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    Well, it is now officially done. SF-O has been transferred to the new admin team, and, as you can see, I'm now wearing a Former Staff badge. I'm glad I was able to help this community survive and seemingly outlive all the others. I had a lot of fun, made some friends, and learned a lot about web servers over the 15 or so years during which I ran this site. I was never able to make SF-O match my vision, and, honestly, I could have been a better steward of the site over the past couple of years, but I kept it going despite. And I did promise that I would not let this community die due to my own inactivity. This is why I made the decision to step down and turn the site over to the new admin team. I have faith that they will help SF-O achieve a new vision and continue to be a home for Star Fox fans. Perhaps they'll even surpass what I managed to build. I'll pop-in from time-to-time, but my activity level here is probably not going to change overall from what it has been recently. Keep strong. Always do a barrel roll. ~DZ
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    It is an incredibly arduous process to become a mod on SF-O; many users simply did not survive their attempts. First, one must obtain an onion, place it atop their heads, and spin exactly forty-four times while standing in a bathtub. No more, no less. Once that is complete, the spirit of DZ should appear before you. He will ask you why you've summoned him. You will articulate the fact that you wish to become a mod. He will stare you up and down, laugh, and then bitchslap you into another dimension. This new plane of existence is known as "the wasteland" to those in the trade. It is where every idiotic post, misspelled comment, and bit of idiocy on the internet go to live out the rest of their natural lives. If you look to your left, you'll notice a hot dog stand. DON'T GO NEAR IT. The bastard that runs the place will call his bratwurst a hot dog and attempt to confuse you. Look instead toward your right - you should see a sign pointing you toward the correct path. Continue along said path for about three-and-four-tenths miles or so, and the shrine of Starfox-Online will meet your gaze. It may appear to be a questionable, white, unmarked van in the middle of an empty void, but I assure you that this is indeed the shrine. Utter the words "by the glory of Steve" a total of six times in rapid succession, and one of the doors to the van will swing open. It is then, and only then, that you should run as quickly as you can in the opposite direction. If you dare to look back, you will notice swaths of dark energy attempting to zap any sort of cognitive ability that you have left. This dark energy is composed of nothing but posts from Gesalt, Executor, and Scourge. IT WILL MELT YOUR FACE IF YOU ALLOW IT TO CATCH YOU. Assuming that you've survived long enough to give those...dastardly posts the slip, summon the spirit of DZ once more using the procedure outlined in the first paragraph. If an onion cannot be located, occasionally a potato will suffice. Explain to him that you've vanquished the idiocy of Starfox-Online. He will then inform you that you cannot simply vanquish said idiocy from the site, as it is a never-ending battle between the forces of sane and insane. As such, the mods comprise the thin line between each realm and are the first line of defense against onslaughts. You will reply that you are prepared to do whatever it takes. He will hand you a toaster and disappear once more, but not before re-bitchslapping you back into your proper dimension. You should still be holding the toaster if everything was done right. It should look roughly like the hidden image, minus the bagels. (You have to add those yourself.) You're almost there now! Stand in front of your computer, and pull up SF-O. Then, while making sure that no other staff members are online, you will push the toaster down. Provided that you've followed all of these directions EXACTLY as they were stated, and with no deviations, you should sign in and find there to be a "Moderator" badge underneath your avatar. It will be hollow, however. In order to properly make it solid and official, you must make a pilgrimage to the great land of Zimbabwe. You must only use a pair of arm-floats while crossing the ocean; don't try to skirt past this requirement, because DZ WILL FIND OUT. I had to apologize profusely, you know. Once you find yourself in the mystical land, you will know that you've truly made it. There is simply nothing like it; the hyperinflation will ensure that you will not be able to afford any supplies in order to make it back. Some choose to remain in bliss here for the rest of their existence, but if you truly wish to return to SF-O then you will have to fight for it. This map will aid you in your journey. In the eastern end of the country, directly to the south of the city of Nyamapanda, you will discover a large landmass known as Mt. Nyangani. You must find a way to surmount the gigantic peak of the mountain, for only at the top will you ever find a chance of making it back home. Assuming that you've made the climb, you will come across a nondescript looking fruit stand. The fellow manning the stand will not speak, acknowledge you, or even wash his hands. Here, you must produce three nickels, one Coca-Cola bottle cap, and an ingrained knowledge of understanding the Sioux people's rain dance, in order to get through to the individual before you. Once you've done this, he will press a single finger to his lips, urging complete and utter silence. YOU MUST REMAIN PERFECTLY STILL, FOR THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN COULD COLLAPSE IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS DIRECTLY. He will open a trapdoor leading to the basement of his fruit stand; climb down the ladder without question and the door will shut behind you. It is here that you will come across a portal not of this world. You must glance through the portal; if your reflection returns your gaze you will know that you have done everything correctly. Jump through the portal, and you should end up at 1135 Broadway Blvd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a U.S. Postal Service Office. Here, the attendant will hand you a letter. It should have the below photograph inside of it. It is then, and ONLY then, that you will know that you are officially a moderator on Starfox-Online. Pat yourself on the back, and hitchike home. You've done it! -------------- Ah, but this victory is a stepping stone. If you truly want to advance to a higher level of existence, you must shoot for the admin moniker. I haven't quite finished the book on how to become one as of yet; I'm still mastering the technique. (Here's a hint; it involves Radon-193 and a steady hand!) I hope this helps!
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    That's right. I finally completed my degree, I graduate on July 11th. And I move in with R3dFiVe on the 19th July. I can barely contain myself, all the crap I've rattled on about for months is actually happening now. This won't affect my activity on SFO. I just wanted to tell you guys, because you're a significant part of my life and thought you might like to know.
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    I don't see the possibility of a biased answer coming from this site at all...
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    I just figured I'd show you guys an early WIP of something I am working on. Remember The Nova Bob-omb Jazz Orchestra? This is the name I have given to my sample library combo that I use for jazz works (The Corneria Sound Symphony Orchestra is my symphonic orchestral setup). I'm doing a couple of Big-Band jazz arrangements of some music from the SNES Star Fox game. Here is the first one I am doing, which is the Slot Machine (Out of This Dimension Boss): http://dzcomposer.com/betamusic/slotswip001.mp3 WIP 2: http://dzcomposer.com/betamusic/slotswip002.mp3 Note: This is a very early WIP. I still have to finish hashing-out the parts, then I have to clean everything up. I am also planning on doing Fortuna kind of in the style of a score to a 1940s-era crime drama. The instrumentation for this is a little different than in the above picture. I based the instruentation off of the Stan Kenton Orchestra: 5 Trumpets 4 Trombones 5 Saxes/Woodwinds 4 Mellophones Guitar Bass Drums Piano Vibraphone
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    It has come to my attention that people are harassing each other in the chat, and egging people on to harass others, and other sorts of stupidity. The chatroom is something that I pay extra money for. If all it will lead to is people being drama queens then I will simply close the chat and not renew the chat license next time around. Many of the staff actions lately have been related to the chat. I highly advise you all take another look at the forum rules as they are enforced in the chat. Also, please note that everything you say in the chat, including private chats, is logged and can be easily reviewed by staff. So, once again, if you guys can't use the chat without a baby sitter, it will go away. Also, starting today, I am implementing a 3-strikes rule. If you attract negative staff attention three times in the chat, you will be banned from it.
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    Live video from SF-O's IT Department:
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    So I decided to go back through some of my early posts. Posts from when I joined the site. Oh dear God. From vacuous thoughts to indiscriminate immaturity, I was a different person four years ago. A significantly different person. Recently I realized, or at least, re-realized, that this site, more than any other, has shaped me as a human being. I've learned to interact and converse with others without being a complete vacant dumbass. I've learned how to write cohesively and when to hold my tongue. I've learned how to be funny and how to enjoy humor from others, and while I'm still learning, I've come a long way. I realize that this was a sort of socialization that I can't get elsewhere. Usually children are socialized entirely by their peers at school or their family, leading to a more closed-minded individual. However here, I get a variety of cultures and ideas that has helped to round me off as a more tolerant individual. SFO is a community of fresh minds and various age groups, which has led me to mature in a way that is unique from the standards of a cookie cutter society. SFO has helped me to come out of my shell and find who I am. My interactions continued once I got on Steam, and while that alienates me from some of you Skype users, that's shaped me as well. Being able to enjoy a game night of intelligent people that just love to enjoy video games is great. You're all distinct individuals that I can recognize by voice. Some of you have become extremely close friends to me, people that I can trust and confide in. And it's weird to see just how far I am from that awkward mid-teenage individual that I was when I joined. My learning experience will continue as I approach 3000 posts. 3000 moments that will have accumulated to shape my being. I was there when the site changed faces, I'll be here for years to come. This site isn't just about video games. It's about coming of age and becoming a great person. It's an escape from a sometimes rough reality. TL;DR, I've learned a lot from you guys and I hope to continue to become a more culturally and emotionally literate human being. SFO is a home for me. You guys are fantastic <3 sorry for beating it around the bush a little bit. It's difficult to get this general feeling of gratitude put into words.
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    Star Fox: The Animated Series I've been going through some trivial real-life for the past year give or take, but yes, I'm rebooting this with quite the makeover, leaving most of the vastly-different material to my other project, Zorrestrella, and having the SF crew come across in a much more traditional sense. More info later. In the meantime, see other concept art at starfoxtheanimatedseries.tumblr.com .
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    Alain drew a group shot of the SF2 team based on the sprite hidden in the leaked ROM that was never used in the game, and it gave me the idea to create a custom cover to show what it would have looked like if Star Fox 2 had been released back in August of 1995. I did this because I was tired of seeing art from other Star Fox games unprofessionally slapped on custom boxes (like the Assault Arwing and Adventures Fox), so I wanted to make something much more authentic and provide what could be a better alternative for reproduction vendors.
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    Time Magazine published an online article that seems to have spoiled a couple of announcements! IT IS REALLY HAPPENING! STAR FOX IS COMING TO WII U! This really looks like a tech demo, meaning the game is likely very early in development. I hope traditional controls are still possible, as I'm not a fan of motion controls for flying games. But this new hovership and robot idea is intriguing and has an interesting Star Fox 2 vibe. http://time.com/2850146/shigeru-miyamoto-nintendo-interview/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
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    What ever happened to petitions/wishes for an actual Star Fox game? You mean we've stooped so low that we now beg for the opportunity to have some sort of obscure reference included in what boiled down to a collection of minigames?
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    Here's some more promo art that may or may not look familiar.
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    http://f.starfox-online.net/site/vids/sfotalk1.mp4 Don't let animosity fester! Tell someone!
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    In response to recent incidents, I have made some policy changes. These are effective immediately and are non-negotiable at this time. 1. No more Politics, Philosophy, Religion, or hard debates on any other subject. This community has proven that it cannot handle these kinds of discussions without people's feelings getting hurt, so I'm just going to eliminate this problem at the source. The Pub and The Counter Point are closed indefinately. 2. Bronies. Bronies are still welcome as members, but discussion of "bronyism" and the like are now off-limits. There are brony forums out there if you wish to be part of that culture. If you want to have a discussion on the MLP show as a TV show, that is fine. But the brony culture has driven-down the maturity level here and has been a contributing factor to recent drama. Remember: SF-O is a Star Fox fansite, not a MLP fansite. 3. Zero-Tolerance for Flame War. I have instructed the mods to lock threads on sight that decend into a flame war. 4. Zero-tolerance for staff disrespect. If you disagree with a staff decision, take it directly to me. Don't be acccusatory, and especially don't start shit with the staff member you have an issue with. If you start drama with the staff, you will be banned. I really hate going all BOFH like this, but I will not let this community be ripped apart by easilly avoidable drama.
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    Admittedly, I haven't drawn any StarFox in years. My art style has improved since then. That, and the bulk of my fanart today isn't StarFox at all. But this is a Starfox forum. Although this is 7 years old, it's still one of my most favorites. As much as I was underwhelmed with Command, I nevertheless welcomed Amanda and Lucy with open arms. Hell, I like them better than Krystal. Krystal is hawt.
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    This morning, I opened Steam in offline mode, and I ended up with this; Steam has predicted my likeness for this game. Now I don't want to play it tomorrow...
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    I'm sure most of you have heard my first OCR-accepted work, Mercenarios de Lobo. I originally put this together back in 2005. If not, here is Mercenarios de Lobo (2005): It started out as an attempt to do the SF2 Star Wolf theme in the style of SFAs, but kind of grew into its own Spanish-sounding thing. I decided to revisit this thing 10 years later and turn it into something designed for a Spanish/Latin sound from the start. Still have the full orchestra. Still have the bombastic piccolo trumpet solos. But now, there are better instrument sounds and the addition of latin percussion and a flamenco guitar, sounds I did not have in 2005. Not to mention I have gotten MUCH better at orchestration and composition since 2005. Enough that I honestly think the 2005 version sucks horribly and don't know why OCR accepted it... Anyway, the 2015 version doesn't suck and I think it blows the 2005 version out of the water. Here is Mercenarios de Lobo (2015): https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/192509707 NOTE: This WIP will be delete when the next one is ready. For those wondering about the medley, don't worry, I am still working on it. That one is a big project, though, so I don't expect it to be complete any time soon. Probably late in the year. In fact, it might be late enough that music from SFU may make it in. I'll post another WIP of the medley soon.
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    People keep sites up for reasons. Remember sfx64.com? That site died out like 10 years ago and it was just let go a couple of months ago. I've noticed a common theme in the sites that have died: Pretty much all of them had their admins stop being active members of the community. I promise I will never do that. If for some reason I ever decide I don't want to be part of this community anymore, I will turn it over to someone.
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    Don't be a pigeon.
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    Can confirm, Orange resides in the valley at the base of Mount Nyangani in the northeastern region of the country. His internet is delivered, via donkey, by the megabyte. The entire operation is funded by donations from Nigerian royalty thanks to their lucrative email endeavors. ________ I'd be quite content with a three-leader setup comprised of MK, Lone, and Orange, for the reasons so eloquently outlined above. With a combination of community familiarity, lasting legacy, and technical prowess, the proceedings seem to have a reasonably high chance of going smoothly.
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    DEVELOPED: JUNE 1st 2013 RELEASED: JUNE 30th 2014 WEBCOMIC UPDATES WEEKLY: USUALLY MONDAY-ISH STARFOX LYLAT LEGACY [sFLL] A fan comic adaptation of the Nintendo series StarFox. Attempting to incorporate every game story from the franchise in chronological order. Character and Story rewritten and redesigned to fit every StarFox title. In mind to Breathe new life into the series and bring out the most of it's story potential. [READ SFLL] BLOG Collaborators -LAYEYES -FISHMAN -VERIAMA
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    These past few months have been really … different in the terms of newer users. We've had these occurrences were in place of using the Introduction Subtopic we end up with learning names through RP requests and fanfics. For the older users who have beaten around the bush, we look at these weird introductions and “gossip like morons. And it's just bad for us all. I for one want more loyal subjects pals who share in the cult following that is Starfox. So this is an attempt to serve as a guide for new users to this form to help and understand how have a good first impression and have a happier life here as a quality member of SFO society as well as understanding key aspects of older SFO users and learning the "inside jokes" that is SFO. tl:dr These are the inner workings of SFO society. It is a train wreck. Read the rules. This is your map to not getting banned.A good lurk never hurt anyone. Gather your intelligence on what is going on in the boards.Your first thread should Introduction of yourself in the Introductions board. (AKA the Front Door) This should be polite and welcoming if you ever hope to make friends.Talking is a good way to know people.Starting with a RP request is a good way to become ignored.Everyone is facetious until otherwise stated. Also known as "Rob's Rule."Even though this is a Starfox Board, there is little talk about Starfox.Talking about Command is the equivalent of treading a minefield.That doesn't mean you cannot have a metal detector.Assault also has some weird orb around it too recently.The Rec Room doesn't record posts. Don't take it too seriouslyHaving Steam is the key to having a social life.Having said social life in no guarantee to being liked.Ask to join the Skype group. We hang out there and coordinate our attack.Spam only goes so far.Everyone needs to respect everyone. No questions.If you feel strongly on a topic, Argue for it.When you argue for it, the thread may be locked.When a thread is locked, then you're out of luck.Harassment only makes you look like a wimp.Relation to the topic decreases with every single post.The Starfox team does not have metal legs. It's the illuminati and nobody cares about seeing your evidence.Steve is the King and we must worship him.Steve Resides in Zimbabwe and everyone must take a pilgrimage in their life time.There he works on his failed experiment: Gestalt.ayy lmaoYou can't post do shit until you post five times. Why is this so hard for people to understand?When in doubt, the French Horn is there.When in danger, the duct tape man is there.Don't spew your RP/Fanfic in the chat when nobody cares.You know what you should get? Sins.Everyone is furry for Krystal. No exceptions.The exception to rule #32 is if you don't like badonk-a-donks.Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act.Eventually everyone is in the flock.This Rule is 3soppky5u to readThe soda in the Fridge is Naza’s; no touchy.Mama Redeemer loves you equally, unless you're a poopiehead.No matter how bad the situation, 8 points can make a difference.8 points Scott, 8 points.When in doubt, worship Scourge. He will deliver the 8 points.DiGornio’s pizza is the best, they don’t deliver however.Pass the joint dude. Stop hoggingThe chat room is always empty.When the chat room is full it’s only with squirrels.The squirrels are controlled by Matt Damon.Do not listen to the squirrels for they lie.Rule 51 is true.Honestly everyone here has some issue. Don’t worry it comes with knowing us.You cannot divide by Zero. Calculators rules.Rule 48 is False. OH SHI-.????Profit.Your fan project will never be done.High Executor eats things that would otherwise kill a person.He will also cook it up for you.Any conversation will not be on topic.If it is on topic Xid will change that for you.Psy doesn't speak because he communicates on a wHoLE NotHER LeVEl.Always calm your underage nipples.If you don't, Dras will.Dras has no mercy when bitchslapping you with logic.Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.Don't drop that thun thun thun.Rob does have an excellent rack apparently.Brake pedal is always lava.No matter who or what you are, you have a friend in me. We all are homies here.
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    Because he's fucking James McCloud he does what he wants bitch
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    In an age where Hollywood seems determined to bastardize our childhoods in the most horrifying ways possible, there's a (very, very, very slim) chance that our childhoods could be next, with a suitably "modernized" Star Fox movie. So, let's beat them to it and come up with the worst Star Fox movie ideas ever. I'll start. It's a warm summer night. 12-year-old Billy Skye and his know-it-all sister, Annie, are tucked in for a long night of playing video games when they hear something strange outside. They run to their front door just in time to see a massive UFO crash in the woods beside their house. Against Annie's protests, Billy heads out into the woods, hoping to find some aliens--and he finds so much more. Meet the Star Fox team! Only an hour ago, this group of intergalactic heroes were squaring off against their nemesis, Andross. In the heat of the battle, Andross used a strange "black hole bomb" against the team, sending them across the universe and forcing them to crash-land on an uncharted planet...called "Earth". Strangely enough, the Star Fox team all resemble animals from Earth...and this is why Billy has to be careful as he helps them restore their ship. It's a race against time for the team, as Fox knows it won't be long before Andross's minions track them down, posing a threat not only to them, but to Earth itself. And what about the incompetent government agents sent to investigate the crash? Or worse...what about Billy's parents?! Can Billy help his new friends WHILE finishing his science project? And most importantly...does he have what it takes to become a member of Star Fox?! That's not all! We have for you an exclusive peek at the Star Fox team's new look! Scroll down to meet Star Fox's lovable amphibious mechanic, Slippy! Coming to your nightmares Spring 2016
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    Happy Saturday! Here's a funny thing:
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    The rant has been moved to a new thread due to post length limitations in my OP here. Read the rant >HERE. DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD. IT IS FOR READING PURPOSES ONLY. ALL DISCUSSION OF ASSAULT AND MY RANT SHOULD BE HELD HERE.
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    It's actually happening: Star Fox 2 getting an official release! http://www.nintendo.com/super-nes-classic Though it will be on the SNES classic system. Better pre-order one, because if it's anything like the NES classic, getting one will be difficult.
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    Ripped from Star Fox [SNES] Animated on Cinema 4D R14
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    being in the wrong forum is the least of this thread's problems
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    Falco and Fox are coming along well enough; I'm getting comfortable drawing them in this style.
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    Olivia (myuinhiding) drew Katt with my Falco in this one
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    no ban snes1993, Fox News said he invented AIDS
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    As of today, all preparations and formalities are completed. SFO. Salute the new member of Nintendo royalty... HRH Princess Hayley, Redeemer of Martinetia And now, the new Princess will offer her opening speech as the dawn of a new beggining shines on us. Let us sing for this glorious moment
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    What's weirder is how Fox's head keeps inflating within the same canon.
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    So I just figured out stuff. Let's see how it works. I started drawing Star Fox a few months ago and I'm very obsessed with drawing Katt. :< See? But I really give my best to draw other characters too.
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    I am so proud of you all
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    Hello everyone. I promised many of you a before and after story with pics, so here we go!   Almost 2 years ago, I was overweight. Significantly so. I'm 5'4", or 160cm tall. And I weighed 96kgs, or 211lbs. 15 stone, actually.   I was incredibly unhealthy and pretty miserable. I was unhappy with myself and with the people around me (I was spending time with people who wanted the worst for me), and it was only after moving apartment and finally bursting out crying at my own reflection that I decided to do something about my weight.   How did I put on so much? It's a complicated story involving medication and a bad relationship, and so I'll spare you the details. But I was unhappy, and that's all you really are required to know.   So what did I do that day? Well, after calming myself down after sobbing for a couple of hours (hated mirrors then, goddamn), I went online and ordered food. Hurhur, no. I ordered healthy food. See, I get my groceries delivered to my door because I can't carry a month's supply by myself. I ordered low-fat options, more vegetables, more fruit, skimmed milk, less cheese, no chips, no sweets - just good wholesome food. I also joined a weight loss website called myfitnesspal.com. There, I tracked my calories every day. I ate 1200 per day, which is the minimum amount an adult can have before making themselves really ill. It was so, so difficult at first. I was eating around 3000/4000 cals a day, easily, then bam, 1200 and no more per day. My stomach was complaining a  lot, I was constantly hungry, but after a while I got used to it. Then I started noticing the weight loss, and I became excited to lose more. It was the steady loss that kept me going.   Then, that September, 2011, my friendship with R3dFiVe turned into a relationship. He never knew about my diet or anything - when he saw me, he saw the "slimmer me", which was myself after 6 months of dieting. I had lost 15kg by then, or 33lbs. I was smaller, but not slim. My face was still round and my tummy was persistent - I had to do something more than dieting.   So I did the 30 Day Shred, formed by fitness trainer Jillian Michaels. And oh my god, it's the most painful thing I've ever done to myself - and believe me, I know what pain is - I wax, I have 11 piercings and 3 tattoos. But that workout is something else, something not from this world. XD   I didn't lose a lot of weight after it, maybe about 5lbs, but I lost inches because my skin tightened and my muscles began to form. I met R3dFiVe for the first time in person the following March 2012, and I had a new-found confidence in myself. He knew about my weight loss by then, and he was proud of me for wanting to me so healthy.   I continued my diet through 2012, and did the 30 Day Shred again in June. I lost only 4lbs but again, I lost a few inches on my thighs and arms. Not as much as the previous time, but it was enough to keep me happy. I also walked everywhere and eventually took up running. I'm actually asthmatic, so running is hard for me, but I did it for a couple of weeks at 7am. Now it's icy and I can't run, but I'll start again this coming Spring.   Anyway, it's now December 2012, and to date, I've lost 75lbs, or 34kg, or 5 stone. I went from a UK size 18 to a UK size 12 (even 12 pants are loose on me now), and I'm happier than ever. I can climb stairs without my chest burning, I can jog for a while, and I feel light on my feet. I can wear nice clothes and I'm a million times more confident. My dad hasn't seen me in a year, so this Christmas he's going to get a shock, haha!   But yeah, I guess it's the pics you're curious about. Fat one is before, of course, heh.         ^Scars under my eyes here after an allergy attack, but you get the idea.       So if anyone wants any health advice, feel free to ask me. I've got a lot to share and I'll be more than happy to help someone out. I just wanted to share with you, the Redeemer you knew before, and the Redeemer you have now. I'll also be posting this on my blog, probably :3   Thanks for reading. <3
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    This is what I hat about star fox:
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    You would have killed my last flatmate. He used to piss everywhere, even all over the bathroom floor. I was sick of cleaning the toilet seat every time I wanted to pee, so I began using his laundry to mop it up. He used to leave his clothes on the bathroom floor too so using them to mop up piss was really the only solution.
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    You know you've played too much StarFox when you acquire an affinity for blue boobs Krystal.
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    Here is the audio from the first five minutes of episode one. (Peppy's voice has been replaced by mine as a 'placeholder' until Anthony gets back to me with his lines.) All piano and solo vocals recorded live. —-“SCRAMBLE!†FOX: If there ever was a place If there ever was a place With a climate upon which we could rely If there ever was a time If there ever was a time When they needed to hear those old words we cry All ships check in! PEPPY: This is Peppy, all systems Go! SLIPPY: Slippy here, I’m okay! [silence] FOX: Falco, god damn it, come on— FALCO: Yeah, I’m fine! Jesus Christ! —-“Three of My Best Friends, Pt. 1†FOX: Waking up from a dream so tragically Slipping on my uniform so magically Looking out my window There’s not a cloud in the sky, I wish I could fly Without the assistance of an NTD- FX1 engine, no, sir, just me And my best friends Three of my best friends Three of my best friends… ANDROSS: AHH, THE SON OF JAMES MCCLOUD YOU MUST BE AS GOOD AS YOUR FATHER TO HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR A CHARMING GESTURE, BUT QUITE FUTILE FOX: It’s getting too close to tell PEPPY: It’s getting closer to the turn of the ages FALCO: We got our tact in tow, and we’re ready to go… SLIPPY: …do something scary VID-CLIP OF JAMES ON FOX’S CONSOLE: I’ll give you just what you need… FOX: Dad?! JAMES: Unnecessary… Fox: …confidence, indeed… —-“Down, Down, Down…†... .