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Found 53 results

  1. SF Redd

    Star Fox 64 3D Music

    Does anyone know where I can get the sheet music for the second credit sequence in SF64 3D? If so, thanks in advance!
  2. I have gone on about one glitch I found towards the end of the game, but I thought I'd ask you; have you found any glitches in Star Fox 64 3D? If so, post about them here! Personally, I'm not too happy about finding that glitch. I haven't set myself up to try to induce it again (As it would involve near death at a rather critical point), but even for a spontaneous glitch in a remake, I find it rather unacceptable. Another glitch I encountered was on the boss of Sector Y (Shogun). Shogun landed on the Space Armada at one side of the map, as he does after a certain point so you can shoot him. I flew down to shoot him, and I ended up noclipping through the Armada. The Armada degenerated because it was in the camera, but it soon realized where I was and I took some pretty bad damage. Getting out of there was a pain.
  3. Ah, the remake of a remake as me and my friends call it; if you think about it, it technically is. Commonly, people dismiss the remake saying they like the original for some reason or another, but there are reasons for many of the changes in the remake. Sure everything has a rather new feel, given that everything got an update, though just how much different is it? My question here is, what are your thoughts on the remake? Have you played it yet? How does it look (For those who haven't played) from afar? My thoughts; In all the ways they've touched-up the game (Graphics, textures, audio, etc.), it really gives the game a fresh feel from the dated feel the classic game has, though given its age. I think it's nice that they decided to do this, but I'm not happy Nintendo decided Star Fox really had to come down to this moment of requiring such a reboot. Adding on to that, the remade game is also a money-grab. We've heard it; this game has to sell enough copies to determine the fate of the franchise. I really don't feel that they should be choking out the franchise in such a way; bad game reviews weren't the only reason the franchise messed up. Touching on Star Fox 64 3D again, I have noticed polygonal flicker from time-to-time, most prevalent in the Venom Tunnels (Venom 2 in particular), at one point, I even no-clipped through a degenerated wall and died in a glitch-void outside the tunnels. A glitch I don't really find too acceptable because of its "remake" nature. I also don't understand why they had to put in two different modes of gameplay: N64, and 3DS mode. The only really noticeable differences are the ability to use Gyro controls, the "No Continues" thing, and maybe slightly more responsive controls (This may just be me). Why force people to earn medals and achievements twice? Especially if one mode isn't much different than the other? Both are the same game, just one has its add-ons which you can turn off (Gyro is completely optional). I basically have no real formed opinion, and that's how I am about most remakes anyways. They're the same thing, but nothing can ever take away what the original achieved.
  4. Hello SFO community, how are we this fine day? I'm interested as to what game you last received, and what game you think you will get next. It can be for any console, from Wii to PS3 or even NES. If you like, you can also say how you got the game (bought it yourself, present from someone, etc). My most recent game was Star Fox 64 3D and my next game will probably be Skyward Sword. Both of them were/will be bought by my parents as I'm nearly 17 and don't have a job.
  5. Star Fox Runner

    The Demo for 64 3D is in stores.

    I was at BestBuy today and out of the corner of my eye while walking past the 3DS demo station, I saw that SF64 3D was playable, needless to say I jumped on it immediately. They allow you to play two levels, Corneria and Fichina, yes, they fixed the translation error and called the planet Fichina instead of Fortuna. It's safe to say that this is the game we all know and love reborn. The graphics look beautiful and and the controls are easy to use. The gyroscope controls actually weren't that bad, though you'd have to turn the 3D off to play comfortably. Sadly a lot of the voice acting wasn't very good, the only two characters I actually thought were fine were Fox and Falco. But there are still all the other levels too. There are two control types and basically it just swaps out the boost and brake buttons with the laser and bomb buttons, pretty simple. And they give you the option to have the flight controls inverted or not. (THANK GOD, I can't stand playing flying games where the controls aren't inverted, it just feels so awkward without it.) I also spotted this when I finished the demo, it mentioned that the full retail version would have a Nintendo 64 mode in which "it will recreate the challenge of the original Star Fox 64." I think that means the the original Star Fox 64 will be included in this, which is fine with me! I have no qualms about my preorder for this game now, and you guys shouldn't either. I will definitely be picking this up on day one.
  6. DZComposer

    Fox Arwing 2

  7. DZComposer