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Found 3 results

  1. Shmibli7

    One-Up Contest

    We've all participated in one of these at least once, even if it was subconsciously. So, why not start one here? State your farfetched fake accomplishments here. Whoever posts must try to one-up the poster above by saying "Oh, yeah, well I (Insert fake accomplishment)" Let the fight begin! I will start. Frank Sinatra once came over to my house for voice warm-ups.
  2. StarFoxfan-FUR_ever

    Formula One teams going bankrupt (again)

    I know Neoware posted that Formula 1 topic earlier in the year and the topic died about 7 months ago, so I suppose I needed to start a new topic on a serious issue. As of last week Marussia Racing has been dropped out from the Formula 1 Championship for the foreseeable future. This comes only one week after Caterham owners said they could not field a team for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Since then, both teams have not been heard from as owners are looking for anything, sponsors, investors, and if it gets bad enough, potential new owners. Caterham driver Kamui Kobayashi has gone on the record now saying that he has no problem becoming a back up (number 3) driver or even a test driver for a team in the future, should he not receive any contract offers. Personally I feel that he will get at least one contract offer because of how badly these teams were dominated by Mercedes this season. Marussia's "exit" marks the last of the three teams which were "bought out" and "revived" back in 2010. (At that time the teams were Hispania Racing Team [hrT], Virgin Racing [which became Marussia F1], and One Malaysia Racing [initially driving under the Lotus racing name, but then soon turning into Caterham] ) Each of these teams were never going to be competitive with the top teams for a few years because they didnt have the funding they needed, and everyone knew that. But this attempt to allow teams with less money to compete with the bigger teams by promises of "budget caps" (which if I may ask, did they ever get implemented?) has failed dramatically. Seriously, FOUR YEARS? Actually wait no, less than 4 because this season hasn't even ended yet. F1 officials are already considering the possibility of expanding racing teams to three drivers per team in order to fill the races with more drivers if new teams do not come into existence soon. This is a very bad sign for the future of Formula 1. Even though the success of Force India this season should theoretically get new potential teams interested in joining, these recent stories of teams having financial issues is something to be very concerned about. If the teams at the bottom of the standings continue to struggle so greatly, I would imagine that the next two teams to go would be Sauber and Lotus. As most fans are aware of, the Lotus lead engineer from 2013 was offered a contract he could not refuse from Mercedes. As such, the brains behind the team had been "stolen" so to speak, and their performance on the track has shown this season. What do you think needs to happen if Formula 1 wants to attract new teams into the sport? I don't agree with the idea of having three drivers per team. If Marussia and Caterham fail to exist next season, that means there would be 10 teams of three drivers. 30 drivers in Formula 1.....I would imagine that they would need to re-implement two pit crews for teams, which would only create HUGE financial strain on all the teams involved. That would surely lead to the demise of Lotus and Sauber, possibly even STR.
  3. Cavemonkynick

    One Big Happy Family

    This question originated from a conversation in the shoutbox. I credit Redeemer with the idea of us all being Brothers and Sisters. Personaly, this is a family to me :-)