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    This announcement is a few days late, I apologize. First, I would like to announce that Sawtooth has decided to step down as administrator. His reason is this: Second, I'd like to announce that I have volunteered to take his place. After some discussion with the other admins and mods, my placement has been confirmed. I do plan on attempting to make some new articles for the site, as well as trying to fix the downloads section that has been broken for a long time. Most of you who are on discord already know this information, but some of you may not be on Discord and you deserve to know what is happening too.
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    to the site. Check out the Discord if you haven't already.
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    The boss at the end of Chemical Plant was great.
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    Allow me to introduce a "Why the hell not" build. I call it Satan. It started as a bare 2 stroke 50 VC scooter I bought for a hundie, why not little inbetween project. Now it's an abomination. I bumped it to a 180cc, nothing major, new exhaust, weights, piston, clutch etc. And to top it off, I bought a N02 kit. Why not. So when this abomination is finished I'll post the final product, that is if it doesn't detonate like a bomb when I start it.
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    Today is the official release date for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, the space exploration toy to life game developed by Ubisoft, available on the Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Why is this important for Starfox? The Nintendo Switch version has a tie-in with Starfox, as a "toy" Arwing is included with the game, and you can play as Fox throughout the game, as well as special Starfox themed missions to stop Wolf. I hope to have a copy here soon, so I can review it more in depth with you.
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    Man it's been a long time for me. I was very frequent poster way back in the day of Arwing Landing. But the site had an issue, and accidentally banned my account. This was years, and years ago probably back in 08. So I landed on Starfox Online, and posted a little before leaving forums all together. Was always a huge Starfox fan. It's nice to see such an organized forum still up.
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    This one's honestly not that hard to do, it's a matter of getting the right team to do it since Miyamoto and his team cannot handle the series at all.