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Found 3 results

  1. Shmibli7

    One-Up Contest

    We've all participated in one of these at least once, even if it was subconsciously. So, why not start one here? State your farfetched fake accomplishments here. Whoever posts must try to one-up the poster above by saying "Oh, yeah, well I (Insert fake accomplishment)" Let the fight begin! I will start. Frank Sinatra once came over to my house for voice warm-ups.
  2. Dr. Orange

    SFO Foxcar; RP Pageant

    SFO FOXCAR RP PAGEANT As a way to promote, encourage, and inspire active roleplaying within the community, I, your glorious Zimbabwean, am pleased to announce of the Foxcar Pageant: Roleplay Contest 2.0. For those of you who have the saggy skin to remember, back in 2010, Asper came up with the idea of a contest to find the best of the best in RPing. As a secondary result of the contest, there will be, hopefully, improved and more frequent RP posting on the current threads. This is where the community comes to play. YOU (the user) can create a character and submit him/her/it to one or more of these many categories: Best portrayal of a male character Best portrayal of a female character Best portrayal of an antagonist Best Portrayal of a newcomer (Any User who joined and began RPing after January 1st, 2014) Now, this is how the contest will be: Users will post/PM me their characters/nomination categories to the ones they see fit. A character can only be used in only one category. However, a user can have a character in multiple categories. The user will RP in the name of his character(s) and give off the best that he/she has to offer. The better the writing, the higher the chances of winning. The contest will last about 7 months. I plan on starting on the 19th of April and ending on the 19th of November, seven months from the start. By that date, any new posts will not be included and everything before that is final. From that point, voting begins on the 21st of November and end on the 21st of December. Since I can predict most of you will be gone for Christmas break, the announcement of the winners will not be told until the something-st of January. The to-be-named judges will vote on their choices and collectively post results. Then awards and a land grab in Zimbabwe. For those who want to JUDGE. PM me first, please, really. I would prefer if the judges didn’t actively RP but can see the differences between good RPing and bad RPing. However this isn't mandatory since I would still like to keep up with my RPs. Good Luck and gg And may the odds be ever in your favor. High Executor
  3. Snys93

    Worst Fanfic Ever Contest

    Hey all. Snes1993 here bringing to you an idea fresh from the chatroom. You read right, a contest on the worst fanfic that you yourself can write. Its got to be original and the worst thing you could ever put pen to paper to or Wordpad. The sites rules do apply. Check to see if your fanfic meets the necessary requirements. As to the nature and plot (if any) of you fanfic, it doesn't matter. Crossovers are welcome. Skyrim, Starfox, Doctor Who, whatever, just submit us your fic and maybe you'll be the winner. Winners will be voted by other users. Contestants cannot vote on their own fic. Once the period is up and all contestants have submitted their fics will voting begin. As to the prize its simple. You will be crowned winner of the worst fanfic of SFO. This is your time to bask in glory! You don't have to be a good writer to enter. Just write, submit and have fun reading each others fics. Good luck and may the best user win!