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  3. OneUnder

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for using small text.
  4. AvaikaofStarfox

    The Banned Game!

    BANNED because I'm a stranger to you all. (idek i couldn't even think of anything good. <|D;; )
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  6. Rusakov

    Cable TV has really let itself go

    There's a few things still worth watching... in between the marathons of shows that are total shit.
  7. Rusakov


    It's finished!


  8. fanfictiondreamer

    The Ultimate Story Scrapbook

    Well, there are some things about my story that I need to talk about. One of them involves another shipping. I have mentioned that that detest shipping because of how opinionated and set-off people are over what they want to believe in. I have come up with a few more and....sometimes my mind forms these shippings because they make sense. Let's start with one that I would like to talk about at the moment. The first of these shippings: Brock and Sam. My mind came up with this because these 2 characters would be really great for each other. They are both smart, they're both good people, they both would take on leadership roles because it's in their nature. Yeah, Brock is known for totally losing it over pretty girls but...over the years as he was growing up, he fell for one girl and that girl eventually became his wife. They had their wedding around the same time as the events of Ultimate Story the Missing Link, but I never came up with anything in the story for it; it just involved the characters talking about it and even a few flashbacks. I will talk more about this eventually, but first, I would like to come up with another entry talking about Sam and her friends, Alex and Clover of WOOHP, or as they are called in the Ultimate Story, GROUP.
  9. RentheRat

    Starfox: Event Horizon

    These look great! Well done!
  10. SIdeways

    Cable TV has really let itself go

    I don't generally watch TV, my family has DirectTV and they use it, but generally there isn't anything worth watching. I would rather watch Netflix.
  11. StarHero


    Finally! Now to use this when i send Emails >:3
  12. StarHero


    That moment when you are about to enter the school year's final exam.
  13. Rusakov

    Cable TV has really let itself go

    Looks like you weren't far off the mark... FastCompany - Pay TV is now losing 12,000 cord-cutters every day Oh well. Those who never learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  14. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    Banned because I haven't spoken to you in years
  15. JBJB1029

    More Cross-Over Games

  16. fanfictiondreamer

    More Cross-Over Games

    This is a youtuber that I've been watching. In this video, he talks about video game crossovers. I thought it would fit in well with this forum.
  17. JBJB1029

    More Cross-Over Games

    No Why?
  18. fanfictiondreamer

    More Cross-Over Games

    Have you seen this video:
  19. The Undying Nephalim

    Starfox: Event Horizon See you all in a few months.
  20. SIdeways

    More Cross-Over Games

    That would be an interesting concept.
  21. Kurt

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for violations of the Geneva Convention
  22. JBJB1029

    More Cross-Over Games

    How about this Idea: While chasing down Star Wolf, Star Fox ends up in the middle of a Galactic War and decides joins up with a stateless interstellar coalition of revolutionary factions and pro-democratic republic clandestine cell systems in a resistance movement to free the Galaxy from the Galactic Empire and Restore the Republic? In Short: a Star Wars spoof game that crosses over with Star Fox.
  23. hoo


    I've been on this site since I was 12

  24. hoo

    The Banned Game!

    Banned for not replying to my one month old DM
  25. Clearwater

    The Banned Game!

    Banned to the power of two. Banned².
  26. Tiger Carson

    Avengers: Endgame (SPOILER WARNING)

    Yeah, I already gave some of my thoughts, spoiler free, on Discord. But it doesn't hurt repeating here.
  27. Let's talk about this movie here. To be fair to those who have not seen it, please use spoiler tags.
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