here it is, the last video of the book. This is the best part: At long last, this is finished. Now, for the next book.
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  14. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    The next one for this book. We're almost done:
  15. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    I'm almost finished with this. Here's the next one:
  16. Lord O' Donnell

    Lord O' Donnell

    I changed my name from Lord Shen to Lord O'Donnell since I wanna feel a little like a fan when I visit the site.

    Lord O'Donnell was my first username here and I still use it to sign into steam.

    I might go to Gestalt in six months.

    Gestalt was my third username here. More people know me by that name. As you all know the emporer of lylat/the shaper gave me that username like in 2012 or something because basically I had gotten into the habit of switching between spamming the forums sometimes yet being a little bit more formal at other times. Since a Gestalt is one of those images you have to look at twice.. he had thought that it defined my persona very well. 

    1. Dr. Orange

      Dr. Orange

      make your name G

      cuz u a G homie

  17. Monokuma


    Roughly 7 years, and still sporadic use of this place, if not just to lurk around now. Holy heck. Might as well update what info I have in the profile after that amount of time-


  18. SauceGuyHimself

    In Remembrance of Rick May.

  19. fanfictiondreamer


    So, how about we bring some livelyhood back to this site? I have left DA, so now this site shall return to being my main site! ^_^

  20. fanfictiondreamer

    • fanfictiondreamer
    • Fookes

    Hey, how has things been for you?

  21. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    The second part is here:
  22. Quadroline

    What are you jamming to?

  23. Fox McCloud 64

    In Remembrance of Rick May.

    Very unfortunate to hear. He'll be missed for sure
  24. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Need to get back on track. So, here's the next one:
  25. fanfictiondreamer


    So, I have been working on posting my Scrapbook of Dread on DA, which is a scrapbook containing different characters involved in my Showitious. I will also post some links to some of the things that I have posted on LOTM regarding my Showitious. They should clarify a lot of what I have been dealing with. Finally, a list illustrating what I have been dealing with and what I have been going through.
  26. Akuago220

    Star Fox Zero Model Ripping Hello. Been a while. So Kerilk has updated his plugin to work with Star Fox Zero near-flawlessly now. I have been aiming to port most of the primary vehicles to Source. My partrons will have access to test them out in Gmod first, but they will be public at a later point. Until then, be sure to read his instructions of whatever other file you will need to view them properly.
  27. SauceGuyHimself

    One of the last Star Fox sites still alive(sort of)?

    Thank you for keeping the site around! I've been a huge fan of Star-Fox for a long time. Although I'm usually not active within the community anymore, I'm still glad to see some people in the site and community still around. Thanks again!
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