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    This sh*t literally drives me up the f****ing wall.
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    like this post so i can win the week
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    WOW. Long time, no see. I miss star fox lol
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    I will be your best friend starting at only $250/wk. Additional fees may apply. Listening ear +$5 First name basis +$25 Voice chat +$25 Call me without notice +$100 Game night +$75ea Premium role-playing package +$225 Know my darkest secrets +$1000
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    PSA: Exposure to memes found to cause cancer
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    I'm trying to be more active in here. Problem is I don't know what to say. What do you like to hear me talk about? Want to get to know me more? My art? Something? ... I don't find myself interesting. xD
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    I meant to post this yesterday, as yesterday was National Siblings Day, but here it is anyway
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    Hehe. Thought I make a little animated Christmas icon with my character, Darcia. ;3
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    hey guys sorry i havent been on for a long time i got banned on discord since 2015 ive been able to get back , i guess u can say im a return starfox game/fan veteran
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    Hope everyone is having a good day!
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    Given what's been going on, I'm feeling fearless. I'm not afraid of people on the internet anymore. I've decided to no longer hide behind my username.
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    -Beta reader offers her services for my OneShot-collection. -Set a deadline of one month (due to many vanishing betas), which she accepts. -Hear nothing from her despite me sending two mails near the deadline asking for progress. -Deadline passes, wait one additional day. -Get angry and fire her. -Receive suddenly a mail from her (without corrected chapter) one hour later where she tells me that she couldn't open it on her mobile phone. -Rage ensues. I want to murder her so much now. At least she admitted that she behaved like an idiot.
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    What if the reason most video game characters are nearly bald is because with it fully grown they look like Napoleon Dynamite?
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    Another random confession: I actually enjoy doing math. Most people I know hate math with a passion, but honestly... I have always found solving math problems to be really fun and relaxing! While there are some parts of math that I don't really like, story problems being one of them... For the most part, I like math!
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    Looking at my posts from two years ago has me cringing something awful.
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    How do I lock status updates?
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    Roses are red, violets are blue... I am bored, what about you?
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    I finally told my brother about Emile. Instead of trying to see the guy for how I see him, he just flew off the handle and talked to me like I'm an idiot for being interested in him. What does he know? He never even gave himself to see Emile for who he is.
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    Time to buckle down and wait this storm out.
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    Since not much is going on, how about we play a game? I just started a new game on my 20 questions thread. The first question has already been posted and answered.
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    Welp... Tomorrow is my first day of work. Yeah, an actual job. Little nervous, but I'm more excited to try out a job for the first time. ^^
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    *Would be crying right now if he was physically capable of it. But since he can't, is crying internally.* Sorry guys, I usually try to keep personal stuff to myself, but I feel the need to let this out here... Just the loneliness again, compounded by recent events... I'll be fine eventually...
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    帰った。 I returned.
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    Would love to share some works, but apparently my artworks size are too big to share. I tried minimizing, but won't work anyway. Welp... If you wish to see my arts, go to my "website URL" or search "FoxyBeatz" on DeviantART. Sorry.
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    What does it mean to want something? Does getting what we want really make us happy? Maybe it does, but for how long?
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    England and Wales really hate each other. Too bad both of their teams suuuuuuuck.
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    Zero is incredible in that I could talk about it all day, and the only thing that I could say that wouldn't apply to 64 would be that yes, Falco is definitely not straight this time.
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    's treise dithis a' dol thar an àtha na fad o chèile - United we stand divided we fall.
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    My hope in love is foolish ... but I still hope Sy. I still hope.
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    [TRUE FAX] Orange is just a dirty shade of yellow.
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    Took a break from Zero and today I finally got my last medal! RETRO MODE IS MINE!
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    I wonder how many of you know that Jet Set Radio is actually a REAL radio station? I'm serious! http://jetsetradio.live/
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    Wow! This Place Looks Amazing!
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    Star Fox Zero is amazing!..can I marry this game please?...
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    I've completed another of my New Year Resolutions: Play Hyper Light Drifter. IT'S F*****G AWESOME. My education in Source Filmmaking as going brilliant as well. I'm literally learning something new each day!
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    The hard part about getting a haircut is becoming used to it afterwards.
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    To the Lurkers: Get out. The Zerg suck and Aiur was a lucky strike. Fite me irl 1v1
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    Things not to say at a Anime Convention:
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    Tootie frootie I like booty
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    It's my birthday today!
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    .... Were you expecting something? Hmmmm... Sorry. I have nothing for y'all at the moment. .... I'm so awkward. Sorry for my stupidity and wasting your time of reading this. .... Okay. I'll shut up.
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    Got back to my computer and there's both a new Star Fox game and a new board to encompass discussions about it. Today was a good day.
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    Finally, my left eye stopped twitching!!! But.....Fanfiction.net is broken. Oh, brother....
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    Ugh... I was really hoping Nintendo would at least acknowledge Star Fox's 25th anniversary in some way, even if it was just a post on their social media. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high but COME ON! -_-