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    Hi, everyone, so I figured out how to create memes. The concept is so simple, I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner. So, here is one of the memes that I have created:
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    Wow this is the same as asking if you're from Europe or not
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    kursed fox


    hi i’m new
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    I won't disclose genital mutilation status.
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    I'd say there's no point in comparing these two. One has been a cinematic marvel since the 70's and the other was a video game series which leaned more on the arcade style of entertainment, as well as other random things like the Rareware IP-takeover bullshittery which really shows that little reverence was given to Star Fox to begin with. At this point, the series rests on the fans. What about Galaga vs the House Atreides?
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    hi i'm going to shamelessly plug this new song my band released today to all the souls who haunt this site what? it contributes to the activity on this site https://thelovelyrobot.bandcamp.com/track/all-aircraft-report there is nothing star fox related it's just an epic reference okay bye
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    thank you very much! that means a lot to me
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    I enjoyed your song! Thank you for sharing.
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    turn it up with love for our star girls
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    I honestly feel the same way. I'm sure most of us do; rather than a giant block labeled as #the-lounge, I really hope that Discord wraps up some of it's QoL stuff. I'd almost wish to revert back to the olden days of 2013, re-live some of the good times. But, in turn, that'd mean re-living the fading hope this forum had when some of us arrived. I was 15, super cringey...but yeah, I miss the personalization here rather than a bit of blurple Discord color constantly.
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    i do miss this site and the activity that used to be here. i've been staring at discord for several hours a day for 6 years at this point and i kind of miss when the ways i interacted with others was a little more customized and personal rather than feeling bland all the time.
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    good post, absolutely solid. we need more talk of furries slaves and wives around here
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    this right here.....xDD i blame bucky ohare and the game captain claw for that ;P