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Found 3 results

  1. Storminator

    Star Fox: Re-imagined

    (Unsure whether to post this in Fanfiction or General discussion, please move if needs be) So with Star Fox Zero branding itself as a "Re-imagining" of the Star Fox story, I thought to myself how I would reinterpret the furry filled Lylat system! This thread will be showcasing my personal take on Star Fox, so without further ado, lets dive in! THE LYLAT SYSTEM First off, a little pet peeve of mine- Where are all the moons? It always struck me as odd that the planets had a distinct lack of moons (Bolse notwithstanding) So in this universe Papetoon is Corneria's moon and was the first celestial body in the system to be terraformed. We'll get to the other two, but first- Solar. Solar has always been an odd one- Is it a Planet or Star? Well in my mind, it's a Planet (Despite what 6 year old me thought) but I've decided on making it a Gas Giant, because that's another thing Lylat seemed to be devoid of in my mind. Now onto its moons- Aquas and Fichina. Making them planet sized moons of a Gas Giant kills two birds with one stone- It satisfies my want for moons, and it deals with the issue of the system having too many planets that its unfeasible. The much loved Sectors X,Y and Z are still here, just not shown on this map since they're not technically in the system, just visible from certain planets. THE TIMELINE This timeline mainly covers the events before Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 and is less of a re-imagining and more my interpretation of events. When creating this timeline I decided on a year in which the game's conflict would occur- 4096 (cookie for those that know how I got that number) I worked from there, doing Wiki searches to find character's ages and such. The Lylat Wars (4072 – 4102) This 30 year period saw 3 major conflicts throughout the Lylat System, the largest being the Vemonian War. Macbeth Civil War (4072-4074) The frontier industrial world of Macbeth had become divided politically between established corporations and immigrant population that was employed there. It eventually boiled over into full scale civil war, with the Cornerian Army being deployed to aid the rebel Immigrants. The Syndicate War (4084-4085) With many large scale Crime Syndicates growing in power in the outer system, the Cornerian central government declared open war in an attempt to crack down on illegal activity before it had a major impact on the central planets. The Vemonian War (4096-4102) The Vemonian War began after the exiled Dr. Andross formed the Vemonian Empire over the course of 7 years in order to become the dominant power in Lylat. The war spanned almost the entire system, even reaching Zoness. C.L.T = Cornerian Local Time C.F.A = Cornerian Flight Academy 4066 C.L.T –Arspace Dynamics invents G-Diffusion Technology 4068 C.L.T -James McCloud enters the Cornerian Flight Academy 4069 C.L.T -Wolf O’Donnell born 4070 C.L.T -James McCloud meets Peppy Hare -Arspace Dynamics develop the prototype AR-93/Arwing -James McCloud agrees to test the prototype 4071 C.L.T -James McCloud graduates from C.F.A 4072 C.L.T -Macbeth Civil War begins -James participates in numerous battles throughout the War 4073 C.L.T -Peppy Hare graduates from C.F.A -James & Peppy serve under Commander Cornelius Pepper 4074 C.L.T -Macbeth Civil War ends 4075 C.L.T -Arspace Dynamics put AR-93’s into limited production for Cornerian Army 4076 C.L.T -James leaves Cornerian Air Force, forms Team Star Fox with Peppy Hare - James meets Vixy -Star Fox hires Pigma Dengar 4077 C.L.T -James buys four AR-93’s from Arspace Dynamics, upgrading from their old standard Cornerian Fighters 4078 C.L.T -James and Vixy marry -Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad born 4079 C.L.T -Star Fox has its first run-in with the Star Wolves, a group of Space Pirates lead by the O'Donnell clan 4080 C.L.T -Peppy meets Vivian 4081 C.L.T -Vixy is bedridden with a fatal disease 4082 C.L.T -Vixy passes away 4083 C.L.T -Arspace Dynamics Arwing blueprints are stolen by an unknown crime syndicate -Peppy and Vivian marry, having a Honeymoon on Zoness 4084 C.L.T -Crime gangs gain territory in the outer system (Macbeth, Solar, and Sargasso Region) -Cornerian Army declares war on all crime syndicates in the system -Star Wolves employ the use of Wolfen Starfighters, reverse engineered from Arspace Dynamics Blueprints -Star Fox hired to combat the fighters 4085 C.L.T -Syndicate War ends with criminals either surrendering or going into hiding 4086 C.L.T -Cornelius Pepper gets promoted to General of the Cornerian Army 4087 C.L.T -Andross deploys Biological and Chemical weapons across Lylat, practically destroying the ecosystems 4088 C.L.T -Andross is exiled 4089 C.L.T -James McCloud commissions the construction of The Great Fox, takes out an 80 year loan to cover expenses NOTE: James would be 109 years old by the time the loan expired! -Andross forms the Vemonian Empire in secret -Wolf O’Donnell comes out of hiding and takes over leadership of the Star Wolves, turning it into a 4 man squadron of mercenaries known as Star Wolf 4090 C.L.T -Construction begins on the Great Fox 4091 C.L.T -Andrew Oikonny approaches Wolf O’Donnell about joining Star Wolf and striking a deal with Andross 4092 C.L.T -Wolf O’Donnel meets Leon Powalski at a bar on Venom 4093 C.L.T -Strange activity reported from Venom. General Pepper employs Star Fox for a scouting mission -Pigma’s Betrayal -Pigma joins Star Wolf -Falco forms and leads the Free-Feathers -Fox McCloud enters Cornerian Flight Academy 4094 C.L.T -The Great Fox is complete -Macbeth falls to the Vemonian Empire 4095 C.L.T -Fox leaves C.F.A -Fox re-forms Team Star Fox with the aid of Peppy -Falco joins Team Star Fox 4096 C.L.T -The Vemonian War begins -Bill Grey graduates from C.F.A -Star Fox hired by General Pepper to help combat an assault on Corneria 4097 C.L.T -Fichina Outpost overrun, Star Fox sent to investigate -Team Star Wolf presumed K.I.A after engaging Team Star Fox -Bioweapons discovered on Aquas and Solar, Star Fox sent in to deal with them -Bill Grey promoted to squad leader of Husky Unit 4098 C.L.T -Battle at Sector Y -Vemonian forces establish a foothold at Zoness, using it for Waste disposal 4099 C.L.T -Battle for Katina -Fox and Bill reunite -Katina frontline base destroyed 4100 C.L.T -Cornerian forces retake Zoness -Star Fox take out a major supply base at Macbeth, giving Cornerian Army a staging ground for a full scale assault on Venom 4101 C.L.T -Cornerian forces begin the Assault on Area 6 -Ground assault on Venom -Star Wolf return with upgraded Wolfen Fighters to protect Andross -Star Wolf K.I.A on Venom -Andross defeated by Fox McCloud -The Vemonian army dwindles without strong leadership -Star Fox hailed as heroes, offered official position in the Cornerian Army 4102 C.L.T -Vemonian remnants stage a last-ditch assault on Fortuna, led by Andrew Oikonny -With the aid of Star Fox the Vemonian forces are defeated and officially surrender -The Vemonian War Ends CHARACTER AGES Next up is character ages, their birth years and year of death (if available); James McCloud- 4053-4093 C.L.T (40yrs old) Vixy McCloud- 4055-4082 C.L.T (27yrs old) Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad- 4078 C.L.T (18yrs old as of 4096) Falco Lombardi- 4077 C.L.T (19yrs old as of 4096) Peppy Hare- 4055 C.L.T (41yrs old as of 4096) Gen. Pepper- 4047 C.L.T (49yrs old as of 4096) Beltino Toad- 4049 C.L.T (47yrs old as of 4096) Dr. Andross- 4040-4101 C.L.T (61yrs old) Wolf O’Donnell- 4069-4101 C.L.T (32yrs old) Pigma Dengar- 4057-4101 C.L.T (44yrs old) Andrew Oikonny- 4074-4102 C.L.T (28yrs old) Leon Powalski- 4064-4101 C.L.T (37yrs old) That's all there is for now! Thoughts, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! I'd also like to hear about your ideas for a completely re-imagined Star Fox Universe
  2. Not sure if this should go in classic or general, please move if needs be. You might think a thread like this is a bit pointless considering we already have a straight remake on the 3DS and Zero which is basically a remake of 64, but hear me out! Starfox 64 might arguably be the best in the series, but that doesn't mean its immune to critisism, so I've been thinking of what could be done to improve the game if it were to be remade today. First off, the story. In my opinion the story serves its purpose well, but it is very bare bones. My ideal remake would flesh out the story and characters more, add more context specific dialogue, etc. and adding additional cutscenes in between missions. Level design- The level design in 64 can at times be boring, especially the All-Range missions. Lets take Sector Z for example, its meant to be a hazardous area with magnetic fluxuations and debris. So what if for that mission, your radar is hampered or disabled? Or perhaps in a series first you start in All-range mode then enter an on-rails segment, maybe the Great Fox's engines keep malfunctioning (Giving an good reason why tis just sitting there while missiles are targeting it). This is just one example of how the levels could be made more distinct and fun. Extras and unlockables- Lets face it, the game just simply needs more unlockables and bonuses. One thing I thought of was the dishes in the Corneria stage- You can destroy them, but it does nothing for your score. So what if in this hypothetical remake destroying these dishes unlocks a little bonus? Just little side objectives and optional bonuses that would really help add more replay value. This could also tie into the worldbuilding and lore- finding little secrets or completing mini objectives that unlock info about the planets, characters, ships, etc. would again add a lot to the overall experieince and give more drive to replay the levels. Those are just a few little ideas, but obviously this is an open discussion, so what would you add or change to make Starfox 64 to make it better?
  3. Hello there! I'm Furygun81 and I'm new to this place. I was wondering if there's a way to obtain any of the Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars) voice acting clips from the Rom? And if there isn't is there anywhere I can download them? I used to download them from here but I recently noticed that the voice acting clips section has been taken down. Do you know why? Please get back to me as soon as possible, thanks! ~ Furygun81