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    Who is "nobody"? Big name AAA publishers? They aren't the only players in the game. The "industry" has decided a lot of "genres" aren't what people want anymore - and they've been wrong EVERY time. Horror games, Classic Computer RPGs, Side Scrolling Platformers, 3D Platformers, Metroidvanias, they've all found SOME demand in the niche markets and their every growing existence in the indie market place through services like Steam show as much. Nintendo plays by its own rules and has done so since the Wii came out. It doesn't HAVE to "follow the industry", it can make its own path, and can afford to make 1st party games out of "unmarketable" genres, because Nintendo isn't foolishly shooting for those big multimillion sales figures in the sky. Zero's problem wasn't that it was a shooter, its that it was a LACKLUSTER shooter, and that's not even accounting for the fact the WiiU barely had an install base to market to in the first place. BotW wasn't filling a niche, it was reinventing its roots. It wasn't just "old Zelda", its also very much a NEW wild different Zelda with some old Zelda blood flowing in its veins. That is what Star Fox needs: take that old blood roots, and go CRAZY with it. BotW changed almost everything about the Zelda formula: how you approach dungeons, how you approach puzzles, how you approach items, how you approach combat, how you manage your money, even how you get more powerful mechanically. But it was still an ADVENTURE game, a fantasy adventure set in a land we all know and love and that is what made it flourish.
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    There's plenty of ways to bring arcade shooters into the modern day. Genres don't go out of date, they simply have to innovate. Zero's problem was it was too vanilla. It didn't do anything beyond "well you're on a rail and you shoot". Power ups, gameplay gimmicks, interactive environments, branching choices based on mechanics, upgrade systems, easter eggs, all of these things need to be expanded upon so people don't feel like they're just buying the same damn game again. Star Fox needs to step back, look at itself, and rethink what it MEANS to be an arcade shooter, like how Zelda did with Breath of the Wild, or how puzzle games have managed to keep alive. People want CONTENT that's worth their money. And you know? Maybe a budget price wouldn't hurt too. People would be more willing to shell out for an arcadey game if it costs 30 bucks instead of 60.
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    Sorry for the bump, I'm not very active here anymore. Anyway, this is quite an interesting find. Not sure how that puppet can be a suit, though, unless it is intended for a small child, though it does appear to be mounted on a helmet. Though one of the things AP Films did with the Thunderbirds for some shots was to have an actor reach in front of the puppet to make it seem like the puppet had fully functional hands. Given that AP Films was Miyamoto's inspiration, I'm thinking this is what they did, especially after re-watching the video. Interesting to see that Takashi Yamazaki was involved with these puppets.
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    Just stopped by and noticed that an update broke some CSS. A couple of things that may help: In the ACP, go into the theme files and find custom.css, that is where all of my CSS code is. To fix the white posts, change background-color: #fffefa; to the hex value for what you want admin posts to be or whatever that highlight is for in the snippet below: .ipsComment_highlighted.ipsBox:not(.ipsBox_transparent):not(.ipsModerated):not(.ipsComment_selected):not(.ipsComment_popular ), .ipsComment_highlighted:not(.ipsBox_transparent):not(.ipsModerated):not(.ipsComment_selected):not(.ipsComment_popular ) .ipsAreaBackground_reset { background-color: #fffefa; } (You may have to add that section to the file) To fix the white embeds, try changing this background color (again you may have to add this section) I think I used #121041 originally: iframe[data-embedContent].ipsEmbed_finishedLoading { background-color: #fcfcfc; background-image: none; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); } To fix the lower half of the top navbar, set bacground: #ffffff; to background: none; here (this might be there, but add it if it isn't): #ipsLayout_header nav { background: #ffffff; height: 40px; }
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    Commander D you should try making actual points instead of throwing around buzzwords like "DEAD GENRE" and accusatory, non-verifiable claims about "the fandom". The "64 fans are the only ones who wanted a reboot" claim is a hot mess of non-substantial hearsay, and I'm saying that as one of the few actual existent 64 purists (except I'm really not everyone just accuses me of such). Like VGM says, stop getting your sources from 4chan threads. Most fans liked Star Fox for the ARCADE SHOOTING. Most fans even ones who like Assault more than 64 agree the ARCADE SHOOTING missions were the best ones. Also also don't even start with that "64 wasn't actually good" crap. Yeah 64 is dated, its fucking 20 years old, of course its going to be dated. It still has objectively good design points and ideas that the franchise has failed to expand and deliver on in those 20 years and YES that includes Zero as well, and I will gladly dig out my old ass post from years ago about what those points are if you'd like. 64 is a good game. It is a well designed game. But like any other benchmark game, you can't just keep recycling it. Zelda learned that. Mario learned that. What do you even suggest the series do to if to stop being a "dead genre" anyway? I haven't seen you make a single suggestion beyond vague, cryptic statements about "advancing" and "improved technology".
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    Yes, this is quite true. But i have a feeling that these puppets also serve as fur suits. I was roaming the beautiful world of the internet until I've discovered an image I've never seen, maybe not one person, even. This was something I wanted to solve the longest for myself and others, so let me shine the searchlight on this image of the fur suit puppet (or what i like to call it, a "Furppet") featured in the video, exclusive to this website-> https://cgworld.jp/interview/1502-entry010-admiration.html This one is completely different from the one with DEM LEGS! So...My theory now is that they made 2 types, I suppose? hmm...if they brought these back for a commercial, let it be Star Fox 2...
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    This manual's a very handy means of securing official terminology for each of the game's Arwing classes. It's a little disappointing that nobody opted to give Miyu or Fay last names. For years, fans have just resorted to calling them "Miyu Lynx" and "Fay Spaniel"...and I was always hoping they'd receive proper last names in accordance to how the other characters have legit surnames like "McCloud" or "Lombardi" or "O'Donnell." (Although in fairness, Peppy and Slippy just have species names for surnames, so it's not completely abnormal...) Those schematic sketches of the Arwing Types are great. I've always loved the idea of the Team using specialized Arwing models for different combat scenarios.
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    So Nintendo uploaded a digital manual for SF2 and it looks great! Character art, concept sketches, even a little backstory for Faye and Miyu! https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clvs/manuals/starfox2/html/USen/index.html
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    "Wait a second while I argue with you and then slap on a 'Let's not derail the topic though' at the end so I can have a moral high ground when you respond, even though I could have averted a derailment by just not responding myself" - Commander D
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    What the fuck are you talking about? You do realize that platformers in general aside from Mario & Ratchet and Clank have been struggling within the past 10-15 years right? It's only been until the indie scene that 2D platformers started having a resurge in the market. Please do your research before you spew bullshit like this. Rail shooters have been a dying genre because no one has done anything to revitalize them, not because the genre itself "doesn't hold up to modern times". This is an incredibly weak argument considering that platformers and several other genres have been in the same shoes for years now.
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    To be fair, there was a demand for a reboot and to return to it's 64 roots. Heck look at Sonic, which recently got a game that returned to its roots and people loved it.
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    I think something else the series could benefit from is if they expanded on the multiplayer mode where you could play casual or competitive matches against friends, bots or even online. Anything that gets people competitive with each other could bring some more activity to the series and make it more interesting - especially if it was anything like Assault's multiplayer mode, if I haven't already run anything SF: Assault-related to the ground. For a single-player game it could go either way - I wouldn't mind an on-rails shooter with multiple routes or if they gave it a more free-form space exploration. As long as it's fast-paced and feels very responsive I trust it'll be a fun experience if executed well enough.
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    That's probably the best animation we've ever gotten out of ANYTHING Star Fox-related!
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    Krystal is the closest in the same way I'm close to being the next Lebron James because we're both human beings. She has vaguely defined maybe-psychic powers that sometimes Peppy also has and a magic staff that somehow resonates with an unrelated planet's actual magic. They are similar in tropes and that is all. The contexts are entirely different.
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    The commerical puppet does seem to lack hands, so they were probably meant for a physical actor to use yes.
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    To make it short and sweet. the new 4.2 update for IPB is completely broken with our current theme. I'm trying to make some edits to keep it bearable but we might need to revert to 4.1 for the meantime? What will this mean? Maybe some downtime but I want to try and tackle the errors. If anyone notices anything broken, post it in the Issues thread or PM me. Sorry about all this and thank you for bearing with me.
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    I posted a couple of CSS fixes for you guys on the error announcement thread. Should fix the white backgrounds on admin posts, the white backgrounds on embeds, and whatever weirdness happened to the navbar.
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    Crossover of Wolf O'Donnell in Doom since I've been playing through some levels with my Wolf mod lately. I would like to have colored this in, except I'm lacking in having the correct colors for coloring Wolf in. I may one day color it in... Bonus blackboard art one morning:
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    I never said you were the only one who thought that (Plenty here on SFO don't like Zero either) but you're the only one randomly bringing up Zero just to poop on it in a thread that has nothing to do with Zero. Durrrr.
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    I second the idea of a competitive/semi-competitive online multiplayer. Those tend to build a community rather quickly and keep people around for awhile. While I don't mind 3rd person shooters, if they were to do a online multiplayer I would like it to be Arwing dog fighting of some sorts. And as for single player campaigns, while I love SF64's style of gameplay and would eat up anything Nintendo throws out like that, I think a mix of Assault and Adventure would be really neat. Essentially a SF game in the same vein as Mass Effect or something. It's kinda tough to say, since some people really prefer just SF64's approach.
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    yes I deserve mucho credito for google searching also I mean I've seen your arguements on youtube before. I think I've even butt heads with you directly before. Can't recall. but yes you are opinionated its only a shame you do nothing to back those opinions up amirite anyway what's there to enjoy you make arguments without points are you bamboozling me or something are you trololololing me
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    Nice photo find! Suppose it makes sense they made a second one for the commercials.
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    >i can explain it all in one word >a word I made up and won't tell you what it means kid really
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    I agree, the story does have some flaws. But because of what was happening to me during the time the game was released, it is difficult for me to even care about any of it. I still kind of don't but I understand that there is a lot that could have been done better. For example, there was NO princess!!! I would have loved to hear "Princess" be mentioned once in the game!!! Ok, that was hardly a major issue. That was my personal gripe about it. But yeah, I agree that the story itself had some issues that needed to be fixed. I guess because this was the first ever adventure game in the Starfox series and the series itself is all about flying around in a ship and shooting stuff (what is the name of the genre of those kind of games?) As for me? I love adventure games and Rareware made a lot of amazing games. To see them making an adventure game with Starfox game, that was like the most amazing thing for me. I can't help but ignore everything else.
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    Zero really suffered from all hype and no payoff. It had minimalist story like 64, but with Battle Begins and more pre-release supplementary material, it really seemed like they had more to go with but didn't use it. The bonus levels being mostly devoid of cahracter interaction and kinda random adds to this: I really think there was gonna be something to connect all these dots and they ran out of time.
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    Well, I've started remodeling the characters for the umpteenth time:
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    This is actually from a project I got to work on for Final Doom. I was glad to see it got such an awesome soundtrack.
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    Banned for not accepting the glory of Mr. Astley.
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    so what you are saying is that star fox has enough stuff in it's "world" that instead of introducing new content like planets and enemies it should start utilizing more of what already exists. Kinda like super mario galaxy 2 for how much of the first galaxy game it reused.
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    My mom's side came from Ireland, so this is probably what I would fall under.
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    You guys have it all wrong. I know the real inspiration behind Fox's design : ... Couldn't resist. XD
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    So the puppets we've seen are being displayed in Nintendo NY. These are the same puppets they used at E3. http://www.gamnesia.com/news/The-Star-Fox-Puppets-from-E3-2015-are-on-Display-at-Nintendo-NY Sort of creepy though. Fox looks stoked as heck.
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    They weren't. They were functional puppets:
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    The Fantastic Mr. Fox but a video game in space, basically.
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    Can you imagine if that expression had become a normal part of Fox's character? Imagine that smile staring out at you from the Assault or Adventures artwork. And I've never understood what was up with Fara's design in the earlier Star Fox 2 beta. I kind of wonder if part of the reason she never crossed over into the games and was replaced by Fay and later Bill was partly because they just couldn't pin down a good sprite for her.
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    Fox looks like he has a double chin XD And he has another psychopath smile! Though the worst is in the WCES version: http://i.imgur.com/u4m5yMP.jpg And the heavy fighter looks really cool in this image ! And sure I could try making some sense out of that text, though I'm pretty much a beginner in understanding Japanese.