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    Let's talk about this movie here. To be fair to those who have not seen it, please use spoiler tags.
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    By gracious thanks to the wonderful admins here at SF-O (Specifically Sideways, thank you friend) I'm back, it kinda saddens me to see this place so slow and such, but i guess that's kinda the product of little Starfox releases, even with Event horizon.... So umm.. hello everyone, old and new.
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    Hi, I'm a new user to this website. After reading your blog post, I feel like I've joined this website too late. I see that this website is often silent without much going on. It's almost as if this website is just flowing through the voids of space, seeing almost nothing happen each passing day other than finding new routes. Has it always been like this, or was it different back then?
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    Hello everybody, first post here. A little bit ago I decided I wanted to get the models out of Adventures for a few projects I wanted to work on. Since I have a bit of experience in this area and a bit of free time I figured I'd see if I could throw together a little model ripper for fun and see what I could end up with. I didn't want to mention or post anything until I got it at 100 percent, but unfortunately my schedule coming up is looking pretty full and I don't think I'll be getting much of a chance to work on it anytime soon. So I've decided to release what I have at the moment in case anyone happens to be interested. In general it seems to be working pretty well. It can rip the majority of models out of the game's 'MODELS.bin' and 'mod##.zlb.bin' files. It exports as a Maya Ascii (.ma) file. I realize this may not be the most convenient option, but prior experience has taught me that the common interchange formats simply don't support all the features I desire when working on these projects. Known issues: - It doesn't link multiple UV sets to their appropriate textures. - It will often report success extracting linked textures even if the process failed. - The initial perspective viewport errors out, leaving you in a fallback camera. Possible issues: - There may be an issue with assigning certain weight values. From what I've seen this is probably pretty minor, if it is a problem at all). Download link, as well as character models and textures for the main cast can be found here. Change log: Images: Other notes: It's a basic console application, just drag and drop the files you want extracted. If there are 'TEX1.tab' and TEX1.bin' files in the same folder as the file being extracted it will extract and link the textures automatically. Without the texture files present at the time of extraction, the textures will need to be linked to the models manually. In the case of 'mod##.zlb.bin' files, the files on the root of the disk are just copies of files of the same name in the other folders. If you want it to extract the textures for those models you will have to extract it from the folder containing that file, as the texture files on the root do not contain those textures. Finally I'll release the source after I've cleaned it up a bit if anyone has any interest.
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    Banned, because HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! >8D
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    This is a sample of a planned Star Fox story playing after Assault, involving a mysterious panther assassin and known as the 'Fang' who crosses paths with the Star Fox team. After Krystal is attacked and wounded by the Fang, Fox engages the assassin... "You son of a..." Fox shouted and aimed his blaster towards his feline opponent. But before he could pull the trigger, the Fang unsheathed his sword and sliced through Fox's blaster in one move. The vulpine was too shocked to react, so the panther took advantage and planted his left fist into Fox's stomach. "Uaargh!" gritted his teeth due to the punch, though his well trained abs absorbed a good part of the force. After a second to recover, he counterattacked and punched the assailant in the face in return, followed by a swift roundhouse kick which sent him staggering backwards. As the Fang was about to attack with his sword, his right hand was pinned against the wall and Fox kneed him into the gut. "Aaargh!" Despite the pain, the panther countered and punched the vulpine in the face, sending him backwards to the ground. Fox stood up and wiped off the blood from his face. "Alright, Fang, or whatever you call yourself ... so you want it the hard way. Time to decide this!" "Exactly my thoughts!" the assassin answered with a cold voice. He took a defensive battle stance and waited for his opponent to attack. Fox concentrated and began to engulf himself in flames. The Fang watched fascinated as Fox prepared for his attack. He had never seen a technique like that before. He wondered what the fox was up to... Fox concentrated his energy, enveloped in blazing fire. The panther watched his opponent closely and readied himself for the incoming attack. "FIIIRE!" Fox shouted, boosting forward, surrounded by a torrent of flames. His opponent reacted fast. He took a quick sidestep to the left, seamlessly followed by a forward dash. This maneuver came too fast for the surprised fox, whose attack went nowhere, without having a chance to react. Suddenly he felt a searing pain behind him. In the blink of an eye, the Fang drew his sword and cut off the vulpine's tail in one fluid motion. "Ahooough!" Fox howled in pain as his severed bushy foxtail hit the ground. He dropped to his knees, exposing his smoldering stub. The black panther sheathed his sword again and went over to his beaten opponent who was still in shock after the sudden maneuver. "Is that all you've got? Looks like I was wasting my time with you." The assassin gave Fox a kick in the stomach and the vulpine collapsed on the ground. "I have no business with weaklings like you. I will take your brush as a trophy. This will be enough humiliation for you. So long, Fox McCloud." The leader of Star Fox lay on the ground, unable to move, fighting against the imminent unconsciousness. He watched in anger and shame as the Fang picking up his forcefully removed appendage. Fox swore that he would find the guy who hurt Krystal, and his own pride. "Krystal!"The vulpine had to think of his loved one and he sincerely hoped and prayed that she would soon be found and treated. She was more important to him than his own life. As he faded to black, he saw the Fang disappear into the dark...
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    Banned, because that is a stinking good idea I’ve still yet to act on! XD (Thanks though, I really appreciate it. ^^)
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    I don't generally watch TV, my family has DirectTV and they use it, but generally there isn't anything worth watching. I would rather watch Netflix.
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    That would be an interesting concept.
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    Yeah, I already gave some of my thoughts, spoiler free, on Discord. But it doesn't hurt repeating here.
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    The site has been upgraded to IPB4 v 4.42. If you encounter any errors or bugs, please report them to the SFO.NET Forum Bug Reports thread.
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    That lineup is a a travesty and then some...
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    Hi, friends. I always forget about this website, but I never forget about Star Fox. I love it, and on depressing days like today, I want to do nothing but play through Star Fox Adventures or complete my favorite missions in Star Fox Assault and 64. I just wanted to check in and say hi to you all, and I hope you play something Star Fox related soon.
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    Hello everyone! Its me Dark Shadowscale from a long long long time ago! How have you all been? I haven't been on here, since the site messed up my log in and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Just remembered this ite after talking to someone I knew from here, and decided to pop in and see if i could get a password reset (and it worked!). Anything been going on lately? Hope you are all well, thank you for your time.
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    Starlink was a good crossover game for the Starfox IP. I would love to see some more crossover games if it meant getting Star Fox some more love and maybe another game or so. Some kind of racing game would be neat.
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    I ousted cable TV months ago, too expensive, nothing substantial to watch, plus streaming services are a bit cheaper, and I am in control. Cable TV will be extinct within the next 5-10 years at the absolute most. Nothing of value will have been lost.
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    CN has really gone downhill in terms of programming, sheesh.
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    Aye. And don't get me started on The "History" Channel, TLC and MTV.
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    Yeowch, that's particularly bad. The parent company of CN also re-did Boomerang's programming lineup IIRC, and dropped a lot of the classic Hanna-Barbera back catalog in favor of two or three shows broadcasted in marathon format. It's a shame, really.
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    El-Rey does have a wide variety of classic programming. But in general I agree with you - I find myself turning to cable less and less these days. Most of my time watching TV is spent using Netflix or AmazonPrime.
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    Well I managed to finish these: https://i.imgur.com/bIrQJcn.mp4 As usual, be back with the next batch in a few months.
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    GGreat points. I would add Katt to star fox, and having krystal develop a friendship with her would be a great character development chance for both of them. i would go further than the 8 member idea. i would go up to 10, with katt and bill being the 9th and 10th options. the more team variables the more replayability. having different members could also gives you different strength in different areas. for instance having falco, katt and Krystal on your team could increases your defense and sped of your arwing. as for cerenia, i would have the ruins of it be a place we could travel and build on the backstory, which was basically hinted at the beginning of Adventures and just.. dropped thereafter
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    What Quad said. Plus, it goes deeper than that. People come onto the site, and they see without entering how many people are in the chat room, even if there's only one or two people in there, it gives the impression to a newcomer that there are actually people here.They write their introductory post on the forums, but they don't have to wait for people to reply to actually speak to other members, because they can just go into the chat room and speak with the members there. The replacement chat feature at the top of every page now now only obnoxiously intrudes on the screen space, but people don't use it like they would use the chat room. Before, many people in this site would have the chat open in its own tab, while doing other things, and just leave it there so that if others wanted to, they'd stop in and say hi. Additionally, while people used the chat room, it would create a better sense of community throughout the regular users of the site, which incentivized people to use the forum pages in order to help that community thrive. The chat room and the forum pages made up for the weaknesses of each other, and removal of one results in the downfall of the other, as we've seen. As I'm typing this, other than Quadroline's message from earlier today, the last message in the chat box was almost two weeks ago. That makes perfect sense, as well. Why send anything there at all if it's up in the air as to whether or not you'll even get a response? People come to the forum pages to look at the forums, so when they do, they skip right over the chat box. Integrating the two has diluted the site, which has caused a fundamental shift in the way people use the site, which in turn has turned people away, resulting in a site which has very little traffic lately. That's what was so special about the chat room.
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    Hey all, I'm in the process of repairing the downloads section. It's a slow process but I am getting there.
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    Version 1.0.0


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    I've uploaded this tool to MEGA, and I'll be putting the link in this post, assuming it shows up. I will admit though, I do not have the source code of the tool, so making adjustments to it may be more challenging if anyone wants to do such a thing. Also, out of curiosity, are there any other types of sites that I should upload it to? https://mega.nz/#!NSR2ib6J!9_QAhU_TFeNPUszJV_NQpdYrabf3LSyZjUpxL0CKgNw
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    What's throwing you off here is that Armada and Assault were never "merged"; they were always the same game. The issue was they basically had to rebuild Assault from the ground-up after they scrapped the vital arcade tie-in and its engines. Pretty much what happened to Adventures, really: they'd gotten so far into development when the entire focus of the game was drastically changed and they weren't given enough time to make it properly. he has given paragraphs upon paragraphs of incredibly intricate, step-by-step criticism of the game. you have done nothing but screamed incomprehensible walls of garbage at him any time he says literally anything. your hateboner for rob is seriously weird and annoying and the only way i'm thinking you can contribute anything worthwhile to this community is if you pretend he doesn't exist and stop basing your entire existence here on trying to be his weird little nemesis.