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    I honestly feel the same way. I'm sure most of us do; rather than a giant block labeled as #the-lounge, I really hope that Discord wraps up some of it's QoL stuff. I'd almost wish to revert back to the olden days of 2013, re-live some of the good times. But, in turn, that'd mean re-living the fading hope this forum had when some of us arrived. I was 15, super cringey...but yeah, I miss the personalization here rather than a bit of blurple Discord color constantly.
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    i do miss this site and the activity that used to be here. i've been staring at discord for several hours a day for 6 years at this point and i kind of miss when the ways i interacted with others was a little more customized and personal rather than feeling bland all the time.
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    good post, absolutely solid. we need more talk of furries slaves and wives around here
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    this right here.....xDD i blame bucky ohare and the game captain claw for that ;P
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    I like them, but if it wasn't for me being a child when I first played a star fox game, I probably wouldn't enjoy them as much as I do in my manchild years. The furries got to me at a young age, my brothers, if it wasn't for those conniving Japanese I'd probably be a normie wage slave content with my government issued wife.