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  2. The Banned Game!

    Banned for being OneUnder, but I'm TwoAbove
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  4. The Banned Game!

    Banned for not having YooHoo.
  5. Cable TV has really let itself go

    That lineup is a a travesty and then some...
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  7. The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Hm.....I've been thinking, if the Powerpuff Girls could have the Starter Pokemon, what would they be. Here's what I have in mind: That will be all for now.
  8. Rusakov

    Can you tell which is Stephen King in my avi? (Hint: one of them looks like he's never smiled once in his entire life).

  9. Alyson

    Hi, friends. I always forget about this website, but I never forget about Star Fox. I love it, and on depressing days like today, I want to do nothing but play through Star Fox Adventures or complete my favorite missions in Star Fox Assault and 64. I just wanted to check in and say hi to you all, and I hope you play something Star Fox related soon.

    1. Rusakov


      Hi! ^^

    2. SIdeways


      Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Scientific American Well, we may soon find out weather or not we're alone (in this solar system at least).
  11. Cable TV has really let itself go

    CN schedule for March 1st to March 7th. On the top right you see a list of shows aired by percentage that week. TTG and Gumball take up roughly 70% of the airtime, combine with that crummy Totaldramarama show means three shows take up slightly more than 80% of the airtime. All the other shows might as well not be there at all.
  12. Red Alert 2 Mental Omega?

    Awww, shame..oh well.
  13. Cable TV has really let itself go

    Companies are switching to streaming services, but that's causing other problems. When you mention nothing substantial to watch, I'm reminded of this post I saw on MKC forums: THREE DAYS WITHOUT A CHANGE IN LINEUP Just to top it all off (link since Imgur isn't working right now): static
  14. Rises from the Fossil Bed

    Ooh its been...maybe 3 or 4 years since I was here last. ^^;
  15. More Cross-Over Games

    Starlink was a good crossover game for the Starfox IP. I would love to see some more crossover games if it meant getting Star Fox some more love and maybe another game or so. Some kind of racing game would be neat.
  16. Rises from the Fossil Bed

    It depends on exactly how long you've been gone. DZ slowly started spending less and less time here, then finally handed over the reigns to the trio of MK/Orange/Sawtooth. MK had to step away for a bit to take care of personal issues, leaving Orange and Saw in charge. Saw stepped down late last year, I took over as admin alongside Orange. Last December, ownership of the domain and the website and database was transferred to me, and I moved the site to a new server.
  17. More Cross-Over Games

  18. Cable TV has really let itself go

    I ousted cable TV months ago, too expensive, nothing substantial to watch, plus streaming services are a bit cheaper, and I am in control. Cable TV will be extinct within the next 5-10 years at the absolute most. Nothing of value will have been lost.
  19. Krystal's Role

    I know I'm a super late reply but to be fair Krystal did have some pretty gung-ho dialogue on Sauria such as "We WILL save Sauria!" which is probably just as telling as Slippy's clap back on Falco. Also the dialogue referring back to Adventures made by Krystal. (Reply is only for other people who happen to read through this debate)
  20. valkiriforce

    I am the latest post on this forum ever. Just try to outclass me in this achievement, I dare ya!

  21. Red Alert 2 Mental Omega?

    I have neither, so no.
  22. More Cross-Over Games

    (I haven't played StarFox so take my thoughts with a very large grain of salt) I don't think so, unless it's the SSB battle-type games that eschew individual game settings for game-agnostic battle arenas instead. I just don't think a crossover would work well due to setting differences. But maybe it could be done and I'm just too unimaginative.
  23. Red Alert 2 Mental Omega?

    Hey there everyone whom is left, does anyone have Red Aleet 2 and play the Mental Omega mod? Anyone wanna play it with me?
  24. More Cross-Over Games

    Should there be more games that cross over with the Star Fox series? (E.g. Starlink: Battle for Atlas)
  25. Rises from the Fossil Bed

    Thank you Ooh? I hope its civil? Has anyone left while I was away?
  26. Rises from the Fossil Bed

    back. Much of the site's activity has migrated over to the official Discord channel, but beyond that things are just as you left 'em for the most part.
  27. Rises from the Fossil Bed

    I've been learning Rust programming. Might try to make my own X-based window manager written in it.
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