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    Hello everyone. ^^ My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March. I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)
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    There is so much that went on with my life and I want to talk about, so much that I have held back about myself. When I was a young girl, I had a major fascination with fictional characters, something I believe is part of my Asperger's. However, that fascination became something that I lost control of. I had this weird, unexpected incident in which my fascination with some of these fictional characters became even more than I anticipated. Sometimes, when I take one look at those characters, they get stuck in my head for extended periods of time. A lot of the time, I don't even want to keep thinking about them, but I couldn't push them out of my head no matter how badly I wanted to. I will never forget the first time I saw Starfox. My brother received Starfox 64 as a get well soon present from my aunt, uncle and cousins. Coming near my 9th birthday, my brother showed me the game. At first, nothing happened, I was watching the game. Everything seemed normal. But then, the second he turned off the game, that's when I started to experience it. The game was still playing in my head. The characters themselves, I could still see their faces and hear their voices as though the game was still on. It was intense and it wasn't stopping, no matter how badly I wanted it to. There was nothing I could do to push it out of my head. The experience itself stayed with me over night, like garlic breath. It took a few days for it to eventually die down, but as soon as I saw the game again, it was right back to day 1 and I had to go through the whole declining process all over again. But even during remission process, I know that I still have it. Starfox wasn't the first time I experienced something like this and it wasn't going to be the last of it, either. Soon enough, more and more shows and characters began to follow. Sometimes, they started at first glance, other times, I had to look at them a few times before I couldn't stop thinking about it. It became ongoing and it took on a life of its own. I didn't know the real name to something like this, so I decided to name it Showitious, after the first thing that I began to experience this from. I didn't ask for this and if I had the choice to push this out, I would have day 1. However, I have lived with this for so long that I have gotten use to it. It still isn't easy and I don't think it will ever stop but I have learned to live with it like anything else. Still, I have to wonder, is there anyone else who has experienced anything like this before? I know both of my cousins who are also autistic has this as well. I wonder who else has this.
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    I have a story that I have dreamt up since I was 9 years old. I don't have a lot of confidence that people will like it, but it has brought me a great deal of happiness. I have been wanting to share this story for a very long time. You will notice some things about it that you may not like, such as ideas that will contradict others that you might be fond to. You have to understand something, this story is my story only. Nothing else will change from this. This I try to isolate from theoriginal versions of these characters. If you would like to see what I mean, check it out. Here's where you will find my story. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9862430/1/The-Ultimate-Story-the-Beginnings I can't guarantee that it will be the best story you will ever read, but it is something that I really love.
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    Yeah, I think that I will be posting my videos on a few of my forums. Here's the first video in which I talk about my Ultimate Story:
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    I don't know if I have already announced this but, here goes. Ahem. I am proud to announce that I have been posting a few videos of me explaining my story on Youtube. Here is my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQoIkWnGQO4IYSKEbvrKHA You're more than welcome to check it out whenever you like and hear my lovely voice. (I don't watch my videos because I don't like how my voice sounds on the recordings)
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    Uh....yeah, I don't know if what I'm about to mention is a great idea, but I'm going to say it anyway. In my story, I created twin siblings for Team Rocket. They are good twins for the bad guy team and other things like that. Yeah, I...kind of had this powerful urge to create ideas to negate ideas that I don't like from original work. My tolerance level for ideas that I don't like were much lower than it is now. For example, Team Rocket were one of those bad guys that fans liked and hated at the same time. I liked the parts where they were good and worked alongside the heroes of the show for a common goal, but I hated the parts where they were bad guys and being nasty to the heroes. It felt like a betrayal of sorts to me and I hated the feeling. I understand that they were creating different situations that involved the different interests of the characters, but back then, I didn't understand that. So, I created the whole "Team Rocket has good twins" thing as a means of coping with a lot of the bad feelings that I had for these characters. I would have Team Rocket involved in all of the bad things that they did in the original story and the good twins involved in all of the good things that Team Rocket did. I think you get the point. Well, within a few years, I regretted that decision and the problem is I have incorporated this idea too much into the story to get rid of it and I partly still like the ideas that I came up with some of the ideas involving this. So now, I feel like I'm being punished for coming up with this idea and now I have to come up with a lot of good ideas to make this work. It's going to be tough and to put it lightly, it's a challenge all by itself. So, if the idea really isn't so great, well now you know.
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    I have recently wrote about the next part of my story, Ultimate Story the Missing Link, in my blog. I would like to mention more about that story that I have not said yet. I have mentioned that out of the 6 shows making an appearance in my story, 2 of them will be appearing more and more after this: Totally Spies and Yu-gi-oh. There is more to this. The girls of Totally Spies; Sam, Alex and Clover, become very important characters in the story. They are average girls that star in a show of said name, being average high schoolers who live a double life as spies working for WOOHP-World Organization of Human Protect. However, outside of their lives as actresses, they (this is where it gets crazy) live double lives as spies for an outer space version of WOOHP called GROUP-Galactic Representation of Universal Protection. They travel to many different galaxies and such doing basically what they do in their show only it's much more complex because they're visiting other planets and such. Yeah, you can tell that I have a very, very active imagination. As for Yu-gi-oh? It turns out that the ancient spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Pharaoh Atem, knows Misty since she was still the guardian of the ocean as he was a good friend of hers all those years ago. It is also revealed that she went by a different name as the princess of the sea, her real name: Aqualina. He was asked by Ly to remember that name and guard over it until he sees her again. Now for the Aqua Jewels. Yes, those jewels were formed to protect the princess of the sea from harm, but they were greatly weakened by the sorcerer who tried to destroy her. Because they were greatly weakened, they were unable to protect her by themselves, so they infused themselves into each of the members of the Starfox Team through their crests. Who these gems infused themselves with are as follows: Pices infused itself with Fox Diama infused itself with Falco Corto infused itself with Peppy Emert infused itself with Slippy They are able to hear the voices of the jewels through their crests, so the jewels can communicate with them. They are able to let them know when the princess is in danger, they are able to tell them when the princess has transformed so that they will be able to get to her whenever she needs them. They can also track her down with ease as they are kindred spirits. They have come in very handy many, many times. Ok, that's all I have for now. I will talk more about my story when I think of anything else that I want to mention.
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    Guess what? I'm on Youtube. I will be making videos in which I will be talking about my story as well as some things about myself. So feel free to check out my Youtube channel anytime you like. This is it right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQoIkWnGQO4IYSKEbvrKHA I don't have very much confidence that it will give me a lot of attention, but I have to at least try.
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    The (First) Ultimate Story Characters Main Characters: Lisa, Maggie, Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles and Misty Appearances Involve: Pokemon-Prof. Oak, Ash, Brock, Misty's sisters, a lot of Pokemon, including Pikachu (Super Smash), Jigglypuff (Super Smash) and Mewtwo as well as Togepi, Cubone, Meowth, Mew, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Clefairy Starfox-Fox, Slippy, Peppy and Falco Rayman 2-Rayman, Ly, Polukus, Teenies Mario Series-Princess Peach, Lady Bow (Paper Mario), Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and the DK clan Kirby 64-Kirby and Ribbon Banjo-Tooie-Banjo and Kazooie Super Smash Characters-Link, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness Together, many of these characters saved the Earth from a dark force that threatened it and all of its inhabitants. Little do they know, this was just the beginning of their story, even I didn't realize that because this has also been my journey.
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    Growing up with Autism has been a challenge and a half for me. I can remember going through my childhood feeling different from other kids for some reason. I had very little interest with making friends, much to my dad and brother's dismay, I was always daydreaming about my favorite shows and, soon enough, my favorite video games. When I was an 8th grader, my mom signed me up for therapy. It was then that I thought "It's official; I'm crazy" because I once believed that therapy is for people who are crazy. I later on learned that wasn't true. Driving home from having me be signed up for therapy, my mom told me a story about what she went through with me when I was still a baby. She told me that I was always quiet and I was up to speed on walking but I was not talking at all and she became very concerned. She spent 6 months trying to figure out if I had hearing problems because she had a history of hearing loss in her family with her and her brother. It took a while for them to realize that the problem I had affected my communication. It was a problem that involved my brain. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 3. After hearing this story, nearly everything that happened to me started making sense. I feel as though this is causing my Showitious, although I still don't know everything about this problem, such as why a select handful of characters from my shows and games are involved. I know I didn't hand select them to be part of this, but because of this, I have to choose them to be important parts of my story. I feel as though I will always be stuck with this.
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    The Pokemon stones in my story are as follows: Pikachu-From the Super Smash Pikachu Jigglypuff-From the Super Smash Jigglypuff Togepi-From Misty's Togepi Cubone-From Lisa's Cubone Meowth-From the good Meowth Mew-From the only Mew, which is owned by Ly Bulbasaur-From the Bulbasaur from the Hidden Village, left the village to be with Ash Charmander-From the Charmander abandoned by it's former trainer, left him to be with Ash Squirtle-From the leader of the Squirtle squad, left the squad to be with Ash Clefairy-From one of the Clefairies in Mt. Moon This is the order the the Pokemon stones of displayed. However, in another entry, they are placed in the order that they have been received. The Pokemon for the stones are based on all 10 of my favorite Pokemon from when I was a kid. I actually have the stones with me, right now. They are basically cut out pictures of the Pokemon taped onto the smooth stones used in Pokemon trading card game. Even so, I thought it was pretty creative for the resources that I had back then.
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    The whole idea for Lisa setting up the Super Smash Gym Leaders was so she and her friends would have a trainer to travel with to collect the stones. (Still need to come up with a better idea on why this was necessary) The following Pokemon that contained the stones are as follows: Mew-owned by Ly Cubone-owned by Lisa Pikachu-given to Ash, also from Super Smash Meowth-a twin of Team Rocket’s own Clefairy-one of many at Mt. Moon Bulbasaur-went to Ash Charmander- went to Ash Squirtle- went to Ash Jigglypuff-found outside Neon Town, also from Super Smash Togepi-found as an egg in Grandpa Canyon, given to Misty
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    Ok, since my story has gotten as much attention as an unused Tamagotchi device, I'm going to spoil my story left and right and hope that someone takes notice. I have already mentioned twice about my Super Smash Pokemon League, mainly the Gym Leaders. This was set up because Lisa and her group needed to follow an actually Pokemon trainer to unlock the Pokemon stones. (I need a better idea to explain why they have to do this, but I can't think of any right now) The next part of the story, titled the Journey Through Kanto, the group travels with Ash. Yeah, no one would have seen this coming. Lisa and her group already obtained 2 stones from both Mew and Lisa's Cubone. In addition to that, both of the Super Smash Pokemon, Pikachu and Jigglypuff, contain each Pokemon stone. Even more so, the Pikachu containing the stone was, surprise, surprise, the Pikachu that became Ash's Pokemon partner. Also, Pikachu was also Fox's long lost friend. The reunion they had together is very sweet. There, I spoiled the next part of the story. There will be more to come.
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    For those who haven't read my blog, I will tell you something. In my story, there was a crazy idea that I came up with that involves an ongoing pastime that I have done in my story. I came up with the Super Smash Pokemon League, featuring the different Super Smash Bros. characters. I picked out 8 of the characters and placed them in each of the 8 Gyms of the Kanto region. These characters are Fox, Mario, Kirby, Capt. Falcon, Link, Donkey Kong, Samus and Ness. Luigi and Yoshi are asst. Pokemon trainers to Mario and obviously Pikachu and Jigglypuff can't be Gyms Leaders. I have placed each of the these representatives in the following Gyms for specific reasons: Fox representing Pewter City because he sticks out in my mind a lot more than the others, he kind of reminds me of Brock for some reason and for events in the story that involves him to be first. Mario represents Cerulean City because since he is like Nintendo's most famous character, it would be fitting for him to be one of the earliest Gym Leaders to reach. Kirby representing Vermillion City probably because it is right near the ocean and it's kind of a nice scenery for his adorable, pink, pudgy little body. Capt. Falcon representing Saffron City because of Silph Co. and it's futuristic functions. Link representing Celadon City because the other Gym Leader is a Grass-type trainer and since Link's signature color is green, I would think that it works out perfectly. Donkey Kong representing Fuchsia City because it has a Safari Zone so I thought that would be perfect. Samus representing Cinnabar Island because some of her attacks consists of fire, much like the type its other Gym Leader uses. Ness representing Viridian City because of his Earthbound symbol reminding me of the Earth Badge of Gym Leader Giovanni. I will reveal more about this when the time comes.
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    Coming up with this story was fun and I do think about it from time to time. I came up with crazy ideas like Lisa developing a crush on Sonic, calling him her “Dreamhogâ€. They did have a relationship with one another for a time and it dragged on throughout the entire story. It was probably the first time characters from 2 different worlds were involved in any romantic relationships and I most certainly had fun with it. Even after coming up with my greatest creation of all times, I’m still expanding the Lisa Simpson chronicles. At age 10, I got into the Powerpuff Girls and they started out in the Ultimate Story but I decided that it was fitting for them to appear in this story because of their age. But it didn’t end there. That was also around the time my brother got the first Super Smash Bros. and I started incorporating all the characters in that story as their official first appearance to my stories. This eventually led on to a lot of ideas. The Lisa Simpson Chronicles may have not been an Ultimate Story tale, but it did become the foundation of the Ultimate Story, kind of like a pilot that official creating events that would eventually lead up to it.
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    Age 8 was also the year that I, myself, started playing video games. The first game that I ever played was Diddy Kong Racing. When I started out, I always came in last place and my brother made a big fuss about it, which was not fun but over time, it became easier and I was able to win race after race. This was also the first time that I ever incorporated video game only characters into one of my stories. It felt strange at first, but I got use to it as I kept doing it. Most of the characters in that game aren’t involved in the Lisa Simpson Chronicles like they use to have been, although, one of them became very important for the story. Taj, the elephant genie, was the one who gave Lisa and Maggie their powers.
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    Around the same time as the Lisa Simpson Chronicles, my brother got a few games for Sega CD, a game console that he received from one of our uncles. One of them was Sonic CD. I remember days I spent watching him play the first Sonic the Hedgehog game at our uncle’s house, so Sonic CD wasn’t the first Sonic game I ever saw, but it was the first time I officially got into Sonic. Not only that but one of the tv channels we had at the time was broadcasting the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show and after my brother received Sonic CD, that show became one of my favorite cartoons. A lot like any show that I like, I make it part of my story. Sonic and Tails’ home world, Mobius, became the setting of where Lisa and Maggie perfected their magic powers after receiving them.
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    The Ultimate Story originally started out as the story of Lisa Simpson called the Lisa Simpson Chronicles. When I was a young girl, I use to enjoy watching the Simpsons. My favorite characters were Lisa Simpson and her baby sister, Maggie. I thought that Lisa deserved better than what she had so, when I was 8, I used my developing talents of creating stories to give her things that I believed she deserved. I wanted her to like become a heroine of my story, her and Maggie. I then came up with this crazy idea of giving them magical powers because I felt like it. That was truly the start of creating a world where I can do whatever I want and it felt really good.
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    The origin of my Ultimate Story did not start with the Ultimate Story itself, but rather its roots came from what eventually build up into how I was able to create it. It all started when I was 6 years old. I have become fascinated with so many tv shows like Power Rangers, which I have loved since I was 5. I also had a fascination with cartoons and movies about talking animals, such as the Lion King which was my favorite Disney movie during my childhood. I loved them both so much that I began to create stories from the shows and movies like them and fantasized about them. From this, my talent for creating stories came into development. Over time, I practiced this talent. I created story after story and kept doing this to a point where carrying out things such as manipulating characters and plots became like child's play. Of course, it didn't stop there. I also added other things into this such as 101 Dalmatians, Road Rovers and the soon to be show that started my greatest creation, The Simpsons. I don't fantasize about these old shows like I use to, but I'll always consider them to be the foundation of what I have now.
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    I'm going to talk a lot about my Ultimate Story, so get use to it. I've always wanted to tell everyone about my story since I was still a kid. What started out as something crazy I use to enjoy as a kid grew into what I know now as the biggest thing that I have ever created in my life. To me, this story is fun and it also emphasizes a lot the difficulties of living with my autism. I have put a lot of crazy stuff into it as a kid which I believe symbolizes the disorganized mess of what goes on inside my head as well of how I deal with a lot of my...personal issues. So a lot of the crazy ideas that you will see in this story it part childhood, part asperger's and part dealing with the personal issues that I have been putting up with for more than 16 years. So, in a way, this story is like my own crazy diary in story form and I want people to read it to know what I have been going through growing up with autism. I will tell you interesting facts about my story and everything that surrounds it and I will tell them as frequently as possible. So, here is it, my Ultimate Story blog.