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    ARE YOU A KID OR A SQUID OR A KID OR A SQUID OR A KID OR A SQUID? Also I didn't know the switch came in Green. I thought it was only Red and Blue.
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    Apparently my Christmas wasn't quite over yet, since my sister got me a Fox McCloud plush I already had, so she took it back and exchanged it for this: "Press Z or R twice!"
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    I must have gotten old. All I got was work gloves, a facial hair care kit, a mug and some home-a-made scarfs n hats. Oh and a lot of candy.
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    That kicks serious ass. --- I was pleasantly surprised to have received an Audio Technica LP120 along with a Rocket Raccoon plushie this year. I'll have to invest in a set of active speakers for the former so that I can actually listen to the few vinyl records I have laying around, and Rocket will make an excellent co-pilot.
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    Tending to post these whenever something takes me away from the site for a while, namely the job I have, and schoolwork to follow in college keeps me busy, albeit now having fun filing taxes soon to come, and being able to shortly use it to fund a new rig (Using a Steam Machine to run Windows 10 is certainly something). 1. Good lord, I haven't been on in forever. April -somethingwasit-? I've always been on the Discord Channel (I now just skim over it, muting the certain channels not related to announcements or mentions), and with that, comes new leaders, new members, and most of all, the renewal of most things. In a similar note, some members have fallen, some with a speech, others as a ghost. I never like being the latter, but i'm sure it's something that catches us off guard. 2. As I always like to report on OCs, I mainly create them for other RPs, such as the ones that my friends make on Facebook, and whenever I see another idea, retrofitting works as a solution. Now is that time to say that writing hasn't ceased to a solid degree, my folder has doubled in size even though my free time as been absorbed; in templates (or Blanks, as I like to call them), unfinished works, or the numerous characters already done (One RP that I participate in features 17 of my hand-created works, either character or dossier). 3. I normally have three points to a post like this, but cannot think of the content, I guess one aspect of the new ideals here are to figure out what the new SF-O has in store for me in general. I tend to keep old photos, but I suppose leaving the Monokuma shtick is at least something that can be done, if not already. Keeping it in namesake alone brings good memories, and perhaps, good fortunes.
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    pretty late but here's what I got
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    This attempt turned out better (more indigo colored though), and I picked a better font IMO.
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    Well, Happy New Year, everyone. I only hope that this year will be better.
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    I've always found that the Christmas of adult life tends to be year round. Just buy the shit you want for yourself whenever you can afford it - no need to save it for year's end.
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    I don't have any photos of it, but it is the same image as this one.
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    Happy Su...six day of Hanukkah gu...guys.
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    Well Hell, where's my damn 5¢?!
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    Recently, we've gotten a little unexpected gift. togemet2 of the SNES Central community happened to have the original Star Fox 1 OST, and let me share the scans for the packaging. Enjoy: https://imgur.com/a/TMQLa
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    Nice. Thought I’ll share some work I’ve done in 2017 that I couldn’t share earlier to y’all. Most of these will be my characters off of my series I’m currently working on. (One wolf male character belongs to my partner.) Enjoy! That’ll be it. Shouldn't put too much in one, right? But I hope you enjoy these. I will show you my lastest work next time. Thank you and have a great day. ^^
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    So while I was on hiatus away from SF-O for most of 2017, I decided to keep developing my skills in Source FiomMaker, and some of my renders that I made this year are some of my best. I'll pop a few here below in no particular order: A Seven Nation Army ain't gonna hold him back. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/865103474914565876/D604E1D31A24B0E12CEDE9FD0E1C921CC5B5C705/ Village scenebuild I made for a contest. I won 3rd place, much to my surprise! In about 10 minutes from now, one of those pieces is gonna end up lodged halfway down someone's nostril... Hugs are the best gift to give in this world. Hope y'all like them, I've made plenty more on my Steam, but these are the ones where I feel like I've exceeded myself.
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    Nice job! Those look really cool
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    This thread shall act as this year's showcase of all of the notable items you've received/purchased for yourself this Christmas. Post away!
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    These look amazing! I might have a few critiques if you like but overall I think are amazing. The third one down makes me think of magical girls. Was that intentional?
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    If you haven't already, please consider partaking in SF-O's annual holiday tradition. Either place a santa hat atop your avatar's head (or where its head would be), or toss up a wreath, lights, or decorations in some fashion. 'Tis the season!
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    Rob Paulsen, yes! He was in more than one episode but he was a bit role in the other full one and the main villain in only two-thirds of one of the short episodes. Bleh.
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    Finally got myself back on here. I'm sorry again. :C But I wish you all a happy new year! May this year be the greatest year yet! Much much happiness to you all! ^^
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    Hard Drive was too cool of a character to have been featured in only one episode (unless my recollection is completely shot and he appeared again). Not to mention that Rob Paulsen was his voice actor.
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    Little late but I'm happy to say that I finally got a Nintendo Switch! It was the Splatoon 2 bundle so I got the game with it.
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    The christmas carol with the muppets, ya landlubbers! How could you forget that! D:
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    Given what's been going on, I'm feeling fearless. I'm not afraid of people on the internet anymore. I've decided to no longer hide behind my username.
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    "At this pace? Ten minutes from the nearest... point of interest." Shepherd finished vaguely, having noticed the youngest of the wolves she had been keeping pace with was eyeing her with interest. Inwardly, the vixen scolded herself for following a family of all groups as the kid looked like he was about to come out with a barrage of questions, now was certainly not the time for such a distraction. "That sounded cool, are you in the army?" The boy spoke up finally, actually... she could make this line of inquiry work, it certainly beat a question about her fur. "That I am, in fact, I'm being shipped out to basic right now." Shepherd placed a fist to her chest and gave the boy a smile filled with all the false pride she could muster in that moment, snatching up that cover story (keeping her line open as she lied, so to give Alek an update of her impromptu false background). Out of the corner of her eye, she could see apologetic looks she was getting from the boy's parents... She didn't know what to make of that. ----- Ahead, at the vixen's desired destination, there were two members port security (What and who they were was irrelevant, just standard Cornerian Canines) standing guard. One was behind a kiosk working with a computer, the other is standing around, his attentiveness could be called into question. Shepherd is minutes off and unaware of these guards having clear view of the employee access door.
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    I got a Thermos, it was pretty neat. Welcome to the Christmas of adult life.
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    Let's see... -Star Wars: Episode 7 Blu-Ray -15 €-credit for my prepaid-handy -A small RC-helicopter in the shape of Mario with his cape from Super Mario World.
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    [-SHEPHERD & ALEK TIMESKIP-] Perhaps Shepherd would have arrived at the space port earlier, had she requested Alek to drop her off a block or two closer. The walk to get there was time ill spent, the fact once again wafted into the vixen's mind, surely it was a matter of time before the officials found their mark. However much of a setback it might seem, the two couldn't be seen entering together. Shepherd was certain they were operating on borrowed time. One last time, she mentally glossed over the list of objectives she needed to complete: Infiltrate and plant the Rat king for superiority over the port's security, commandeer a handful of security bots for objective quarantine and finally, infiltrate and extract subject. It all sounded a lot less complicated on paper than they would be in practice, though, what mission didn't follow that trend? Before entering the Space port, the clone put her comm's ear buds on and turned the device on before settling it in one of her pockets. "Operation commencing, I hope you've taken the time to get yourself situated." She stated in a hushed tone, certain that if there was a need for contact, the dog on the other end was intelligent enough not to speak in a decibel louder than the example she set. "I'll need you to be my eyes, doctor, if I were to seem too cautious I could easily draw unneeded attention." Without waiting for a response, she made her way inside, keeping a low profile (as low as a cerinian was able to keep) as she noted the port's security strength and bystander population. The former being not visibly tightened than the last time she'd come through here, she'd need to be in their camera network to confirm that, as for the latter, the people streaming through the port was sizable enough. To that observation, Shepherd tailed nearby what seemed to be a family of wolves, keeping in pace with them as she kept an an eye out for an "employees access only" door nearest to a security hub.
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    I received some clothes, a new purse with $20 in it, and a Star Fox 64 3D poster.
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    I got my Switch. Emile, Masae, get ready because I'm coming for you guys.
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    And to conclude this holiday countdown;
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    That plushie Anubis looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself!
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    Part of my haul! I'm apparently getting a couple more this weekend from friends. https://imgur.com/a/Qx1nl The little Porg has suction cups for your car, which is adorable. And I'm already enjoying watching Ren and Stimpy.
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    I have to agree with the good doctor. It was Empire all over again. Though I have to admit it had some moments that stuck out to me more than Force Awakens. But the whole part with the casino planet put the brakes on the pacing and there was bits about animal cruelty and other political garbage. While I'm for treating animals humanly, I didn't feel it needed to be in a star wars movie. A story of a diminishing resistance against remnants of a shattered empire doesn't need a PETA PSA to make it good. Please put your propaganda some where's else, Hollywood and not in my star wars ;( ...
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    Ohai Foxy. Wing Zero is in the holiday spirit!
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    Idk fam. EpII was bad (and still is) but this is just if not more bad. Saw it. Hated it. Felt like V chopped up and reworked. Not original, throw a cute animal and don't change a story made Disney bank.
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    I played Contra III: The Alien Wars for the millionth time yesterday...and I still feel like playin' it, mayun.
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    -Beta reader offers her services for my OneShot-collection. -Set a deadline of one month (due to many vanishing betas), which she accepts. -Hear nothing from her despite me sending two mails near the deadline asking for progress. -Deadline passes, wait one additional day. -Get angry and fire her. -Receive suddenly a mail from her (without corrected chapter) one hour later where she tells me that she couldn't open it on her mobile phone. -Rage ensues. I want to murder her so much now. At least she admitted that she behaved like an idiot.
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    Nice work on this, and your rendition of Wolf is pretty great. I'd love to see the colored version of that piece with some shading if you plan to update it sometime down the line.
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    Honestly why not have MK, Lone and Orange all do it? Someone needs to be the webhost ofc, but the others can be assistant admins in running the community as a community. As for who will be the webhost, I'll leave that to whoever is the most capable and competent at doing techy webshost shit :Y
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    First, allow me to welcome you to the forums here. It's always good to see a new face. Second, I recommend that you should consider making a introduction thread on the Front Door Subtopic here >>> http://www.starfox-online.net/forums/forum/33-the-front-door/ <<< were you can talk about yourself and whatnot. It's just hard for people to meet and greet you in a RP character thread. Cheers.
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    forgive me #define - That day at the> Cornerian Cafe- -= Thank you customers for understanding and leaving your blasters in storage =- -= Even with the passing of the war there are still many tensions=- -= We'd like to show our gratitude by offering a 15% discount on weapons inspections while in storage=- Fox: No thanks, Fara. I maintain my own equipment. I kinda have to... Fox: in this family Fox: I can only trust it with those I can trust my life with. Fox: Well, you see..ha, um..heh-- You don't tend to the weapons yourself-- now do you Fara? 3rd party amirite? Fox: Nice seeing you in one piece too, Fara. I'll be up on the balcony and I'll take my usual. Fox: Hmm, Not as many folks up here today Fox: Wait, nobody's up here today Fox: I guess that's what war does to the social life..,and I forget this is kinda early of me > space lag Fox: > waiter enters Fox: Ah finally, my coffee Waiter: pitch black just as you like, Mr. McCloud Fox: > tip Me: > in the kitchen I relieve myself of the waiter getup > I toss the tray to the side > Dishes scatter and clash > I pocket the tip Me: > Fox is enjoying his coffee finally having managed a few spare hours.. > Alone > I Venomian tip toe sprint at Fox > I thrust into the air poised to strike Fox: an assassin Me: > he grabs me at the hands shifts my advance off course > but at the disadvantage of being left open > I bury my elbow in his face > I plant my leg behind his as he topples backward over it > He is on the ground Fox : my eye... > retrieve knife Me: > I make to prance on my prey > He draws his knife hidden at his thigh > He is too dazed to wield it properly Fox: I am too dazed to wield this properly Me: > I kick the weapon right out of his grasp > The weapon clears the balcony > i am in awe at my swag > i glance back at Fox Fox: I have made it to my feet, by his absent mind but can I really take an assassin like this? Me: > Fox slouches his left shoulder and moves his right arm backwards > all weight shifts to left knee > Katina stance achieved > Katina stance: masterful fighting stance popularized in throughout Lylat in the battle of Katina > when Bulldog ground forces managed to keep mountains of Venomian paratroopers at bay until reinforcements arrived > 87 days later > Known to be scientifically impenetrable to all forward based assaults Me: Impressive, Mr. McCloud. Me: But this is no assualt. >blarg Fox: he slipped right through my defense How can he..wwWuh...Is he? Embracing Me?! Fox: The fuc Fox: lay off Me: No Me: > I sit him up in the embrace. Fox: @-@ Me: Look, I could see it from a mile away. > I tighten my grip Fox: SeeWhatExactly.jpg Me: I could see, that.. Fox: Okay, okay, slow down. Just get me back to the den, and i'll split Pepper's check.. Me: -that- Fox: <.> Me: You need a hug Camera: > pans and zooms in on Fox's eyes as he searches himself. Me: Compassion and the lack thereof hold the power to make and break a man. Don't let the lack of compassion break you Fox. I can see it in the light of this balcony just as i can see it records of your battles. Everyone else beats, so completely, around the bush about it that they miss the point entirely. You need to know that there are those of us that care and are not afraid to show it. Even in something as simple as an unexpected embrace. Fox: >Tear wells Me: No amount of coffee or merc checks should drown these feelings. Feelings that are perfectly valid to have. Feelings that have become obfuscated by diction.. ~*_-*-_*~ Falco: Gee I've been saved by Fox how swell ----- ..... ..... -.... -.. -.... -.. --... ---.. ..- Falco: That was close, Thanks m8 Fox: np, fal Slippy: I'm moneky food if I don't leave -.... ----. ..--- ----- --... ...-- -.... ----. Slippy: Can I please stop flying these g'damn missions, I'm just a mechanic Fox: sure Slippy: wait, what? Really! Fox: yup Peppy: your father your father your father your father your father your father your father your father your father --- ----- ....- ..-. -.... .---- -.... ---.. -.... ---.. ..--- ----- ....- -.. -.... .- -.... .---- -.... . --... ..... Peppy: I miss James Fox: sniff, ah jeez, peppy, I miss him too. ~*_-*-_*~ Me: Expression is not awkward. No, it's far more normal than anything I've ever known. Fox: Fox: >Tear happens > Embrace Returned >linger Me: Whelp Me: I'll let myself out Me: G'day Mr. McCloud ---------- Fox: > returns to table > coffee still there > still hot Fox: Well that was so very weird > grasps mug > knows he can no longer stomach it Fox: and that was- also Fox: so very kind > tear drops into mug of coffee > ripples > ripples > ripples do not stop > vibrations pick up Noise: beep-beep-boop Fox: > ears perk up > something coming from platform above Noise: soi-soi-soi-soi-soi Fox: >pocket check my keys Camera: >Arwing goes vroom at lightning speed Fox: BRO Fox: BRO NAW Fox: I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL Me: >Jame's aviators achieved > Cigarette lit Me: > touches cockpit glass back were Fox would be in the distance Me: I do have something special > Warp #end /* * TL;DR: there is no TL;DR read it in full you stupid pigeon. Story may, no probably, has lapses in sincerity. Thank 3 in the morning. */ tune in tomorrow on "WAIT YOU ACTUALLY READ THAT" where i tackle this: and Andross?