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    "I am UAZ-469...and this, is my new weapon. He weighs 1,780 kilograms and fires 193 gas fuelled horsepower at 4,800 rotations per minute. It costs approximately 7,70 € to drive this weapon...for 100 kilometres..." I...I did it. 12 years... 12 years I have waited and worked for this very moment. This moment, where I can proudly say... I have finally fulfilled my dream. A dream, in the shape of a car. A Dodge Charger. So feel free and invited to join the car and me, grab the rum and celebrate this moment. Apart from that: It's unusual sitting in an "Executive car", which also has an automatic transmission. I feel like being a half meter too short and that I would steer a battleship. This boi offers so much space, that you can put your seat back and the passengers on the backseat still have more than enough room for their legs. And the sound of the V6-engine is awesome! Of course, US-Americans might not bat an eye on a Charger, as those are a common sight there, as far as I know. But here, in Germany? Let me tell you, that you have a much, much higher chance of encountering Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and other exotics than a Charger. So more of a collector's piece. Fun fact: Mustangs and Dodge Rams are extremely popular and actually breeding like rabbits here. Not that it's a bad thing. Let's face it: You don't buy a Charger because you want to drive economically, protect the environment, transport goods and visit customers as a sales representative, as there are way better cars for that. This one is, in fact, a roaring, vicious and hideous abomination in the disguise of a full-size car, which would rather destroy everything in its way instead of driving around every obstacle, since it possesses the elegance of an oil tanker. No... You get one, because for what it wants to be! Because you love it for his character! Like you marry another person for his/her inner values! ...not that I want to marry the car, but you get my point, I guess. I for one will ask our beloved god tonight to bless the Charger's constructors and protect it's heart and soul. 'Til death do us part. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit... Amen.
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    I don't come here much, because honestly, this site has hit a low point. It seems very quiet, and it has recently been fairly boring to come here. When I saw this news, however, I jumped in joy at the possibility. I decided to come back here today to join in on the discussion everyone was undoubtedly having. So imagine my surprise when I come here and can't see one reference to the two days old news, not even on the sites main page. In case you missed it, there's a rumour going around that Retro Studios is working on a game called "Star Fox Grand Prix", which is supposedly a mix between F-Zero and Diddy Kong racing, set in the Star Fox universe. The game will apparently have bosses, like Diddy Kong Racing. For anyone interested, here's a relevant link: https://kotaku.com/rumors-suggest-that-retro-studios-is-making-a-star-fox-1826020570
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    The album cut of The Reflex doesn't have the remixed intro that the popularly played version of the song has, and I think it sounds much better this way. That synth just can't be beat!
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    We have several car dealers here who specialize on US-imports and offer services for them. There are also some sellers on ebay, who sell spare parts for US-cars for reasonable prices. For example, a new pair of headlights for my model, which are in store and would be delivered in a few days, cost around 300,00 €. That said, as far as I know, all Chargers here are imports and only available through those aforementioned US-importers, who mostly have a wide range of models, instead of larger quantities from only a few. So if they are sold out the question isn't "When will the next shipment of cars come?", but "Can you import one for me?" Probably also the reason why the prices for good Chargers here start around 10.000,00 € (Mine was sold for 9.500,00), with 150.000 kilometres to boot and ten years old. As a rule of thumb, if you see one for, say, 5.000,00 €, chances are that it's either about to fall apart, or, more important, doesn't have German papers. But seriously, considering that if you search for Chargers on Germany's largest website for buying and selling cars, you get less than 100 results currently, you really can't be selective. You either have to be extremely lucky or bite the bullet and pay a lot. And that's just for buying it. I'll take a wild guess and assume now, that older Chargers in good condition in the US are basically sold for peanuts. But if you import one, you can put a few thousand bucks on it for customs duty, papers, and so on. And with that, a question: We were very surprised that this model apparently doesn't come with standard reversing lights, and that the lights behind the white glass under the brake lights are actually the indicators. As that wasn't allowed as well, the previous owners had to retrofit one. Looks weird and is hard to see, as it's small and more or less hidden under the rear bumper. Is that normal?
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    Congrats on the acquisition, and they're definitely a common sight in the states. How accessible are parts and repairs over there? - was that generation of Charger ever sold domestically in Germany?
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    So my car is finally fixed. Sounds normal again, maybe even quieter then before. Took the time today to replace my spark plugs. What a pain in the ass that is. Basically had to remove the whole airbox to get to the iginition coils, which involved unplugging the ECU. Note that this is a stock image and is not actually my car lol.
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    This was a pleasant surprise! I thoroughly enjoyed the Crash Bandicoot remaster/remake, and to see Spyro get the same treatment is wonderful. Are there any other older platformers that you'd like to see remade?
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    WOW. Long time, no see. I miss star fox lol
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    Maybe you have noticed already, every Monday from 1:30 am JST to around 3:00 am JST this server might be slower than usual. This is because we make big backups of all websites with constant changes once every week. This is the backup schedule: Every day at 0:00 JST: database backup creation. Every Monday at 0:30 JST: file backup of constantly updating sites (like DSHack, StarFox-Online, 076.ne.jp, etc.). Every 1st day of the month at 1:00 JST: file backup of sites that rarely or never change (like the sites of nurse customers). Every day at 1:30 JST: send the database backup to all backup servers. Every Monday at 2:00 JST: send the file backup to all backup servers. Backup servers are all located in the same region as this server is located, which means in Japan, Singapore, and Australia. Hong Kong and South Korea are coming soon too. Here's the status page: http://status.076.ne.jp/#/ You might want to refresh the page to get the correct information, it's a known issue, and will be fixed when I get the time for it.
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    Tim Bergling, a.k.a. Avicii died.