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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but just uploaded this onto steam workshop for anyone who wants to have the enviroment be at the helm of the greatfox from starfox adventures:3 models are not mine nor the textures the only thing really is some geometry changes and the lighting, i did put the seats back and change where the laptops were but if anyone wants to make any changes have at it will move ontto the starfox assault bridge at some point but il have to make that from scratch with some references from the few cutscenes from the game, btw didnt realise how small the fox team was, rob is the only one moddeled here but it took me back how small everything is xD maybe a scale thing but they arent exatly giants ;P you will need a compatible vr head set and run it from steam Take a look :D
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    Always remember: no matter what people say about you, no matter what they think, if you believe in yourself and make yourself out as the person you want to be, then everyone will see that. Don't ever let anyone make you doubt yourself or doubt you you are. They can believe whatever they want, but as long as they are adamant about what they want to believe about you, they will never see the true you.
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    I like them, but if it wasn't for me being a child when I first played a star fox game, I probably wouldn't enjoy them as much as I do in my manchild years. The furries got to me at a young age, my brothers, if it wasn't for those conniving Japanese I'd probably be a normie wage slave content with my government issued wife.
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    Hey bro. I like your avatar. We should hang out.
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    Starfox adventures ost, nostalgia.
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    Hope everyone is having a good day!
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    I just found SFLL and I loved it. So just in case someone else stumbles into this thread while looking for the last parts of the comic's run, it can be found here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=10195688
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    I'm sure that most of you here have a shelf, desk, closet or whatever with some of your most interesting items, so post a picture here of it! Here's mine! The shelf is above a bunch of other shelves containing most of my video game collection. The items are (from left to right)- -A Game.com complete in box. One of the shittiest handhelds of all time in all its glory. -A pair of Sega Master System 3D Glasses complete in box. Quite rare. I don't have a MS yet, so I haven't been able to try them. -A Simba plushie I got from a Disney store after seeing The Lion King 3D the day it released. -A Luigi hat I got for attending the Nintendo Best Buy event and playing Mario Kart 8. -Sonic the Hedgehog 2 signed by current Sonic the Hedgehog voice actor- Roger Craig Smith. -A copy of Blacksad- a really excellent comic book series (my avatar is the main character- John Blacksad). It contains the first 3 volumes. -A Japanese Eevee plushie I got at a local anime con. -A Sonic hat I got for pre-ordering Sonic Colors. -Sonic Generations also signed by R.C. Smith. -The Quest for Glory Anthology for MS DOS brand new, unopened. The most valuable video game-related item I own. -One of the only 200 copies of the album "Wander Lust" by Renard Queenston.
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