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    I'm sure he that we're in December and most people are in their last weeks of the trimester (me included), I'm sure site activity will perk back up soon. DZ might even pop in so we can share some of the turkey with him. It is better to have a little faith in something, than to have no faith at all.
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    Hi, I'm a new user to this website. After reading your blog post, I feel like I've joined this website too late. I see that this website is often silent without much going on. It's almost as if this website is just flowing through the voids of space, seeing almost nothing happen each passing day other than finding new routes. Has it always been like this, or was it different back then?
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    Do you hear the users sing? Singing a song of Memes?
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    Viva la revolution, Viva la SF-O!
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    Good god man how did you get that much out of Aquas, Zoness and Macbeth?
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    The likeness is uncanny. GREAT, NOW I WANNA GET A SHIBA AND NAME HIM FOX!
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    Wow... I think this might be bigger than FNAF...
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    High Schools have Music and Art classes (at least mine did), so take some of them as your electives. As far as the failing goes. You gotta power through the stuff you don't like if you want to do the stuff you do like. In College you gotta do a lot of Gen Ed's. I'm finishing up my Freshman year in college and have only gotten one class for my major. So if you want to do the thing you love, then you have to do well in the things you hate too.
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    I dunno, I'm kinda glad that Hammy got off to a brilliant start. I'd like to see him get a 3rd title, but then I don't want him to start doing a Schumacher. If there was one guy who isn't Lewis Hamilton who I'd like to see win the title, it's Daniel Riccardo. That guy always (No really, always) has a smile on his face.
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    How lovely. However you, will always be Rec Bear in my eyes. You cannot escape it. YET. "This is Scout! Rainbows make me cry! Over!" Those Shpees...