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    Tending to post these whenever something takes me away from the site for a while, namely the job I have, and schoolwork to follow in college keeps me busy, albeit now having fun filing taxes soon to come, and being able to shortly use it to fund a new rig (Using a Steam Machine to run Windows 10 is certainly something). 1. Good lord, I haven't been on in forever. April -somethingwasit-? I've always been on the Discord Channel (I now just skim over it, muting the certain channels not related to announcements or mentions), and with that, comes new leaders, new members, and most of all, the renewal of most things. In a similar note, some members have fallen, some with a speech, others as a ghost. I never like being the latter, but i'm sure it's something that catches us off guard. 2. As I always like to report on OCs, I mainly create them for other RPs, such as the ones that my friends make on Facebook, and whenever I see another idea, retrofitting works as a solution. Now is that time to say that writing hasn't ceased to a solid degree, my folder has doubled in size even though my free time as been absorbed; in templates (or Blanks, as I like to call them), unfinished works, or the numerous characters already done (One RP that I participate in features 17 of my hand-created works, either character or dossier). 3. I normally have three points to a post like this, but cannot think of the content, I guess one aspect of the new ideals here are to figure out what the new SF-O has in store for me in general. I tend to keep old photos, but I suppose leaving the Monokuma shtick is at least something that can be done, if not already. Keeping it in namesake alone brings good memories, and perhaps, good fortunes.
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    So some of you might know that I have a YouTube channel where I play a few games here and there. I've been doing it for a coupla years on and off now, but I made it a New Year's Resolution to work a little more on it. For this though, I need some feedback from you guys. Some of my recent videos see me playing FTL: Faster Than Light and Lumino City. I do plan on playing some more games when I get my new laptop in a few months time (Then you can see me play Five Nights At Freddy's, OneUnder and Hoobanana :3 ), but for now, have a look at some of my more recent videos below: I'll be uploading more in the future for this year, so make sure you lads have a peek at my channel too! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcTUCMphwoQlwMdCMzn0IEw
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    Hello! I am Kyubey! And you probably clicked this guide because you are thinking about becoming a magical girl, right? ... I thought so. Anyway, to become a magical girl, you must first email youdorealizethisisatrickright@incubatormail.com. Make sure you include your street address, phone number, credit card number, age, blood type, and gender. (It may take up to 666 years for me to respond, so please be patient). If you are actually willing to wait that long, you will get a reply with a confirmation link. Be warned!! After you click that confirmation link and enter the captcha, you will become a magical girl, and you will be destined to fight witches at the risk of your life! But wait!! I forgot something very important! Before you enter the captcha, you will be prompted to type in a wish! That's right!! I can grant any wish you desire for the price of becoming a magical girl! (Choose carefully! Because you won't be able to change your wish later)!! After you enter the captcha... ...Viola! You are now a magical girl!! Your Soul Gem and instruction manual will be magically teleported to you shortly! Also, I highly recommend that boys do not do this, because we only have female outfits currently, and if you do make a contract with me, whenever you transform, you will look like a complete idiot and your girlfriend (If you have one), will dump you.
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    Super Smash Bros.: This introduced a lot of the major Nintendo characters to what would eventually be the Ultimate Story Paper Mario: This introduced a number of other important characters as well as officially decided on the major design and appearance of the Mushroom Kingdom Rayman 2 The Great Escape: This brought along a handful of a few more important characters and introduces an important feature to the Ultimate Story Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards: This brought about another important character that gradually became a part of the story Donky Kong 64: This brought forth the start of an important plot that eventually became a lot more essential than it seemed at the time Starfox 64: This eventually brought forth an important event in the story that involved the many occurences in the game Banjo-Tooie: This introduced a few important characters to the story as well as another major setting for the story
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    WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE Here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Fox Adventures is special guest Estelle Ellis the voice of the now-famous blue vixen Krystal Fox. After nearly 20 years, Estelle returns to the spotlight to speak about her experiences behind the mic, voicing Krystal and her experience now with the Krystal fan base! Special thanks to Estelle Ellis and r/starfox for submitting your questions! This is my most recent STAR FOX interview, originally uploaded on Nov 19, 2022! Psst!...There's a giveaway attached to this BUT Estelle and I are working out the kinks, since we are not going to be available due to the upcoming holiday, but the giveaway will still go on, stay tuned!
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    Hello, everyone. I've gone by many names over the years, but for now I'm going by VM. I'm primarily a photographer, and I've always had a soft spot for the Star Fox series. I don't think I'm old enough to be considered a greymuzzle just yet, but I've been hanging around the furry fandom for over a decade now. I'm also a general computer nerd who has recently realized they actually hate computers, and so I'm trying to make photography work professionally rather than continuing in IT. If you've followed the Krystal Archive at all, you've likely seen some of my photo sets of Ayano posted at some point. I'd love to find some other SF cosplayers to work with at some point, but for now some of my best fursuit/costume work is of her. If any cosplayers (Star Fox or otherwise) are interested in organizing a photoshoot in or around Texas, or if you just want to hook up the GC for some Assault, hit me up! I suppose that's about all I can mention about myself in polite company. If you're interested in seeing some of my (and another's) work of Ayano, most of my photos from TFF2017 have been uploaded here. You can also look at my professional-ish general portfolio if you're so inclined. So, thanks for stopping by. I hope to hang around for a while.
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    Now that I'm actually a living god of memes now. I guess I should use this more. Because HUEHUEHUE it's good representative leadership. "Follow by example!" said Thomas Jefferson as he battled the Italians at Fort Knox on April 5th 1945. And so I shall. Get ready to see life in this place. IDK what happened but all the blog posts have been read by some 1,000,000 and I know that's not right.
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    Back to one of those Desert seasons in the forum for a bit, might as well start this Control Room up again and get moving. 1. OC work has been at a unending pace, even though RP here has been kinda slow? (I actually haven't seen the RP Board in a bit), and I might see what's gone on if not move a character off standby or retrofit my characters for non-forum RPs. [42 characters and counting for non-forums] 2. SF-O chat is practically dead, save for the 1-2 users, although it is nice to see them use it sometimes.. I'll sadly admit to turning off the notifications to the Discord Channel from time to time, with the exception of the Whale Radio when I can wake up to it.- [Mention the Bear-] 3. I've strayed away from SF-O too long, college and the homeworks that come with it are flooding at best. After the school season ends for a bit, pretty sure SF-O will spring back up.
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    I've noticed a common misconception. It is the notion that free over-the-air television broadcasts are no longer available. Which is to say, many assume that you can't put up an antenna and get receive free television. This idea originates from FCC mandated switch-over to digital television during 2009. The announced end of high-powered analog broadcasts was taken by many to mean a end to high-powered broadcasts when in fact the only change is that they are now high-powered digital broadcasts. To find available channels in your area make use of the following or a like resource: https://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29 The requirments to receive free of charge TV includes: any over-the-air antenna* and a HDTV tuner** (a.k.a. ATSC tuner, a.k.a. receiver). *A higher gain antenna will be to your benefit. **While a modern TV will already have a HDTV tuner, any analog televisions will require digital-to-analog converters usually sold as "digital converter boxes."
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    It may be way too early to mention this, but for my story, I created a few particular events in which the Starfox team are fighting in an armada against other enemies outside the Lylat System. They have been so preoccupied with these battles that they are unable to handle other events in the Ultimate Story that they are usually in charge of handling. This gives the chance for other characters to receive the spotlight, characters such as Link and Zelda. They get called in to deal with these issues. Back to the armada. During these battles, the Starfox team dawn new outfits and utilize new technology. A lot of the vehicles and gadgets they used are ideas borrowed from Starfox Zero. It is my way of putting that game into the story without transferring into it. My story has included a lot of what made Starfox the amazing game it is even though it continued on with Starfox Adventures. That game I always believed was perfect for my story but I would never stray from the elements that made the game special and this idea is no exception. I can't wait to talk more about it when the time comes.
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    In life I wanted many things. A fast muscle car, big house, a stupid dog, an evil cat, a beautiful woman who loves me and makes me enchiladas. Now I may not have all that stuff and sometimes I lose sight on how good I have it. But if one thing has taught me anything, its that good things come to he who waits. Long story short, I was an annoying, impatient little @#%$. I was losing my mind waiting to grow up, thinking there was this magical feeling you had and your childhood dies for you so you can move on with the next chapter of your life. Like some sort of right-of-passage thing, ya know? And glory be...it never happened. The instant I turn 18 was an easily forgettable moment. To this day I can't differentiate what end and what began. I was told lies people!!! LIIIIIIIEESS!!!!! I got my first car, first job, first job termination and to be honest I still feel like a little kid. I'm an adult now, where is the change?! I guess things got easier when I came of legal age, age to drink that is (mmmm, vanilla rum and coke). Almost 10 years later, nothing. Again what am I supposed to feel? I was always stressed so money problems were nothing new. But never drove me to drink, never. The only thing that has driven me is body pain when the meds aren't working (don't do that). Things still seemed pretty much the same. Then I realized something: Is it really important? Is this right-of-passage what i really need to get my life going? My life is going right! Weird how that came to me. I realized people, other people other than me have the same problem and that its not an isolated incident, this is human nature. That made me feel more normal If that wasn't enough, I got my cat (but he dumb) and my dog (but hes super smart) and my gf...Well, she's my wife and she does make me enchiladas. Still waiting on that car, but its not important. What is? ... Sorry, I uh, I don't have a moral for you. Just be true to you, I guess
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    I'm not sure if you have noticed but I have set up an account on Tumblr. I was suggested by the administrator that I should try going for Tumblr in an attempt to get my story out. So far, I have been making 1 post per day and all I got was 1 like from my 2nd post. I may still need to do more in order to get my story out there. However, I don't want to do too much to a point where I look like I'm spamming websites left and right like an annoyance. I am really scared of seeming like I'm that desperate. I will keep doing this 1 post a day as a means of trying to get my story more attention through moderation but if there is something more I need to do without getting myself into any trouble with the internet, please let me know. I have no idea what else I should count on.
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    Well, SPECTRE released on DVD in the United States a day and a half ago. I'm going to buy it. This will be the final piece of the Bond movie collection I have been assembling for about two years.
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    9:47 AM Just crossed over into the region of Toscana in the bus. Still hilly and a lot of mountains, but the vegetation here is a lot more varied. Currently on our way to Saint Giocommo. Weather's horrible, hopefully it'll brighten up later. --- 6:03 PM Whew, what a day! After visiting San Giocommo and it's medieval architecture which I loved, we hopped on the bus again to Siena and it's famous Palio. No joke, it really was a grand ol' place. Shame the weather didn't let up, but me and the lads had a lot of fun, trying out a couple of pizzerias and bakers. Italy really has some of the best bread-based products out there. Tomorrow's the final day, and we spend all of Friday coming all the way back home, so I might not do a journal entry tomorrow and save my battery for the sleepless night we're sure to have tomorrow. Eyes open from 12 to 6 I guess. Stupid battery's draining faster than it should be, even with bloody Battery Saver on. How does that work?! Pictures of me exploring San Giocommo and Siena are attached.
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    Lately, I've tended to avoid making long walls of text in public places these days.. But hearing the news, I thought It was time to put my thoughts out there. On July 11th, 2015, Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata passed away due to complications from a bile duct infection. Iwata was an iconic figure in Nintendo's community, joining Nintendo's HAL labrotory in 1989 as a programmer, he helped produce many of the company's work, such as Balloon Fighter, and Earthbound, before becoming a Director in 2002, and eventually It's fourth President in 2003. As a Nintendo fan from childhood, I am thankful for all the years he's put into driving the company to where it currently stands--Still creating new, and fun experiences for gamers around the world. He had a personality that certainly left an impact on everyone he met, and as I write, and see the articles and tweets that pop up, he seemed to have the same on the world of gaming. He was very passionate about his work, and I can say with my heart that he will be deeply missed by everyone. Tonight, I will be lighting a candle for the him. He shaped a company that made a real impact on my life, and love for the industry, and the type of person I aspire to be like. I only hope one day I can be like you. Rest in peace, Satoru Iwata. Our thoughts and Prayers go Directly to you, and your family. We will never forget you.
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    Title says it all really. This Thursday I'll be going to see the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses in Atlanta, Georgia. "Excited" barely begins to explain how much I'm ready for this. I'm taking three of my best friends and my only regret is that my Pocket German can't also be with us but it is what it is. I'm not sure if any of y'all will be in the area but if you are and you want to throw rocks at a large hairy man feel free to drop me a message and we'll do a thing or something. Just don't hit the car, it's not mine. Anyways, that;s kind of it for now. Monky Out.