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    Write this article.

    Include information on:



    Cite all facts to official sources.

    -This is my short lazy one

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    The Planet Kew (キュー, Kyū)

    The planet Kew is surrounded in a little mystery. 
    Not much is known about the planet or where it is located in reference to the Lylat system, 
    if it is in the Lylat system at all.The japanese edition states that the planet is located 
    in a galaxy called 'Krazoa.' The only mention of the planet is in an ending story of 
    Starfox Command: The Rise of Starwolf, as Krystal escapes to abandon her past life and 
    beginning anew as a bounty hunter, one job brings her to the planet where she runs into
    Fox, who doesn't reconize her. And that's where the story ends.

    Now just need to HTML this.

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