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Found 1 result

  1. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Fanfic by Me

    Hello, everyone, I am here to tell you about another work of mine that I have been busy with. To let you know, I have had a difficult time dealing with some issues in the family. My brother and my uncle have been at each other's throat for 3 years now, my other uncle was lost to cancer unfortunately and I have begun to experience some things about my nana that I have never noticed when I was younger but was told about. Growing up as been sooo tough considering that I have become more aware of the issues within my mom's family, with hardly any of them comparing to losing my uncle. I began coping with this by watching LPs of Ratchet and Clank on Youtube. Not exactly my idea of coping with any forms of stress but my mind tends to work in so many mysterious ways that I still don't fully understand nor do I have any control over it. Anyway, I found myself in with a perspective in which I refuse to let go of the series, so I began to return to another facfic that I have worked on several years ago. I stopped and gave up on it because my brother started reading it and it was SUPPOSED TO BE A PRIVATE STORY!!!! I have to tell you something, as much as I love Starfox, I also enjoy Ratchet and Clank since my brother first played Going Commando on his PS2 several years back. I just then began to come up with this crazy crossover between this game and something else that I really enjoyed back then. I was resistant over the idea at first but as I had it run through my head more and more, I became fascinated by it and then everything else just followed afterwards. I have found myself pulling it out of my cabinet drawer and I have to say that my writing has improved quite a lot compared to when I started writing this. It is, in fact, a crossover between the Ratchet and Clank series and another series that was still being aired on TV back then. The story itself is completely separate from the Ultimate Story, if you could believe that. Although there are some references to it in my story, what with Bubbles being a huge fan of both of these series. I have been posting it online on You can check it out if you like. Remember, my username on that website is Fanfictiondreamer627, because the name Fanfictiondreamer was already taken on that site by someone in Sweden. When you see it, you should be able to tell from the title that it was originally supposed to be a private story. I didn't have a lot of confidence in my writing abilities. So go ahead and check it out whenever you like. As for the name of this other series that is part of this crossover? You should be able to find out for yourself just from reading the title; it should be very obvious once you see it.