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    i'm here for the old friendchips
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    I have a story that I have dreamt up since I was 9 years old. I don't have a lot of confidence that people will like it, but it has brought me a great deal of happiness. I have been wanting to share this story for a very long time. You will notice some things about it that you may not like, such as ideas that will contradict others that you might be fond to. You have to understand something, this story is my story only. Nothing else will change from this. This I try to isolate from theoriginal versions of these characters. If you would like to see what I mean, check it out. Here's where you will find my story. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9862430/1/The-Ultimate-Story-the-Beginnings I can't guarantee that it will be the best story you will ever read, but it is something that I really love.
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    Starfox adventures ost, nostalgia.
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    Hello everyone. ^^ My name is MidnightMike, and I'm here to show you my tribute animation to the original Star Fox, which celebrated it's 25th anniversary this past March. I know it might not be as good as you were hoping, but I had fun making it. Here it is. :)
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    There is so much that went on with my life and I want to talk about, so much that I have held back about myself. When I was a young girl, I had a major fascination with fictional characters, something I believe is part of my Asperger's. However, that fascination became something that I lost control of. I had this weird, unexpected incident in which my fascination with some of these fictional characters became even more than I anticipated. Sometimes, when I take one look at those characters, they get stuck in my head for extended periods of time. A lot of the time, I don't even want to keep thinking about them, but I couldn't push them out of my head no matter how badly I wanted to. I will never forget the first time I saw Starfox. My brother received Starfox 64 as a get well soon present from my aunt, uncle and cousins. Coming near my 9th birthday, my brother showed me the game. At first, nothing happened, I was watching the game. Everything seemed normal. But then, the second he turned off the game, that's when I started to experience it. The game was still playing in my head. The characters themselves, I could still see their faces and hear their voices as though the game was still on. It was intense and it wasn't stopping, no matter how badly I wanted it to. There was nothing I could do to push it out of my head. The experience itself stayed with me over night, like garlic breath. It took a few days for it to eventually die down, but as soon as I saw the game again, it was right back to day 1 and I had to go through the whole declining process all over again. But even during remission process, I know that I still have it. Starfox wasn't the first time I experienced something like this and it wasn't going to be the last of it, either. Soon enough, more and more shows and characters began to follow. Sometimes, they started at first glance, other times, I had to look at them a few times before I couldn't stop thinking about it. It became ongoing and it took on a life of its own. I didn't know the real name to something like this, so I decided to name it Showitious, after the first thing that I began to experience this from. I didn't ask for this and if I had the choice to push this out, I would have day 1. However, I have lived with this for so long that I have gotten use to it. It still isn't easy and I don't think it will ever stop but I have learned to live with it like anything else. Still, I have to wonder, is there anyone else who has experienced anything like this before? I know both of my cousins who are also autistic has this as well. I wonder who else has this.
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    Hope everyone is having a good day!
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    Version 1.0.0


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    Version 1.0.0


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    So...I didn't have a chance to mention this because I was going through....a few things. I attended ConBravo during the summer. My mom and I took a 6 hour long road trip to Hamilton, Canada, where the convention took place. It was definitely not what I expected. Also, it was overwhelming. There were hundreds of people cosplaying and it was just so much. I sort of cosplayed. I went to the convention wearing a Pokemon t-shirt, the trade mark Pokemon hat from the first season of Pokemon, a hand-made bracelet made from several material on my right wrist and an awesome looking 2-fingered glove on my left hand. (No, that's not all that I wore) As I attended the convention, I-met-him! That's right! I met Emile aka Chuggaaconroy and it was pretty amazing. He was so much that I remember about him. There was a thing in which he and his internet buddies, NintendoCapriSun, ProtonJon, MasaeAnela and Lucahjin were answering questions from fans. I was very hesitant to step up and ask a question because there were just too many people that wanted to ask them questions and they were insignificant stuff, such as when they were going to LP certain games, plus a bunch of other things that I can't remember. My question to them was about really getting my Ultimate Story attention. I asked if they did something special to get the attention they have or if it was just luck. They said it was just luck, as I have expected, but they also told me to really try and reach out to a lot of people and really work on perhaps critiquing others' work. When I announced my username, Fanfictiondreamer, MasaeAnela immediately recognized me. That was incredible. I think that will be enough for now. Perhaps I will talk more about this some other time.
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    I have like the greatest fan I could ever ask for at this time, she had made me this amazing picture that looks a lot like what I have been trying to do for a really, really long time. Check it out: Honestly, what's more important to me than what's on this picture is someone putting forth the effort to make this for me. Full credit goes to the original creator of this picture, Ikranrider77 as well as some inspiration from my own ideas in this story. Thank you for making this for me. Let's keep at it with working on this.
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    I have so many IVA involved with this story. There are like so many characters in this story, it's crazy. It also makes the title of my story very fitting: The Ultimate Story, because so many universes are involved as well as there being so many characters. I don't know a lot of original work with so many characters involved in one story, but it is major. There are some shows and other universes that are often the reoccurring minor parts of the story but, oh man, there are a lot of characters involved in the major parts of the story, it is so massive. So far, I have a lot of the 4Kids voice actors involved, such as Lisa Ortiz, Jason Griffith, Dan Green, Jessica Taylor and such (none of them will be getting back their roles of the Sonic characters!! I will never let that happen!! Never!!!) I also have a lot of the voice actors that have worked with Nintendo stuff time and again. I also have a lot of my favorite voice actors working on the voices (not actually working on them, I just envision it) such as Tara Strong, Grey Delisle, Tom Kenny, Tom Kane, Kevin Micheal Richardson, John Dimaggio, Greg Cipes, Hynden Walch, Candy Milo, Yuri Lowenthal, Ashley Johnson and let's not forget James Arnold Taylor, he does...a few interesting parts in my story. Heh, heh, heh. (He is NOT my senpai!!!!!) And let's not forget the voice actors that have done anime, such as Kate Higgens, Stephanie Sheh, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Joshua Seth and yadda, yadda, yadda....etc., etc. The list goes on and on, several of them will be doing multiple characters, as they have done so many voices and many of their characters are in my story. Oh, I can't wait!!! Yeah, I have a lot to say about this, so I could go on with this forever!!! I may start another IVA list sometime soon. But, I should be getting back to talking about a lot of the other important stuff in the story, such as a few of the characters that will play important roles in the story.
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    OK, so there are a number of characters that never have their Ideal Voice Actors (IVA) changed and some that do. There are some that never reveal a voice actor, such as Link, since he is a silent protagonist. Yeah, he was voiced by some guy in Japan, but only with grunts and other noises that he makes with his voice. I will mention that a lot of the characters that have IVAs that are their original voice actors, such as the Powerpuff Girls, and there are hardly any in which I would choose another one for. In my opinion, their voices are just true perfection, I just love these people so much. Special thanks to TheIkranRider777 for reminding me of this passion of mine and for acknowledging my existence. In all honesty, I'm not use to having someone noticing me since I have mostly by myself with very little contact with anyone, not to mention that I hardly get any attention, so having someone say things to me as much as this person does feels strange. Still, that doesn't mean I don't have any appreciation, but I am coy with expressing gratitude. I do always appreciate any attention that I get as long as no one sees me as their Senpai. (shivers) I don't want to make Emile MY Senpai. Just the thought of it gives me chills. For characters that have voice actors already that never, ever change, here are their IVA: Lisa Simpson-Martha Maria Smith Bubbles-Tara Strong Blossom-Cathy Cavadini Buttercup-E.G. Daily Pikachu-Ikue Ohtani Princess Peach-Jen Taylor Ash Ketchum-Veronica Taylor Brock-Eric Stuart Professor Oak-Stuart Zagnit Gary Oak-Billy Beach Tracey Sketchit-Ted Lewis Professor Utonium-Tom Kane I will come up with more when I get back into the mood. This list will be reedited. (Try saying that without sounding like your stuttering)
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    Yeah, I think that I will be posting my videos on a few of my forums. Here's the first video in which I talk about my Ultimate Story:
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    I don't know if I have already announced this but, here goes. Ahem. I am proud to announce that I have been posting a few videos of me explaining my story on Youtube. Here is my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQoIkWnGQO4IYSKEbvrKHA You're more than welcome to check it out whenever you like and hear my lovely voice. (I don't watch my videos because I don't like how my voice sounds on the recordings)
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    The servers are the 7 chaos. Chaos is power, power that is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the chaos. The servers now have 7 Chaos Guardians:
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    There's been a number of ideas that I have been putting into my story. Some of them clarify some things going on in others works while others are part of some of the things that I believe. One such idea involves explaining why some of the characters like remain the same age for several years, such as Ash Ketchum still being 10 when several years have clearly gone by. I have an idea in which many of the worlds are affected. Some of them were moving slowly which others are moving much faster than others. Another idea that I have is like a metaphor of sorts. There have been a lot of bad things going on in the world, with corruption and deception and animosity. A way for me of coping with all of that was for an evil villain to be responsible for all of that: the SHAACL. Whenever some horrible thing was going on within the human race, whether it be someone committing some horrible crime or something shady going on in which the truth was constantly being covered up or even a number of horrible events going on that have not been dealt with right away or at all for that matter, there was always one person who has caused all of it: the SHAACL. It's a way for me to cope with a lot of the real world issues without having me really get angry about them because I can't do anything about it. With things like this, it has reminded me that there is something about fiction that is very much real as opposed to something that is part of reality: I can't control other people, but I can control my imagination. All I can do is control my imagination and that's how I cope with these real world issues. There really is nothing else I can do other than talk about it.
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    Continuing off from what I was mentioning before. Around the same time that all of that was occurring, the spirits were able to sense out a strong and potent source of Dark Magic and made their way towards someplace that they sensed was familiar to them. Upon arriving to were the source was, they came across a startling discovery. They found themselves in the middle of the Aparoid war. From this, they were able to discovered that they traveled back in time into the far distance past. They were exactly 24 hours before the Rifter. From there, they found out that they were in a lot of trouble. They needed to return to the present as quickly as possible. They returned to the 4 heroes to tell them about this. They also mentioned to them what had been happening, with the Shaman wanting to travel back in time and all and that they needed to return to the present before the Rifter swallows them up. Scattered across the world that they were in were 7 Warp Gems, which were the original Chaos Emeralds given to them by Tikal that they have renamed as such because of the new Chaos Emeralds that were formed. They scrambled to get all of them collected. Upon reaching the last one, they ran into Neela, who knew about the Rifter and intends to allow the world that they were in to be swallowed up by the Rifter. Fortunately, they were able to get the final Warp Gem back from him and utilizing the their powers and the Master Warp Gem, the original Master Emerald, in the possession of the 5th spirit, they were able to warp the dimension that they were in all the way back to their present. It took a lot of magical energy to warp an entire dimension all the way to the present so they had to receive help from the Teenzie guardians of that world in order to do it. With the heroes returned to the present, the spirits had the opportunity to lock away Neela inside the Vaults of Light, the magical items that were given to them by Ly as a means to prevent the war that eventually helped in bringing forth the Rifter. However, before she was locked away, she revealed to them a massive Dark secret that is a major plot to the story. She is a member of a secret organization known as the Descendants of Darkness. They consisted of seemingly ordinary people of many different kinds as well as many different species that share the share the same ancestor: the Shaman Emperor. Their leader was the self-proclaimed wife of the Shaman Emperor whose name will be left on a need to know basis, but you might know who she is. Their goal was to inflict chaos and corruption into each dimension that they were assigned in order to intensify Dark magic within the hearts of the people. They would then collect that Darkness and send it out to expand the rift to the Shadow Realm in order to release the Shaman Emperor so that he could bring forth the Rifter. It is apparent that it is happening again and she believe that the heroes will never be able to prevent it. But they were confident that they will, even more so than that, they had to prevent it from happening otherwise all existence will be erased forever. After all that was done, Sly and his friends decided to stay friends with the main heroes and provide any help that he can now that his world is part of their present. The thing about this game was I was very, very resistant over the concept of putting this game into the story. My brother was shoving ideas into my head and I was trying very hard to shut them out. Eventually, I gave in but I added this into the story with my own ideas. My brother wanted to have Fox meet Sly but I had it so that Krystal would be the first to meet him. She did develop sort of a romantic relationship with him but she knew that he was into Carmelita so she held back. Also, in my story, Krystal doesn't care very much for romance or a love life. Instead, she values friendship above everything else and as long as she has that, she doesn't need anything else. That, to me, is a lot more important than a love life. I will write more again soon. This story is getting really good and I can't deny that a lot of my ideas are very unorthodox.
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    This I have been wanting to talk about. This is perhaps one of the most important parts of the story. This happened after the challenge that revealed to the characters a lot about the Shaman Emperor and him eventually breaking out of the Shadow Realm. When they returned to Earth, Professor Oak has been aware of them taking on the challenge and tells them about something that he has been keeping a secret of his own for a long time. He reveals to them a portal to another realm known as The Library to perhaps the most powerful magical being in all of existence. He is addressed as "The Great Wizard" and he is known have established all of existence. Basically, he is the master of all deities who has created the foundation of all of existence. As for why he did it? I'll get back to you on that once I figure out the true meaning of life. Anyway, the Great Wizard's Library contains the most gigantic collection of knowledge in all of existence, basically it contains knowledge of everything in existence. They are really the collective memories of the Great Wizard, himself. However, some of them are blank. The blank books are indications that the Great Wizard can't remember something involving that particular subject. The professor says that he is working on ways to help him remember them. He then reveals something else, something that involves him: he is a descendant of the Great Wizard himself. He says that it is the obligation of all of the Great Wizard's descendants to guard over his Library and keep it safe. He also mentions that he is the last descendant while all of the others have "faded away with time". He has now been given the task to aid the chosen heroes; Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco, in defeating the Shaman Emperor before he frees himself from the Shadow Realm and carries out the Rifter. No pressure, right? There is still a lot that I have to reveal. I will do so later when the time comes.
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    In my story, Fox took on a massive challenge which eventually lead them to finding out about one of the massive plots to my story, the Rifter. They find out about how the Shaman Emperor tried to destroy all of existence but was sent to the Shadow Realm, then attempted to do it again after he broke free from the Shadow Realm. He was thrown back in but left a massive amount of damage to many of the worlds, as well as destroyed some of them. Most of the remaining dimensions were fused together but it was soon revealed that the Shaman Emperor will free himself again and then destroy everything. They needed to be ready for when that time comes. This part also brings out some character development for Krystal. I later on reveal in the story that she is a descendant of Ly as well as Nikko. Fox is also their descendant considering that he is Krystal's brother (at least my versions of them). As she was taking on this challenge, she could hear someone calling to her for help several times during and after the challenge. That person calling to her for help was Nikko. There was still an essence of his true self trapped inside the Shaman Emperor and she believes that he can be saved. However, Fox was very much convinced that Nikko is gone and that there is no way to save him. This caused them to get into an argument. Misty, on the otherhand, is uncertain of whether or not Nikko could be rescued, but if there was a way, she will do everything she can to help Krystal rescue him. The 2 of them became fast friends from the very beginning, but this brought them even closer, which Fox really did take into consideration. As for Starfox Assault's part in the story? Well....this may enrage a lot of people, but....their incarnations are spirits in my story who were tasked with helping to prevent the Shaman Emperor's escape as well as the Rifter. Um....this was a bizarre decision that I made so that I would incorporate the game into my story without my characters having their wardrobe changed into how the characters appeared in the game. If push comes to shove, I'll just have them replaced with the Power Rangers Mystic Force. There have been a lot of complicated things going on in my story, so the choices that I have made are very unorthodox to say the least. Think of a lot of it as a psychology project of sorts. It pretty much is that. There will be more coming soon. Don't worry, I'm far from done with talking about my story.
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    Many, many, many, many years ago, before the world were ever formed, there lived a magical realm where many magical creatures lived. These magical creatures were born to protect and look after the many worlds as they form. They were known as fairies and shaman. Out of all of them were a pair of magical beings that were well known out of many of them: a fairy named Ly and a shaman named Nikko. These 2 fell in love with each other, many say they invented love. They would propose to each other, however, there was another trait that Nikko was known for besides his love for Ly. Nikko once dedicated some of his existence to studying Darkness, a mysterious and untold magic that not many knew about. However, when he came close to figuring out Darkness, something went terribly wrong. The Darkness began to take control of him, taking possession of his body, his mind and his very wellbeing. He was turned evil and this evil renamed itself the Shaman Emperor. He then became obsessed with dominating all of the dimensions that the magical creatures have planned to watched over. When they refused to let him take them over, he threatened to destroy them with his own dark magic. But before things got worse, Ly came to stop him. When the Shaman Emperor attempted to dispose of her, she held back his Dark magic as much as she could. She was then forced to send him to the Shadow Realm to prevent him from destroying everything that the mystics attempted to protect. Worried that this might happen to many other mystic beings from being corrupted like Nikko, a powerful sorcerer sent out the Teenzies to guard over all the dimensions. He then sealed away the mystic beings into each of the dimensions that they have been assigned to protect and then sealed off each of the dimensions from one another. As the dimensions begin to form, all seemed to have gone the way they were suppose to, or so they thought. Little did they suspect, the Shaman Emperor created portals from his imprisonment in the Shadow Realm to many of the dimensions. With it, he was able to somehow corrupt them from within. With that, he was able to gather enough Dark energy to free himself. Ly managed to find out about this nefarious plan, so she planned on trying to warn the people from these dimensions. Unfortunately, the Teenzie guardians wouldn’t allow her to. She tried many times but no avail. Then, she tried to contact people of these upcoming dangers and succeeded in all of her attempts, except one. Ly foresaw a terrible war in one of the dimensions, a war in which she felt if not prevented, the Shaman Emperor will have more than enough dark energy to free himself. Ly attempted to contact 4 heroes from that dimension and bestowed upon each of them mystic items known as the Vaults of Light. When utilized, these mystic items can contain the souls of those with black hearts, thereby preventing the war. But the heroes did not use the mystic items and instead fought the war head on. At first, this was a terrible mistake that Ly thought could have been prevented even when she saw that terrible creatures made of pure Darkness infested that entire dimension. Realizing that it was too late to prevent the war, she gathered up as much light energy as she could muster. As the war ended, a black vortex formed. It was seen many times during the war but was obscured from many except mystic beings until it was large enough for the Shaman Emperor to emerge from it. He then released a vast amount of his Dark magic. It was powerful enough to break the barriers created by the Teenzie guardians and began to devour 1 dimension after another. Ly, who gathered more Light magic than she can contain, held back the dark magic before all the dimensions could be destroyed. As all this was occurring, a young girl watched in terror as many of the dimensions were being threatened. She then decided to take matter into her own hands and consulted the Teenzie guardians to fuse as many of the surviving dimensions as they can. By doing this, Ly will have less to protect and can force the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. However, doing this could risk all life in all of the surviving dimensions, but were convinced that they had no other choice. So, they fused as many dimensions as they could, allowing Ly to have less to protect and she was then able to push the Shaman Emperor back into the Shadow Realm. She then created 6 mystic gems known as the Lock Crystals to seal the portal to the Shadow Realm. She then separated the spirits of the 4 heroes from their physical bodies and sealed them away in the Realm of Nothingness as punishment for their part in releasing the Shaman Emperor. And finally, she meditated to restore her powers. She remains resting as of today. All life began to form in the newly fused dimensions. But how do I know all of this, you ask? Because I was the girl. I assisted Ly in preventing what we now call the Rifter: the end of all existence. I am Tikal and this is my story.
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    To put it lightly, I have a lot of strange ideas in my story. There are some that not many people will understand. I have spent a long time trying to understand a lot of what I put into my story. It has been a difficult journey throughout my life. I have very often questioned a lot of my decisions and why I put certain ideas into my story. After learning more and more about my Autism and how my mind functions, I began to understand that a lot of the ideas are almost like major outline of my complex thinking and how my mind deals with stressful situations in my life. It may be very difficult to understand, but always remember that the human brain is the most complex organ of the body. It is being very heavily studied and we are able to understand only a fraction of what the human mind can do. We understand how behaviors and thoughts are affected and what triggers them to think the way we do. My mind is a major enigma even to myself, but I think I have some understanding of how it works. The complex and difficult ideas of my stories have pretty much outlined how greatly complex my mind is, in a way. I will bring up one example: the Rifter. The Rifter is a very terrifying phenomenon that the mystic beings know as "The End of All Existence". It was named after a dark being that broke out of another realm and attempted to shallow all worlds in Darkness. This idea does sound very similar to the plot of Super Paper Mario, but I assure you I thought of this idea in 2005. This came around the time that Starfox Assault was being released and I wanted to find a way to surpass that game without like having it become a major change to the story. That was when by bizarre creativity talents kicked in and had the characters of Starfox Assault become the many characters that were around during this terrible phenomenon. If you think this idea is bizarre, I'm so right there with you, but when you're dealing with a game that could possibly replace your favorite video game in the story line, you would be desperate to prevent that from happening (I know all of that sounded nutty, but also remember that I have Autism, so I believe I can get away with it...maybe...). Thankfully, I don't like Starfox Assault too much and I very rarely take a look at it. But I'm at least glad my ideas worked out for the story. It also explains a lot of what was going on in the story, like how the different Universes were almost as though someone pressed the reset button on all of them. I'll get more into that another time. The story does indeed have a lot of bizarre ideas and it doesn't end there. I would think that it didn't even begin there. However, like I said, it details a lot of the complexity of how my mind works and I'm still trying to understand how it works. I know more now than I did long ago and I am so happy for that. I hope to keep on using my story to continue explaining how my mind works. It has helped me out a lot and I understand now more than ever why it's so important to me.
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    This is something that I have done a long time ago. I did mention at one time that Sonic made an appearance in the pre-Ultimate Story story with Lisa Simpson. He had been absent throughout the entire 1st Ultimate Story because the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show stopped airing on tv and the Sega system we had broke so we had to get rid of it. Even though he didn't make an appearance in the story, he sat in the corner of my mind, I guess waiting to make a comeback. I would take a glance at him every now and again and I have lost track of what was happening throughout the series. However, during Ultimate Story the Missing Link, he did make a brief appearance that didn't last very long. This brief appearance also marked the first appearance of Knuckles the Echidna in the Ultimate Story. During that first appearance, I had this idea of meeting Misty and talking with her a lot. It was something that involved my...personal issues. Yeah, one of those things. Anyway, within my story, when he first met Misty, they spent hours talking to each other and they have been very close friends ever since. They would see each other every now and then. But then came the year that I got the Nintendo Gamecube. Other than Starfox Adventures, one of the games that I got for that system was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and that got me into Sonic again. I did also have Sonic Advance before then but Sonic didn't get incorporated into my story much because there weren't any voice actors. Also, the game itself didn't inspire me much, but it did brought about a little inspiration to bring Amy Rose into the mix. However, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was what really brought the series back into the story. And it felt good. Since then, Sonic and his friends have become permanent residence to the story. The story itself brought about the first appearances of a few of the characters in the Sonic series. They brought about the first appearances of 2 of my favorite characters; Amy and Cream. The role they play in the story is....interesting. It also brought in the ancient tribe girl Tikal, I really like her and I want her into my story. It also brought about the first appearances of Rouge the Bat and Shadow the Hedgehog in that order. After all, what's the Ultimate Story without the Ultimate Lifeform? There are also a few other characters but I'll leave that for another day. It also brings the return of Dr. Robotnik or as he has been called for more than a decade, Dr. Eggman, as a permanent villain to the story. My brother hates having him be called Eggman, he prefers the original name. Me? I got use to the new name. Anyway, the roles that he plays as a villain...let's just say they are quite shocking and unexpected. That's just how I like it. Well, that's all for now. I will write again soon.
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    As you may have seen, in the next Starfox game, Starfox Adventures, a lot of the characters receive new wardrobe changes. I like Fox's change most of all; he looks so hot in a sleeveless shirt. (giggle) I have made a few wardrobe changes of my own for some of my Ultimate Story characters. Here's what I have for Misty: Her look is very similar to a certain other anime character with the same color schemes as her. I was planning on changing my profile pic to this when the time was right. Since this is my scrapbook and I can put in whatever I want, I decided to do just that. Here is what she looks like in Ultimate Story 2 and most other stories after that. Hope you like it.
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    Throughout most of my life, I have...unique ways of dealing with stress. Every now and again, I come across something that often cause me too much stress. My mind has a tendency to alleviate me of that stress, too often without my consent. I'm sure many of you have been aware of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have often thought that it is caused by an extremely traumatic incident, such as life and death situation. Turns out it can take on much less severe incidents than that, such as bullying. That's horrible. At age 8, I was picked on someone and he bothered me everyday. My mind formed a sort of coping mechanism that took on a form of fictional characters, such as Starfox. I have always lived with that since I was turning 9. Since then, more and more of them formed from just the normal stressful incidences, such as dealing with my dad and brother. Too often, my PTSD has taken on a life of its own, which is pretty much what defines Showitious. Whenever that comes around, a lot of those characters for me become my favorites, whether I wanted to or not. It is complicated so it can be difficult to understand. Then again, the human mind is very complex and therefore, it is understandable why it can be so difficult to comprehend our behaviors, what makes us tick and what causes us to become so emotionally overwhelmed. That's what Psychology is for. For me, whenever something comes around that has helped to shelter me from the most difficult parts of my life, such as dealing with my 8th grade homeroom teacher, such games like Starfox Adventures becomes my most favorite game of all times regardless of its obvious flaws. That's just how I am.
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    Uh....yeah, I don't know if what I'm about to mention is a great idea, but I'm going to say it anyway. In my story, I created twin siblings for Team Rocket. They are good twins for the bad guy team and other things like that. Yeah, I...kind of had this powerful urge to create ideas to negate ideas that I don't like from original work. My tolerance level for ideas that I don't like were much lower than it is now. For example, Team Rocket were one of those bad guys that fans liked and hated at the same time. I liked the parts where they were good and worked alongside the heroes of the show for a common goal, but I hated the parts where they were bad guys and being nasty to the heroes. It felt like a betrayal of sorts to me and I hated the feeling. I understand that they were creating different situations that involved the different interests of the characters, but back then, I didn't understand that. So, I created the whole "Team Rocket has good twins" thing as a means of coping with a lot of the bad feelings that I had for these characters. I would have Team Rocket involved in all of the bad things that they did in the original story and the good twins involved in all of the good things that Team Rocket did. I think you get the point. Well, within a few years, I regretted that decision and the problem is I have incorporated this idea too much into the story to get rid of it and I partly still like the ideas that I came up with some of the ideas involving this. So now, I feel like I'm being punished for coming up with this idea and now I have to come up with a lot of good ideas to make this work. It's going to be tough and to put it lightly, it's a challenge all by itself. So, if the idea really isn't so great, well now you know.
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    I have recently wrote about the next part of my story, Ultimate Story the Missing Link, in my blog. I would like to mention more about that story that I have not said yet. I have mentioned that out of the 6 shows making an appearance in my story, 2 of them will be appearing more and more after this: Totally Spies and Yu-gi-oh. There is more to this. The girls of Totally Spies; Sam, Alex and Clover, become very important characters in the story. They are average girls that star in a show of said name, being average high schoolers who live a double life as spies working for WOOHP-World Organization of Human Protect. However, outside of their lives as actresses, they (this is where it gets crazy) live double lives as spies for an outer space version of WOOHP called GROUP-Galactic Representation of Universal Protection. They travel to many different galaxies and such doing basically what they do in their show only it's much more complex because they're visiting other planets and such. Yeah, you can tell that I have a very, very active imagination. As for Yu-gi-oh? It turns out that the ancient spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, Pharaoh Atem, knows Misty since she was still the guardian of the ocean as he was a good friend of hers all those years ago. It is also revealed that she went by a different name as the princess of the sea, her real name: Aqualina. He was asked by Ly to remember that name and guard over it until he sees her again. Now for the Aqua Jewels. Yes, those jewels were formed to protect the princess of the sea from harm, but they were greatly weakened by the sorcerer who tried to destroy her. Because they were greatly weakened, they were unable to protect her by themselves, so they infused themselves into each of the members of the Starfox Team through their crests. Who these gems infused themselves with are as follows: Pices infused itself with Fox Diama infused itself with Falco Corto infused itself with Peppy Emert infused itself with Slippy They are able to hear the voices of the jewels through their crests, so the jewels can communicate with them. They are able to let them know when the princess is in danger, they are able to tell them when the princess has transformed so that they will be able to get to her whenever she needs them. They can also track her down with ease as they are kindred spirits. They have come in very handy many, many times. Ok, that's all I have for now. I will talk more about my story when I think of anything else that I want to mention.
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    Guess what? I'm on Youtube. I will be making videos in which I will be talking about my story as well as some things about myself. So feel free to check out my Youtube channel anytime you like. This is it right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQoIkWnGQO4IYSKEbvrKHA I don't have very much confidence that it will give me a lot of attention, but I have to at least try.
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    The (First) Ultimate Story Characters Main Characters: Lisa, Maggie, Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles and Misty Appearances Involve: Pokemon-Prof. Oak, Ash, Brock, Misty's sisters, a lot of Pokemon, including Pikachu (Super Smash), Jigglypuff (Super Smash) and Mewtwo as well as Togepi, Cubone, Meowth, Mew, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Clefairy Starfox-Fox, Slippy, Peppy and Falco Rayman 2-Rayman, Ly, Polukus, Teenies Mario Series-Princess Peach, Lady Bow (Paper Mario), Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and the DK clan Kirby 64-Kirby and Ribbon Banjo-Tooie-Banjo and Kazooie Super Smash Characters-Link, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness Together, many of these characters saved the Earth from a dark force that threatened it and all of its inhabitants. Little do they know, this was just the beginning of their story, even I didn't realize that because this has also been my journey.
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    I talked to my brother about this condition of mine. He seems to understand it more and more. He also believes that I have more power to conquer this than even I realize or have given myself credit for. He really wants me to see that Fox in Space video and I have been hesitant about it because of my history with Starfox. One of the things that may need to do to manage this better is come to terms with the source of this problem by letting go of some of the scars from my past. I need to let my dad know that even though he has caused me a lot of angst throughout my childhood, through yelling at me; not dealing with my issues without being quick to anger, I should tell him that I understand he did the best he could trying to take care of me with everything around him weighing heavy on him, between his back pains, mom working full time to provide for the family and not understanding why I am the way I am, I understand why he was the way he was and I need to help him ease his guilt of how he was to me. That way, I can start healing and this condition may no longer be as intense as it is now so it will be easier to manage. I also need to sort out a lot of the issues with my brother so I can let go of the pain that he has caused me and I don't need to be afraid to tell him anything, anymore. I also wish to use this to help others with their problems so that they can let go of their tensions and learn to deal with their pain better. That would be wonderful.
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    I just found SFLL and I loved it. So just in case someone else stumbles into this thread while looking for the last parts of the comic's run, it can be found here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=10195688
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    Growing up with Autism has been a challenge and a half for me. I can remember going through my childhood feeling different from other kids for some reason. I had very little interest with making friends, much to my dad and brother's dismay, I was always daydreaming about my favorite shows and, soon enough, my favorite video games. When I was an 8th grader, my mom signed me up for therapy. It was then that I thought "It's official; I'm crazy" because I once believed that therapy is for people who are crazy. I later on learned that wasn't true. Driving home from having me be signed up for therapy, my mom told me a story about what she went through with me when I was still a baby. She told me that I was always quiet and I was up to speed on walking but I was not talking at all and she became very concerned. She spent 6 months trying to figure out if I had hearing problems because she had a history of hearing loss in her family with her and her brother. It took a while for them to realize that the problem I had affected my communication. It was a problem that involved my brain. I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 3. After hearing this story, nearly everything that happened to me started making sense. I feel as though this is causing my Showitious, although I still don't know everything about this problem, such as why a select handful of characters from my shows and games are involved. I know I didn't hand select them to be part of this, but because of this, I have to choose them to be important parts of my story. I feel as though I will always be stuck with this.
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    The Pokemon stones in my story are as follows: Pikachu-From the Super Smash Pikachu Jigglypuff-From the Super Smash Jigglypuff Togepi-From Misty's Togepi Cubone-From Lisa's Cubone Meowth-From the good Meowth Mew-From the only Mew, which is owned by Ly Bulbasaur-From the Bulbasaur from the Hidden Village, left the village to be with Ash Charmander-From the Charmander abandoned by it's former trainer, left him to be with Ash Squirtle-From the leader of the Squirtle squad, left the squad to be with Ash Clefairy-From one of the Clefairies in Mt. Moon This is the order the the Pokemon stones of displayed. However, in another entry, they are placed in the order that they have been received. The Pokemon for the stones are based on all 10 of my favorite Pokemon from when I was a kid. I actually have the stones with me, right now. They are basically cut out pictures of the Pokemon taped onto the smooth stones used in Pokemon trading card game. Even so, I thought it was pretty creative for the resources that I had back then.
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    The whole idea for Lisa setting up the Super Smash Gym Leaders was so she and her friends would have a trainer to travel with to collect the stones. (Still need to come up with a better idea on why this was necessary) The following Pokemon that contained the stones are as follows: Mew-owned by Ly Cubone-owned by Lisa Pikachu-given to Ash, also from Super Smash Meowth-a twin of Team Rocket’s own Clefairy-one of many at Mt. Moon Bulbasaur-went to Ash Charmander- went to Ash Squirtle- went to Ash Jigglypuff-found outside Neon Town, also from Super Smash Togepi-found as an egg in Grandpa Canyon, given to Misty
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    Ok, since my story has gotten as much attention as an unused Tamagotchi device, I'm going to spoil my story left and right and hope that someone takes notice. I have already mentioned twice about my Super Smash Pokemon League, mainly the Gym Leaders. This was set up because Lisa and her group needed to follow an actually Pokemon trainer to unlock the Pokemon stones. (I need a better idea to explain why they have to do this, but I can't think of any right now) The next part of the story, titled the Journey Through Kanto, the group travels with Ash. Yeah, no one would have seen this coming. Lisa and her group already obtained 2 stones from both Mew and Lisa's Cubone. In addition to that, both of the Super Smash Pokemon, Pikachu and Jigglypuff, contain each Pokemon stone. Even more so, the Pikachu containing the stone was, surprise, surprise, the Pikachu that became Ash's Pokemon partner. Also, Pikachu was also Fox's long lost friend. The reunion they had together is very sweet. There, I spoiled the next part of the story. There will be more to come.
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    Coming up with this story was fun and I do think about it from time to time. I came up with crazy ideas like Lisa developing a crush on Sonic, calling him her “Dreamhogâ€. They did have a relationship with one another for a time and it dragged on throughout the entire story. It was probably the first time characters from 2 different worlds were involved in any romantic relationships and I most certainly had fun with it. Even after coming up with my greatest creation of all times, I’m still expanding the Lisa Simpson chronicles. At age 10, I got into the Powerpuff Girls and they started out in the Ultimate Story but I decided that it was fitting for them to appear in this story because of their age. But it didn’t end there. That was also around the time my brother got the first Super Smash Bros. and I started incorporating all the characters in that story as their official first appearance to my stories. This eventually led on to a lot of ideas. The Lisa Simpson Chronicles may have not been an Ultimate Story tale, but it did become the foundation of the Ultimate Story, kind of like a pilot that official creating events that would eventually lead up to it.
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    Age 8 was also the year that I, myself, started playing video games. The first game that I ever played was Diddy Kong Racing. When I started out, I always came in last place and my brother made a big fuss about it, which was not fun but over time, it became easier and I was able to win race after race. This was also the first time that I ever incorporated video game only characters into one of my stories. It felt strange at first, but I got use to it as I kept doing it. Most of the characters in that game aren’t involved in the Lisa Simpson Chronicles like they use to have been, although, one of them became very important for the story. Taj, the elephant genie, was the one who gave Lisa and Maggie their powers.
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    Around the same time as the Lisa Simpson Chronicles, my brother got a few games for Sega CD, a game console that he received from one of our uncles. One of them was Sonic CD. I remember days I spent watching him play the first Sonic the Hedgehog game at our uncle’s house, so Sonic CD wasn’t the first Sonic game I ever saw, but it was the first time I officially got into Sonic. Not only that but one of the tv channels we had at the time was broadcasting the Sonic the Hedgehog tv show and after my brother received Sonic CD, that show became one of my favorite cartoons. A lot like any show that I like, I make it part of my story. Sonic and Tails’ home world, Mobius, became the setting of where Lisa and Maggie perfected their magic powers after receiving them.
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    The origin of my Ultimate Story did not start with the Ultimate Story itself, but rather its roots came from what eventually build up into how I was able to create it. It all started when I was 6 years old. I have become fascinated with so many tv shows like Power Rangers, which I have loved since I was 5. I also had a fascination with cartoons and movies about talking animals, such as the Lion King which was my favorite Disney movie during my childhood. I loved them both so much that I began to create stories from the shows and movies like them and fantasized about them. From this, my talent for creating stories came into development. Over time, I practiced this talent. I created story after story and kept doing this to a point where carrying out things such as manipulating characters and plots became like child's play. Of course, it didn't stop there. I also added other things into this such as 101 Dalmatians, Road Rovers and the soon to be show that started my greatest creation, The Simpsons. I don't fantasize about these old shows like I use to, but I'll always consider them to be the foundation of what I have now.
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    I'm going to talk a lot about my Ultimate Story, so get use to it. I've always wanted to tell everyone about my story since I was still a kid. What started out as something crazy I use to enjoy as a kid grew into what I know now as the biggest thing that I have ever created in my life. To me, this story is fun and it also emphasizes a lot the difficulties of living with my autism. I have put a lot of crazy stuff into it as a kid which I believe symbolizes the disorganized mess of what goes on inside my head as well of how I deal with a lot of my...personal issues. So a lot of the crazy ideas that you will see in this story it part childhood, part asperger's and part dealing with the personal issues that I have been putting up with for more than 16 years. So, in a way, this story is like my own crazy diary in story form and I want people to read it to know what I have been going through growing up with autism. I will tell you interesting facts about my story and everything that surrounds it and I will tell them as frequently as possible. So, here is it, my Ultimate Story blog.
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    Before I continue on with my stories, there is one very important message that I would like to leave: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/iffdwfayelons/644376127300894720 The message is this for those that can't read it: I don’t abandon old stories and ideas... they just sit on my computer for years waiting for the day I get the inspiration to continue them.
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    Throughout US3, the main characters' objective had been more than just saving each dimension that they travel back to from the Rifter; they also had to seek out each member of the Descendants of Darkness who have been wreaking havoc in their own dimension and subdue them. As I have mentioned before, these DoD's have been carrying out objectives to cause a lot of chaos and corruption in their own dimension in order to increase the amount of Dark energy within the hearts of the people and then harness that dark energy in order to increase the size of the portal to the Shadow Realm and release the Shaman Emperor from it. They obviously were able to succeed in that objective but they were unable to destroy all of the dimensions. Some were eradicated while most of the surviving dimensions were fused together. During their multiple trips to the past, the main characters were able to find and subdue each member of the DoDs that they were able to find. They have found several of them. The first of the the DoDs that they were able to find other then Neyla, whose alias is Descendant 14, was during their first trip back to the past. They even teamed up with the first of the heroes from that dimension, 2 characters from a show that I have not seen in years: Static Shock. I'm sure you'll be able to guess who these 2 characters are. The DoD of that dimension went by the alias Descendant 5. I'll let you guess who that character is. Also, they were to team up with another group of characters from that same dimension: the Teen Titans. I was so enamored with Teen Titans back when it aired and I just had to put this into my story. Another show that I have added, Xiaolin Showdown, which I have also become enamored with, had a DoD who went by the alias Descendant 23. In Avatar the Last Airbender, the DoD of that dimension was Descendant 1. I have also got into the game Nicktoons Unite, with Nickelodeon shows Danny Phantom, Spongebob Squarepants, FairlyOdd Parents and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, introduced a few more DoDs into the story, with the aliases Descendants 1-22, 2-22, 3-22 and 4-22. One of them is a US original character made for one of the shows while the other 3 were original characters from all but 1 of those shows. There were also several more from dimensions that are not mentioned or seen in the story but rather from ideas that I gave up using a long time ago. I will not reveal the true identities of the DoDs. I would prefer to have you guess what their names are. I will reveal more about US3 whenever I decide to.
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    I have come up with so many crazy ideas, some of them are no less than being difficult to understand. I think the complicated ideas go well with my stories because they, in a way, express the complexity of my own mind, how I couldn't understand it, how there are some things that I don't understand and how I have been able to find the answers to myself that I have been looking for, such as what caused my Showitious and why I have it. I've had a lot of decisions made in my stories based on my Showitious and how I have used it as a way to cope with it and make having it be more fun. It has a very long journey and I want to express that journey through my stories and the characters that I have chosen to use. They are all playing very vital with expressing myself, regardless of how difficult it could be to understand them. US3 can be a very, very difficult part of the story with a difficult plot depending on how others see it. Again, this complex plot does play a vital role in expressing the complexity of how my mind functions. It is definitely a really crazy story, depending on how you see it. Let me tell you a lot about the ideas the best that I can. I did mention that there were a few mysteries that I have left unsolved in US2; the time lapses, the Descendants of Darkness and who they are, the Dimensions that disappeared during the Rifter. Well, all of those mysteries end up being solved (and clarified the best that I possibly can). The events of US3 begin shortly after the end of US2. Professor Oak called in our 4 main characters Fox, Misty, Krystal and Falco to his ancestor's library (whose "true identity" was also revealed in US2) because the time lapses have worsened, causing a great deal of damage throughout the entire Universe. Some places have been badly affected while other places weren't. Professor Oak has confirmed that the cause of these time lapses was Dark Magic, that which is very similar to the Descendants of Darkness. Therefore, he was able to confirm that the Secret Organization of Darkness that refers to itself as the Descendants of Darkness have been the true cause of the time lapses. However, as bad as the damages caused by the time lapses are, for some reason, it could have worse, but wasn't. The professor and his ancestor looked into this and found that some of the Dark energy had shifted towards Sly Cooper's dimension in an endeavor to damage that dimension. From there, they were able to sense a few openings in the dark energy in the Universe, which they will use to sense out the source of where the dark energy is emanating off of. However, the shift in Darkness was not enough for them to find that origin and it could be only a matter of time before Sly Cooper's dimension is penetrated. So, in order to find where the source of the Dark energy is, the main characters needed to travel back in time to other dimensions and warp them into the present just like they did with Sly Cooper's dimension. Ron Stoppable did once say that "time travel is a cornucopia of disturbing concepts" and there has barely been 1 time traveling story in which things are messed up for whatever reason. I hardly consider mine an exception, but I do the best that I can to make mine more structured. This wouldn't be the first time that in which I have used bizarre ideas in the story and this is a really bizarre story to begin with, but I have done the best that I possibly can to have my stories make more sense. Plus, it was a way for me to really have putting whatever I want in my story have any structure that can possibly come up with. Again, my ideas being bizarre should represent the complexity of my own mind that I had to deal with throughout my entire life. I will talk more about US3 and have it make sense that best that I can.
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    OK, now for the next important character in my story, Elyon. For those of you who are familiar with the WITCH series, you should know who Elyon is. For those who haven't watched the show or read any of the books, I will tell you who she is. She is a young girl who is friends with one of the main characters of the show, Cornelia, the C in WITCH. However, she is the long lost princess of Meridian. She was sent to Earth as an infant to protect her from her evil brother, Probos. During the story, she befriended Cedric, Phobos' servant who takes on human form when on Earth, but his true form is a massive serpent. When Cedric was able to reveal to Elyon her true origin, she was able to fall for Cedric and Phobos' lies and for a while thought of her friends as evil. However, later on, she was able to find out her brother's true intentions for lying to her and was rescued by her friends, who she was able to rekindle her friendship with. After defeating her brother, she became to new queen of Meridian and restored the kingdom to its former glory. The whole thing about Elyon being naïve towards Phobos and Cedric bothered me. I don't care if it was an important part of the story, I didn't like it. So, I had these characters placed in my story as a way of coping with the spitefulness. During the battle against the guardians, Elyon accidentally opened a portal into the realm where my characters lived. This prompted Phobos to look into this new world so that he would one day dominate over it. During this time, Elyon took some time to travel on her own. At that time, she met Fox and befriended him almost immediately. I won't get too much into this story as I have yet to reveal some things in my story of what had been going on in this. But thanks to Fox, she was able to find out that her brother Phobos had been lying to her and that he planned to use her to dominate Meridian as well as many other worlds. She also realized that her friends had been genuine to her and that she had been tricked into turning against them. From this, she teamed up with her friends, with Fox tagging along and were able to defeat Phobos. Since then, Elyon had maintained a close friendship with Fox. Eventually, they were able to find out that the connection between them is deep, so deep that runs in their blood. Elyon becomes another very important character in the story. She becomes especially important in the end of US3 even though she hardly ever makes an appearance in that part of the story. It is also revealed that Elyon is a special kind of magical being and one that is very, very rare. I will reveal more about that as soon as I am able to reveal what happens in the end of US3. There is still more to come. I can't wait to get into US3 and eventually, US4.
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    OK, going back to the story of Riley Daring. Thanks to Riley, Fox and his friends have found out that the SHAACL has influenced a lot of the humans with the use of his dark magic the same way that they influenced the people of the town Riley is living in. However, Fox spoke to Prof. Oak about a few of the unusual things about Riley. He has noticed that she is very intelligent, perhaps even more so than being slightly above average. He also noticed that she has an unusually low tolerance towards sugar, in which she needs to consume only a small amount of sugar before she becomes hyper. He believed that these are signs that Riley could be a fairy. So, he went back to see her again to tell her about this. She seemed surprised at first but then became curious about this. She was taken to see the Professor who was able to confirm that she is in fact a fairy who has yet to have her powers awaken. After she was given a Gold Lum to awaken her powers, she began her training in another realm since they have yet to find another planet to train her on. At least a week into her fairy training, her brother Todd went missing and she stopped her training to try and find her brother. She returned home with Fox and his friends to find out what happened to her brother and the only clue that they managed to find were a bunch a cards from a famous trading card game known as Chaotic. From there, they found out that he was transported to another world where the game itself became very much real. So, they found a way to transport themselves there in hopes of finding Todd. There, Riley met Tom, Kaz, Peyton and Sarah who had very much seen her brother and were not happy with revealing this because their experience with him was...not very pleasant. When she told them that her brother went missing, they were very surprised since no one is actually transported to them, but in a way, a code of them that get transported back to them in the form of memories, which was why they were shocked when they found out that her brother had disappeared by this. They agreed to help Riley find her brother and perhaps have him kicked out of Chaotic for what he was towards them. They were eventually able to find Todd and he was unwilling to return home at first as he was too stubborn. However, during her search for her brother, Riley met Najarin, a native of Chaotic who was revealed to be an incarnation of a wizard that use to train Nikko and Ly. His memories of his past life were recovered the second he met Riley and discovered that she is a fairy. Riley heard a lot of stories from Najarin about how he use to train the 2 famed mystic beings, even expressed some sadness towards Nikko's fate. After hearing all of his stories, Riley decided to stay in Chaotic and train under Najarin. During her time with him, she lived in his tower with him as she trained with him. He had shown to be a very harsh and unrelenting teacher who was hardly ever easy on her, he had her float constantly without landing on the ground even once for an entire month, he had her lift huge boulders with her psychic powers, had her undergo deep meditation techniques in substitution for her sleeping, had her eventually lift the huge boulders without moving her arms up and down as though she was weight lifting as a means of breaking the habit of doing that. He was very hard on her a lot, but she was able to become a very powerful fairy under his tutelage and training. Despite how hard he tends to be on her, they did have a good relationship as Riley barely developed any resentment towards him. She was also grateful towards him for not going easy on him as his training methods have helped her to grow and mature as a strong magical being. Overtime, they became good friends. Also, she had developed strong friendships with Sarah as well as female creatures of Chaotic such as Intress and, believe it or not, Takinom. She became very well known throughout all of Perim, the home world of the Chaotic creatures. Maxxor has shown to like her very much, as his friends Tangath Toborn, Bodal and several other Overworlder. She has also gained respect from Chaor as well as several Underworlders, he is even aware of Takinom's friendship towards Riley and has shown some self-restraint through that. She has understandably became another enemy to Von Bloot and has fought against each other time and again. Overtime, everyone in Perim knew about her and this has brought many creatures of that world closer together. Riley plays some very important roles in the story. She had done something that played a major part in US4, even though she was very rarely seen, at most. She also became a very, very important character for another Ultimate Story series that takes place after US4. There is a lot I can say about this. I'll get on to another character and then another important part of US2. It's going to be epic.
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    OK, time for me to get on with talking about a few more important characters in my story. The first one that I will talk about is Riley Daring. If you remember the Replacements, then you should know who Riley is. She is a young girl who brags about being slightly above average (although, I think she may be smarter than that). She and brother, Todd were orphans living in an orphanage until they saw an ad for a company called Fleemco, a company that can replace anyone that their clients dislike for someone who may be better. They sent away a $1.98 and received unlimited free service from Fleemco and the first thing they asked from them was to replace their deceased parents. They received a British super-spy named Agent K for a mom and a dare-devil airhead named Dick Daring for a dad. They live in an unknown town where Todd and Riley began having average lives, with the exception of having phones with the Fleemco buttons that enable them to call up Fleemco and replace anyone that they didn't like or make their lives miserable or are just stupid and never do anything right for them with people that would make things better for them. (I'm beginning to understand why I like this show so much; because it also has a lot of ridiculous ideas) The show, itself is ridiculous and it's a bit of botched comedy, but I added it to the story because I like Riley Daring. She reminds me so much of a few characters in my story that I like very much, such as Lisa. In my story, Fox crashed near her town where she found him injured. She tried to take him to the hospital but they refused to help him because they hate Cornerians and, wouldn't you know it, so does the entire town that she lives in. Also, they're part of a HAAC area. So she had the entire hospital staff of said hospital replaced with an entire staff of doctors, nurses and physicians who not only know how to treat Cornerians but would also love to help them recover. (Oh, perfect, how fitting for a ridiculous idea to be part of such a ridiculous show) Sure enough, after a brief stay at the hospital full of the newly replaced staff, Fox made a full recovery and contacted his friends to find him and retrieve him, so until then, he decided to stay with Riley and her family until they come for him. During their time together, Fox became fast friends with Riley as she reminded him so much of a few of his other friends. Riley was very much happy to befriend him. Agent K and Dick Daring were also very pleased to meet him, but Todd hated Cornerians and was immediately insulting and unfriendly towards Fox. So, yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, after a brief visit at Riley's home town, he was able to find out that there is a corruption within the town in which the SHAACL had a lot of the people brainwashed into being under the influence of the SHAACL. With the help of Riley Daring and eventually, his friends as they came to his aid, Fox was able to defeat an evil witch who was a loyal subordinate of the SHAACL and free the entire town from his influence, thereby making the people of the town members of the ECA. Fox was able to return home to his friends but he and Riley continued to maintain their friendship and would look forward to seeing each other again. However....there were a few things that Fox found unusual about her and that was where the start of one of the most important parts of the story begin. Riley does play a few important roles in the story. I will share them sometime soon.
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    Ok, so throughout Ultimate Story 2, the main characters, the Starfox Team, have been having several issues with holding the alliance together because of the SHAACL's constant corruptions. They do receive some help with a lot of their friends from other worlds, such as Link and Zelda, which did help them to get through so many of the issues. However, they did receive some help from some shadier characters, such as a few criminals that the Cornerians are familiar with. One such is someone they have been receiving a lot of help from retrieving intel about the SHAACL and all those who are members of HAAC. There are so many of those people that are criminals but they receive immunity of sorts by the SHAACL. They've rules set to prevent any tension between the humans and the Cornerians, such as not getting themselves involved with HAAC affairs or interfering with places that are HAAC territory and getting involved with issues within those territories unless there are some concerns that involve the alliance. However, the SHAACL has been known to tweak the rules to work in the favors of people who are members of HAAC, especially the criminal variety, as well as cause some tensions within the alliance that the Cornerians have been trying to prevent. He has even convinced some people that humans who side with the alliance can not be trusted and therefore, do not deserve to be acknowledged as such whose recommendations should be heard. The tension between the alliance have been so difficult that the Starfox team are forced into doing things that even they don't like, such as seeking out help from criminals from the Lylat System. One such that they have been communicating with very often is someone who resembles Panther, the new member of Star Wolf from Starfox Assault. They knew that receiving help from him would make them look bad in the eyes of members from the alliance, but they were in a difficult situation and they had to do it. They would always communicate to him with the use of Misty's telepathy since they did not want to risk any transmissions that they would have with them being caught and then they would be exposed for working with a criminal. Also, the SHAACL has convinced a lot of people to not believe in magic and never listen to anyone who would say otherwise. This worked out well for the team since Misty's telepathy are one of her magical powers. This person was perfect for helping him out because he had a huge fascination with criminal activities and other forms of corruptions from the humans. From this shady informant, they learn a lot of nasty secrets about the SHAACL that they would not have been able to find out from anything else. They find out that there are HAAC spies within the alliance that work to increase tension within the alliance. They learn that there are so many corrupted humans from all corners of the Earth, all of which are supported, fueled and kept secret by the SHAACL except for those that could cause potential damage to HAAC. They learn about some rules that humans tend to follow and feel as though they should follow that were set by the SHAACL, which the team begin to suspect was a means of helping to carry out some sort of evil agenda that doesn't involve the alliance. Worst of all, they learn that there are some humans that know the SHAACL is evil but are loyal to them. Those humans were given the name Deliberate Followers of the SHAACL. Those are arguably the worst kinds of humans. Such intel have been helpful in some ways in getting the upperhand against their enemies of HAAC, but it was not enough to deal with some of the tension that was going on within the alliance. Little do they know that something far worse was about to happen and it was something that they couldn't prevent. I will write more about it soon.
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    So, throughout US2, the main characters deal with a lot of major issues involving Dark magic. The 1 issue that they deal with the most is the numerous problems during their struggle to maintain the Earth-Cornerian Alliance. Many of those problems were intentionally created by their sworn enemy; the SHAACL. There have been a number of mysteries involving that guy. One thing that they are sure of is that he is pure evil. He claims to be a hero that has dealt with a lot of the issues involving Earth. What a lot people are completely unaware of is that he creates a lot of these problems. However, some of them don't involve the ECA, in fact, he one the one responsible for almost all of the problems that humans have been dealing with for many generations. Nearly every horrible thing that humans have dealt with were caused by him. In my story, he is basically a metaphor of all the real-world problems we deal with in reality. He is pretty much the fictional manifestation of a formless evil force that causes a lot of real-world problems, including the one that many people don't like to talk about. If there was something that would cause someone to lose control of their anger and want to beat someone to a bloody pulp, you can bet that the SHAACL caused it. Obviously, I wouldn't blame him on every horrible thing that has happened to people because he's not real. Well, duh, of course he's not real; I made him up!!! It would be nuts to blame a lot of our problems on a fictional character. Just having him cause these problems in my world is my way of coping with a lot of the horrible things that have happened in reality so that I don't need to stay angry at them, making it easier for me to live on with my life. How many people have done that? Anyway, throughout like all of mankind's existence, he has manipulated people into doing horrible things to each other, especially things that people should be smart enough to not do, such as throw a fit to someone for doing something absolutely terrible. Yeah, I get it, what that person did was horrible, but what good will beating them senseless do for anyone? All it does is create another problem. But the SHAACL likes doing stuff like that. Too often, he causes all of these terrible things to happen just to create a situation in which people will get angry over. As the Starfox team continue to watch these terrible incidences happen, they see more and more just how pure evil the SHAACL is. The worst part is that they can't do anything to stop him because there are some people that believe he is good and any wrong move could damage any small amount of trust that the people have towards the Cornerians and things between the Cornerians and the humans are very shaky. A lot of those issues were also by the SHAACL, in case anyone hadn't noticed. I haven't even scratched the surface of how evil the SHAACL is. I will get on to that later. This is one of the important part of US2.
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    Have you ever had ideas for stories (for those who write stories) come to you in a dream you had one night? I've had that happen to me a few times. They are great but it bothers me somewhat how random they are because it's almost like you would never have them if you didn't have those dreams. Anyway, this idea came to me in a dream one night when I had Fox team up with a certain Disney character that looks a lot like him and Giselle from Disney's Enchanted. From there, I was able to create 2 new characters for my story that are very vital characters. Let me start with another lore. Eons ago, like at the very beginning of everything, there were only Darkness and Light magic. The Great Wizard had entrusted the balance of both to 2 very powerful mystic beings, they were known as the Sister of Light and Brother of Darkness. The Sister of Light was a kindred and gentle being while the Brother of Darkness was stern and serious about his obligations. However, the Brother of Darkness had another side to him, one that was sinister and malevolent. He had done everything he could to keep that part of him in check. Sometimes, it was very difficult for him to do that, often so difficult that he nearly lost control of it. Then one day, he lost absolute control, up to the point where is nearly destroyed his own Sister. Before he had the chance to do so, he regained control of himself again. Knowing that suppressing his evil half can't be managed, he formed the Shadow Realm and locked himself inside. With all of that done, the Great Wizard had the Sister of Light placed within a sacred realm where she would heal from the damages caused by her Brother's evil side. She has remained there till this very day, but with no one to maintain balance between Darkness and Light, the 2 magical sources are left combating each other and order within the realm were very difficult to manage. Since then, the mystics have been charged with maintaining order to all of existence, but struggling. The struggle continues to this very day. I will write more soon.