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  1. Some time has now passed, and we've had a while to experience Star Fox Zero. For me personally, the best part of that experience is Return to Corneria. That level is fantastic! It has a great atmosphere, and the music only contributes to that. So what is your favourite level, and why?
  2. Yesterday, I revisited Star Fox 64 3D after a long hiatus. I found myself going back and back again for seemingly no reason! Then, I revisited Training mode. Why? Again, I don't know, except for maybe one thing. In the All Range section, I had no problem whatsoever with wanting to reach 999 points, and I spent well over an hour's worth doing it! After I reached it, though, I didn't wanna stop. I became completely engrossed in just downing fighter after fighter as quickly and efficiently as I possibly could. With an utterly blank look on my mug, I asked myself "Why am I STILL doing this?" I mean, at the time, I had troubles understanding just what it was about that section that kept me from quitting, and I still haven't quite figured it out, yet! One thing I figured though, was that if what is supposed to be just a tutorial section can do this to me for such a long time, then perhaps there's an opportunity here that could have been exploited to tremendous effect! Technically, it was, I know that. Remember Time Trial mode from Star Fox 64? That little multiplayer mode where enemies pop up, and you get the most kills within a set time limit to win? There was so much they could've done with it! In fact, an entire selection on the main menu could be dedicated to it! __________________________ Let it be called SURVIVE. 1st Option: Endless. See how long you can survive against a never-ending onslaught of enemy fighters with no breaks and rare item spawning! Choose your stage and get to shootin'! 2nd Option: Timed. How many fighters can you down within the set time limit? Items will be laid around the stage for you to determine if collecting them is worth your precious seconds. Final Option: Endless On-Rails: Remember that one ending back in the original Star Fox? Now imagine if that was a mode! The stage will be randomly chosen this time. Just try to survive as long as you can! __________________________ Just these alone might have increased the fun, longevity, and replayability on any traditional Star Fox game by the millions because of how long you get to spend flying and shootin'! To be honest, I rather surprised myself that I didn't come up with this since becoming a dedicated fan since about 2013, or so. An idea that so easliy could have been done in 1997 or 2005 (Assault), that it boggled my mind how Nintendo or its developers couldn't come up with this right from the get-go. Not even for Star Fox Zero!? But of course, that's just what I think. I'd love to hear what you guys think of this idea. Is this something that really could and/or should have been done so long ago? And of course, I am constantly looking for critique on my work. Is it neat? Does it convey nicely enough? Please tell me so! Thank you so much!
  3. (Note: For this topic, I will be making sure that everyone, not just active members, but guests, and newcomers looking for info about the franchise, are covered and informed, so try not to facepalm too many times over details you will find obvious.) Star Fox Zero, the most recent big On-Rails-focused game since 2012's Kid Icarus: Uprising, was released on April 21, and quickly disappeared from public interest in a matter of months after a mixed reception from seemingly all corners of the internet, and disappointingly low sales. Some people blame this game's ultimate failure on the notion that maybe the On-Rails genre is no longer relevant to the modern era, that it's simply dead. Let me just be as blunt as a sorta wannabe, sorta not wannabe journalist can be: It's NOT. A dying genre is NEVER a contributing factor to a game's failure. It's the other way around! In fact, if you ask me, a genre never dies. Like a Spartan, it's just missing in action. The only reason the genre itself seems to be disappearing off the face of the earth is because, well, seemingly no major developer/publisher at all BUT Nintendo seems to know it even exists, anymore! It's arguably one of the most ignored, and under-utilized genres in video game history! Why is this, though? I find it quite hard to understand, myself, as I'm trying to think, based on what little research I could make. Is it profits? Is it the industry itself deciding what genre is relevant, and what's not? Or is it just that nobody in this day and age knows what a Rail Shooter even is? Then again, that's what is for, isn't it? Hmm...let me try again. Or is it that nobody in this day and age knows how to even make one anymore? At least, how to make one that speaks to the modern audience, to the modern age of gaming, gives us something that truly blows us away. If there's one way to do it, we can focus on the franchise that defined a certain aspect of the On-Rails genre. This morning, while thinking about the Star Fox series, and how it could've been a royal masterpiece, selling millions and millions o' copies and actually reviving the franchise, I was reminded of this fan-made video at some point: Right at the 1:34 mark is what got me thinking. Just, slow down the pace a little to give the player some breathing room, throw in a bunch more enemies, scratch your teammates back, and actually have them scratch yours for once, and perhaps we could end up having one o' the greatest opening levels in On-Rails history on our hands. Kid Icarus: Uprising was successful in its own way, because not only was it visually pleasing to look at, it had style, it had drive, it had beautiful level design, filled with intense sequences of great enemy placement through massive lightning storms, jaw-dropping fleet battles, and mesmerizing space scenes. Needless to say, Star Fox needs a lot more of this in the future. The bar has been raised. If Nintendo really wants to impress us for the next Star Fox game, they've gotta have at least 2 of the things that Kid Icarus Uprising had. That's without even mentioning the controls, however, and quite sadly in my opinion, the controls of Star Fox Zero, as many of you already know, didn't exactly bode well with a lot o' people because of how awkward they were to use. I've got a solution to it, however. To me, the control scheme was really the worst part. I would suggest putting it back to what it was back in Assault, but wait! The Wii U gamepad doesn't feature squeezable triggers, right? No worries. Just make the triggers into the tried and true 'barrel roll' buttons, and that'll be it. The best perk to having this control scheme is how fun it'll be to spam the boost button again, but I think this'll compliment the motion controls as well. YES, I'm saying the motion controls should be kept. I can see why many have come to hate these controls, but oh man, that's a WHOLE other article, and who knows when or if I'll ever try to tackle that in detail! Basically, it needs calibration, and I mean some MAJOR calibration, but for now, the aiming reticle is also a cause for concern. It's placing on the TV screen was NOT thought out very well. When On-Rails, the second reticle looked squeezed back, like it was trying to avoid a wall. A wall that could literally be a mile from it. It should have been pushed way farther out to accommodate the draw distance of the game. Otherwise, we could've gone the Assault approach once again by letting the laser lock onto whatever can be targeted on screen. Either way, it can be done a lot more effectively, and with proper efficiency when the right amount of care and effort is put in. Oh yeah. And don't forget to actually give us some online multiplayer, this time. Throw in everything I have stated above, and making the multiplayer work should be no problem, even as a mere afterthought. The potential. SO MUCH potential can be seen in the On-Rails genre. If we had at least some of these ideas put into a new game, we could, I don't know, potentially have a revolution in our hands! A brand-new mainstream opportunity is in our grasp. Someone, whether it be from Nintendo, or any other major publisher or developer, just needs to realize this, and get to work! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This was the biggest collection of words I have ever made in my entire life. So, how did I do? Do you think perhaps, I could pursue journalism as an actual job, at least in the freelance space? What about the article itself? Is it written well enough? Do you agree with it in some form or another? All comments and criticisms are very much welcome. Thanks for reading, everyone, and please have an awesome day!
  4. When you read that title, you may think to yourself: "Competitive Star Fox: Assault multiplayer? Never heard of it." Well, it is actually a real thing. Star Fox: Assault has aspects that make it great as a competitive game. I'm bringing attention to this now in particular because of the sudden ease of play, as well as because I genuinely want to see this competitive scene thrive and grow. While in the past, if you wanted to play in a tournament, you had to live close to others who wanted to play in such a tourney, now, with the adoption of Dolphin's Netplay feature by the Star Fox: Assault competitive community, you can play with people cities away with minimal lag. I won't get into any technical details here; I just want to make people aware that this is now something anyone with a semi-decent PC can do. This thread can also be used as a means for people on these forums to discuss aspects of the topic. If you decide that you'd like to get involved with the competitive community, or simply want to discuss the topic in more detail, then I highly recommend visiting the Star Fox: Assault community website: Also, to give a glimpse of what playing the game competitively online is like, here's the first game in the first official Lylat Systems Netplay tournament:
  5. Wolf O'Donnell is arguably one of the most mysterious character in the Star Fox Franchise, however there are hints about what backstory the mysterious canine might have. While Wolf is said to have been 19 years old during Star Fox 64, he appears to have been retconned into being much older than Fox in Star Fox Assault judging by his older sounding and rougher voice in said game. His tone of voice later on was carried over to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Star Fox Zero, and the StarFox Wiki goes as far as listing him as 38 years old, with Fox being listed as 29. While Wolf has no Homeworld established, it's safe to assume Wolf may not have originated from Corneria, as both General Pepper and Cornerian soldiers appear to speak with American accents. Additionaly, the Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins Animated Short suggests that Corneria's native population consists only of cats and dogs. This has lead to some people speculating that Wolf may have originated from elsewhere in the galaxy, such as Macbeth (Such as the Lylat Legacy fanseries comic, and the fanfiction called Notorious: The Life of Wolf O'Donnell.) Despite this, the manual for Star Fox Assault states that Wolf has been wanted by the Cornerian army for many years due to crimes such as larnecy and treason. It is also unclear when Star Wolf was formed. It is stated that Wolf formed Star Wolf when he was hired by Andross, however the Star Fox Wiki claims Star Wolf and Star Fox tangled in battle many times before then, but Wolf's trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS suggests that Wolf formed Star Wolf after having served Andross before the latter was exiled to Venom. The Star Fox Wiki claims Wolf met Leon in a bar on Venom after being hired by Andross to form Star Wolf. Hence, it is difficult to establish when exactly the team was formed, or who he formed it with. Interestingly, the Star Fox wiki claims Wolf used to be the leader of a gang of Space Pirates, presumably the same ones who fought the Cornerian Army at Sector Z. If this is true, it would explain how Wolf recruited various criminals around the time of Star Fox Assault, who even went as far as call him "Lord O'Donnell". The Japanese Star Fox 64 guide interestingly refers to Star Wolf as a "band of outcasts manipulated by Pigma." Judging by the Star Fox Assault manual mentioning Wolf being wanted for larnecy and treason, it's safe to assume Wolf does still have some kind of past connection with Corneria. Pigma manipulating Star Wolf is also backed up by Pigma's Smash 4 trophy claiming he convinced Wolf to form Star Wolf, but as previously stated, exactly when is difficult to establish. Wolf is also said to have a past rivalry with James McCloud in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This was later confirmed in Star Fox Zero with Wolf saying the following to Fox during their one-on-one battle on Fichina: "I'm impressed! I haven't had this much fun since I fought your father." And an unused Voice Clip has Wolf say the following: "What's wrong? Your father put up more of a fight!" Wolf is also hinted at having a grudging respect for James and Fox. In Star Fox Assault, Wolf would utter the following words if he shot down Fox: "You ain't your father after all..." Additionaly, Star Fox Command claims that both Fox and Wolf have a grudging respect towards each other. A user on Gamefaqs has also stated Miyamoto said that Fox and Wolf were friends before Wolf was contacted by Pigma. Wolf is also said to have had a pupil-master relationship with James on the StarFox Wiki. This makes sense since Fox clearly knows about Star Wolf before they meet each other on Fichina in Star Fox 64 and in Sector Beta in Star Fox Zero. Wolf's quotes in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Zero have also let many fans to believe Wolf had some kind of involvement with the death of James McCloud, where Wolf would say "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox!" in SF64 and "You'll be seeing your father soon..." in SF0. I am aware that the StarFox wiki lacks sources however. If anyone has any information or hints about Wolf and his team, feel free to post in the comments. (And feel free to move this post if needed.)
  6. Storminator

    Star Fox: Re-imagined

    (Unsure whether to post this in Fanfiction or General discussion, please move if needs be) So with Star Fox Zero branding itself as a "Re-imagining" of the Star Fox story, I thought to myself how I would reinterpret the furry filled Lylat system! This thread will be showcasing my personal take on Star Fox, so without further ado, lets dive in! THE LYLAT SYSTEM First off, a little pet peeve of mine- Where are all the moons? It always struck me as odd that the planets had a distinct lack of moons (Bolse notwithstanding) So in this universe Papetoon is Corneria's moon and was the first celestial body in the system to be terraformed. We'll get to the other two, but first- Solar. Solar has always been an odd one- Is it a Planet or Star? Well in my mind, it's a Planet (Despite what 6 year old me thought) but I've decided on making it a Gas Giant, because that's another thing Lylat seemed to be devoid of in my mind. Now onto its moons- Aquas and Fichina. Making them planet sized moons of a Gas Giant kills two birds with one stone- It satisfies my want for moons, and it deals with the issue of the system having too many planets that its unfeasible. The much loved Sectors X,Y and Z are still here, just not shown on this map since they're not technically in the system, just visible from certain planets. THE TIMELINE This timeline mainly covers the events before Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64 and is less of a re-imagining and more my interpretation of events. When creating this timeline I decided on a year in which the game's conflict would occur- 4096 (cookie for those that know how I got that number) I worked from there, doing Wiki searches to find character's ages and such. The Lylat Wars (4072 – 4102) This 30 year period saw 3 major conflicts throughout the Lylat System, the largest being the Vemonian War. Macbeth Civil War (4072-4074) The frontier industrial world of Macbeth had become divided politically between established corporations and immigrant population that was employed there. It eventually boiled over into full scale civil war, with the Cornerian Army being deployed to aid the rebel Immigrants. The Syndicate War (4084-4085) With many large scale Crime Syndicates growing in power in the outer system, the Cornerian central government declared open war in an attempt to crack down on illegal activity before it had a major impact on the central planets. The Vemonian War (4096-4102) The Vemonian War began after the exiled Dr. Andross formed the Vemonian Empire over the course of 7 years in order to become the dominant power in Lylat. The war spanned almost the entire system, even reaching Zoness. C.L.T = Cornerian Local Time C.F.A = Cornerian Flight Academy 4066 C.L.T –Arspace Dynamics invents G-Diffusion Technology 4068 C.L.T -James McCloud enters the Cornerian Flight Academy 4069 C.L.T -Wolf O’Donnell born 4070 C.L.T -James McCloud meets Peppy Hare -Arspace Dynamics develop the prototype AR-93/Arwing -James McCloud agrees to test the prototype 4071 C.L.T -James McCloud graduates from C.F.A 4072 C.L.T -Macbeth Civil War begins -James participates in numerous battles throughout the War 4073 C.L.T -Peppy Hare graduates from C.F.A -James & Peppy serve under Commander Cornelius Pepper 4074 C.L.T -Macbeth Civil War ends 4075 C.L.T -Arspace Dynamics put AR-93’s into limited production for Cornerian Army 4076 C.L.T -James leaves Cornerian Air Force, forms Team Star Fox with Peppy Hare - James meets Vixy -Star Fox hires Pigma Dengar 4077 C.L.T -James buys four AR-93’s from Arspace Dynamics, upgrading from their old standard Cornerian Fighters 4078 C.L.T -James and Vixy marry -Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad born 4079 C.L.T -Star Fox has its first run-in with the Star Wolves, a group of Space Pirates lead by the O'Donnell clan 4080 C.L.T -Peppy meets Vivian 4081 C.L.T -Vixy is bedridden with a fatal disease 4082 C.L.T -Vixy passes away 4083 C.L.T -Arspace Dynamics Arwing blueprints are stolen by an unknown crime syndicate -Peppy and Vivian marry, having a Honeymoon on Zoness 4084 C.L.T -Crime gangs gain territory in the outer system (Macbeth, Solar, and Sargasso Region) -Cornerian Army declares war on all crime syndicates in the system -Star Wolves employ the use of Wolfen Starfighters, reverse engineered from Arspace Dynamics Blueprints -Star Fox hired to combat the fighters 4085 C.L.T -Syndicate War ends with criminals either surrendering or going into hiding 4086 C.L.T -Cornelius Pepper gets promoted to General of the Cornerian Army 4087 C.L.T -Andross deploys Biological and Chemical weapons across Lylat, practically destroying the ecosystems 4088 C.L.T -Andross is exiled 4089 C.L.T -James McCloud commissions the construction of The Great Fox, takes out an 80 year loan to cover expenses NOTE: James would be 109 years old by the time the loan expired! -Andross forms the Vemonian Empire in secret -Wolf O’Donnell comes out of hiding and takes over leadership of the Star Wolves, turning it into a 4 man squadron of mercenaries known as Star Wolf 4090 C.L.T -Construction begins on the Great Fox 4091 C.L.T -Andrew Oikonny approaches Wolf O’Donnell about joining Star Wolf and striking a deal with Andross 4092 C.L.T -Wolf O’Donnel meets Leon Powalski at a bar on Venom 4093 C.L.T -Strange activity reported from Venom. General Pepper employs Star Fox for a scouting mission -Pigma’s Betrayal -Pigma joins Star Wolf -Falco forms and leads the Free-Feathers -Fox McCloud enters Cornerian Flight Academy 4094 C.L.T -The Great Fox is complete -Macbeth falls to the Vemonian Empire 4095 C.L.T -Fox leaves C.F.A -Fox re-forms Team Star Fox with the aid of Peppy -Falco joins Team Star Fox 4096 C.L.T -The Vemonian War begins -Bill Grey graduates from C.F.A -Star Fox hired by General Pepper to help combat an assault on Corneria 4097 C.L.T -Fichina Outpost overrun, Star Fox sent to investigate -Team Star Wolf presumed K.I.A after engaging Team Star Fox -Bioweapons discovered on Aquas and Solar, Star Fox sent in to deal with them -Bill Grey promoted to squad leader of Husky Unit 4098 C.L.T -Battle at Sector Y -Vemonian forces establish a foothold at Zoness, using it for Waste disposal 4099 C.L.T -Battle for Katina -Fox and Bill reunite -Katina frontline base destroyed 4100 C.L.T -Cornerian forces retake Zoness -Star Fox take out a major supply base at Macbeth, giving Cornerian Army a staging ground for a full scale assault on Venom 4101 C.L.T -Cornerian forces begin the Assault on Area 6 -Ground assault on Venom -Star Wolf return with upgraded Wolfen Fighters to protect Andross -Star Wolf K.I.A on Venom -Andross defeated by Fox McCloud -The Vemonian army dwindles without strong leadership -Star Fox hailed as heroes, offered official position in the Cornerian Army 4102 C.L.T -Vemonian remnants stage a last-ditch assault on Fortuna, led by Andrew Oikonny -With the aid of Star Fox the Vemonian forces are defeated and officially surrender -The Vemonian War Ends CHARACTER AGES Next up is character ages, their birth years and year of death (if available); James McCloud- 4053-4093 C.L.T (40yrs old) Vixy McCloud- 4055-4082 C.L.T (27yrs old) Fox McCloud & Slippy Toad- 4078 C.L.T (18yrs old as of 4096) Falco Lombardi- 4077 C.L.T (19yrs old as of 4096) Peppy Hare- 4055 C.L.T (41yrs old as of 4096) Gen. Pepper- 4047 C.L.T (49yrs old as of 4096) Beltino Toad- 4049 C.L.T (47yrs old as of 4096) Dr. Andross- 4040-4101 C.L.T (61yrs old) Wolf O’Donnell- 4069-4101 C.L.T (32yrs old) Pigma Dengar- 4057-4101 C.L.T (44yrs old) Andrew Oikonny- 4074-4102 C.L.T (28yrs old) Leon Powalski- 4064-4101 C.L.T (37yrs old) That's all there is for now! Thoughts, critiques and suggestions are very welcome! I'd also like to hear about your ideas for a completely re-imagined Star Fox Universe
  7. To anyone familliar or caught up with the Cartoon Network show, Steven universe. If the Gem homeworld existed in Star fox as antagonists, would a Star Fox game featuring them even be considered playable or beatable at all? How would lylat be affected by these invaders and would Corneria be able to survive an all out attack by the Gem Homeworld? We also have to take into consideration the fact that the gems are nearly invincible and that their technology is probably the most advanced in all of sci fi (their ships can survive laser blasts perfectly unscathed and they can level enemy fleets in less than a second). Even if you take down the homeworld fleet the first time they'll keep coming back until you finally buckle and they can rip your remaining forces to shreds. Gems kill all and leave no survivors. We also need to take into consideration their parasitic pseudo-hive mentality. They exhibit some of the symptons of a hive mind such as a blind loyalty to their leader, the diamonds, and the destruction of lifeforms who are not gems along with the conversion of rocky planets into coreless and hollow shells (incapable of supporting life)that they use as colonies as well as their method of reproduction (which requires planting a gem into the crust of selected planet and sucking out it's nutrients while at the same time feeding on the life forces of the native organisms). Sometimes if they fail to conquer a certain planet, before they leave, they impregnate it with living bomb known as a cluster, which when it forms, causes the planet to explode. Usually no one survives a Homeworld invasion. *Cue Cerinia* They are extremely xenophobic and believe it is their duty to rid the universe of organic life and they are organized into a caste system (which seems more reminiscent to the hierarchy of either an ant colony, beehive, or termite colony) ruled over by Diamonds who use their race merely as tools of conquest and who's only goal is to make gemkind the rulers of all existence. One of them, being a tyrannical and spiteful diamond who mercilessly wishes to destroy all life and planets who dare resist her court regardless of the costs. Star Fox of Corneria being one of her biggest pains in the neck second to the Crystal gems of Earth. Let's assume this hypothetical game's setting is an alternate version of "Star Fox Assault" with the Homeworld Gems replacing the Aparoids. Would a game similar to Assault be considered beatable or playable if the Homeworld gems were the enemies? Let's assume this hypothetical game's setting is an alternate version of "Star Fox Assault" with the Homeworld Gems replacing the Aparoids. Would a game similar to Assault be considered beatable or playable if the Homeworld gems were the enemies? here are the wiki links regarding the gems to the less knowledgeable:
  8. Welcome to Ranting Time! With your host, amcintyr9998! I've been thinking. As I've sat here in my pajamas, on my camping chair literally all day, doing nothing but the usual stuff, which is checking out all my friends on the internet and at home, doing my daily tune tweets, watching Youtube, and listening to tunes there, what was the one game I was most compelled to play today before I sat down to continue my daily routine? Some F-Zero X. I found it satisfying to the very core. Perhaps because it was a quick burst of fun, challenging, and intense gameplay, that I can quickly pick up and after a single cup, put down with a sense of thrill and happiness, and a feeling that I haven't totally wasted my time, whether or not I even won the cup. Now, many of you already know how blindingly loyally fanatical I am of the Star Fox series. I've played 'em all: Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Adventures, Assault (Which is the first Star Fox game I ever played, and it was on a christmas of 2005, I believe), Command, 64 3D, and of course, Zero and Guard (The first two games I ever bought day one), and on the SNES, last year, Star Fox was officially the game I played most on that system, with Super Metroid coming in second. What were the things that Star Fox had that made me wanna go back and replay, time and again? You already guessed it, and I don't have to repeat it for you. Many of you also know how extremely hyped I was for Star Fox Zero before it came out. GET. STAR FOX. ZERO. Anyone remember this? And when I got it, I was overall satisfied! I love motion controls in general, so I found myself able to pick up and play Star Fox Zero with little problem, except for the clumsy walker. Robotech Battlecry still has the best mech controls in my books to this day, but I digress. The two best levels in Star Fox Zero for me would be, big shocker I hope, Sector Beta and the second Space Colony mission. One has the sheer epic scale of one big space battle that I absolutely LOVE from both Star Fox, and Star Fox Assault, plus Star Wars Rogue Squadron II, and the other has the intense, crunching but satisfying challenge that keeps me going to back to games like again, Star Fox, but also the F-Zero and Fast Racing franchises. Now, this is where things might get a little controversial to some readers, but bear with me. Star Fox Zero is not doing well, both in terms of sales and reviews. Common complaints are directed towards the controls being crappy, or hard to get used to, and low amount of content. The game, according to VGChartz (If there's a site that has a better tracking record, please send me the link!), sold only 261,698 copies as of May 7th. But here's why I think Star Fox Zero did as poorly as it did. It did poorly because it overall failed to match the simplicity, and quality of character from the classic titles. First and foremost, Star Fox to me is a game that's meant to be easy to just pick up and play for short bursts of intense, memorable fun, and the second Space Colony mission where you chase Andrew through loads of enemies and obstacles, is the best level that I feel truly hit this mark without feeling too frustrating. Second and also importantly, the missions themselves just aren't interesting enough to revisit just for the heck of it. Maybe I'm becoming a tired old fan, or I just can't get enough time on the Wii U, these days, but I usually don't feel obliged enough to stick around for any mission beyond Space Colony 2, Sector Beta and Alpha before I move on to something else. Some just don't have enough high stakes. Fichina, for example, just feels like an all-range, ground version of Fortuna's "Hunt the Bioweapon". Others are just boring or make little sense without enough dialogue to go with it. Katt, anyone? Or Fox and Star Wolf? Having thought of these, I realized exactly what it is that made me an unbreakable Star Fox fan in the first place. High quality, challenging, but fulfilling, mission to mission experiences. No mission is ever dumbed down just to fill a spot. They each have something going for them. No mission felt too disconnected, either. The dialogue is placed where it needs to be, and doesn't feel too underused. Star Fox Zero's delay should not have been used to double down the controversial controls, or to simply improve on the visuals alone! It should have been used to improve on character aspects of the story, giving levels more meaning, and obviously, options for the control layout. In other words, the game could've easily been way better if more time was dedicated to its world building, and difficulty. If Nintendo's going to make a sequel to this game, this what I want for the next Star Fox game. Star Fox Zero tried, but it didn't try nearly hard enough. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you all to whichever one of you decided to read my Ranting Time. I'm not doing this because I want likes, but one would certainly be fulfilling, nonetheless. I'm doing this simply because... well, I've done it many times before as a simple reply. Why not expand on it, am I right? Anyone is welcome to share their thoughts, as well, however. What did you think of my rant? Did you enjoy it? Do you have any constructive criticism that I should probably hear? Please tell me, so I can improve with every word I continue to type with just one finger! Take it easy, now!
  9. The VGM Lover

    New Nintendo Direct Tomorrow!

    Ready to chant for more Star Fox Zero content?
  10. Ocelotl

    Overthinking Star Fox

    Hey there, new to this forum, let me know if this has already been a topic. Since we're headed to another retelling of the Lylat Wars story from SF1 and 64/3D I was interested in doing some overthinking on that story. What the context is and what the implications for the story are. Are monkeys hated through the galaxy? Did no one really know what Andross was doing on Corneria? Is Andross tapping into some well deserved anger towards Cornerian society? What about those lizards? How did he get them to fight people they've never really knew about? How good is Corneria anyways? Star Fox is a mercenary group, not freedom fighters or military personnel. I wonder if Peppy gets a stipend. While the game is rather cartoony, you do play as anthropomorphic animals, how do you feel about gunning down other people, anthropomorphic monkeys, who yell out in agony as you gun them down? Should Star Fox even attempt these kinds of stories? I wonder if we can ever truly take it that seriously as a story since they are silly animals. Is this why it's so hard to market Star Fox? While Nintendo hasn't shied away from having violent games on their consoles in recent years, I'm not sure if they're especially comfortable with their characters being so. After all when they tried being a shooter they switched from Andross, living enemies, to emotionless robots... *who were looking for souls?* An example comes to mind, in 64 when you kill that "My Emperor I've Failed you" guy, it felt pretty rough to me. This guy dies lamenting his failure to his emperor and duty as his machine explodes in a fiery blaze! Not quite as acceptable as killing an aparoid, eh? Luckily you never see any bodies but still... Anyways, what do y'all think? I know it's silly but let's indulge, no? *Unless y'all alredy did this... oh well* *I'm sure Lylat Legacy will get to these things but y'know it'll be a while*
  11. XplodinGrandmas

    My Star Fox screenplay

    Hello everyone! I've been a hardcore Star Fox fan since I was two years old. I use to play the 64 game all the time (frankly, now I wish I grew up with the SNES game instead) and since screenwriting is one of my biggest passions, I decided to pursue my own film adaptation of the Star Fox franchise. The reason I bring this up is that I need opinions from fellow Star Fox fans on this website. I plan to take elements mainly from the SNES game, and I want to ask a few things of you guys: What were your favorite parts of the original game? Most epic moments? What did you feel when playing the game? What tone do you think I should go with, considering the source material? (I think Iron Man (2008) would be a good reference.) What kind of message or idea could be communicated really well through this universe and these characters? I would like a few opinions from you guys. It's not usually a good idea to get other people's opinions before your own, but since I respect the source material as a lot of other people do as well, I think a few outside voices wouldn't hurt. Thank you for your time.
  12. Talyl Landmaster

    Review of Star Fox Wii U?

    Hey. Out of curiosity, is anyone planning to review the upcoming Star Fox Wii U game once it comes out?
  13. Hey everyone!! I'm curious; what are all of your favorite characters? And what are your favorite stages in the games? I'll start: Besides Fox, my favorite characters are Krystal and Falco. That still isn't very specific, but they're all my babies; it's hard to pick a favorite! (I like Wolf as well *cough*) (Katt is my spirit animal *cough*) My favorite stage in Star Fox 64 is either Zoness or Macbeth. In Adventures, my favorite place (this is so hard) is probably either Cape Claw, Dark Ice Mines, or Krazoa Palace. In Assault, my favorite stage is either Sargasso Hideout, Aparoid City, or Corneria. What are yours?
  14. So, some dedicated people over at managed to rip a GIGANTIC batch of voice and sound clips from Star Fox Assault, all of which can be found here. For those that don't care for the game, this might not mean much...but for fans of Assault like me, this is an audio gold-mine. All the Japanese voices are included, too, but they haven't been sorted yet.
  15. Kris

    Hi, this is Kris.

    It's also short for Kristoffer, and I've been a fan of Star Fox since 1997. Star Fox 64 was my introduction to Star Fox. I also got to play Star Fox and Star Fox: Assault, but have been out of the loop for quite some time. As for how I found StarFox-Online, it was only through Google out of curosity, as I have been a forum person since 2004. I tend to get curious if any of my interests sometimes happen to have a forum dedicated to them. Fox McCloud has also been one of my most favorite characters to use in the Super Smash Bros. franchise since 1999 as well.
  16. Alyson

    I need Krystal in my life

    They can't do away with Krystal. They can't. She's a member of the Star Fox team!! She's Fox's love interest!! Sigh. I have faith in you, Shigeru Miyamoto. Don't let me down. Do you all feel the same, or no?
  17. Jeroscope

    Jero's Scraps Thread

    Hello everyone! So I usually have a lot of ideas milling around in my head about different ideas and such, and whenever I have them they simply pass without being used. So I want to toss my scrap ideas here where someone else might get some use out of them or I can pick them back up later. JUST ASK PERMISSION BEFORE USING THEM. My first is inspired by a piece of music that I've been listening to, in particular Shepard of the Galaxy by Big Giant Circles A great piece about the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole, tying in the different themes of the series. BACK STORY TIME!!! This got me thinking of a potential crossover between Star Fox and Mass Effect. It would be taking places roughly ten years after Mass Effect 3 ended, destroy ending of course. The Galaxy is in a state of civil war as the different nations argue over where power resides. On one side, we see the Turian Hierarchy, the Asari Republics, and the Vol Protectorate. On the other side, we see the Systems Alliance, the Turian Federation (a rebellion group), the Salarian Union, the Krogan Empire, and the Quarian/Geth Assembly. Poised between Alliance and Hierarchy space is the Lylat System. I decided to use my version of the Lylat System, where Star Fox 1's story has a little more depth to it, and Fara Phoenix was an original team member alongside Fox, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal is an orphaned child picked up on Sauria when Star Fox investigated the disappearance of a research team observing the planet. Fay and Miyu are both members that were included at some point in the series. The Aparoid War brought the Lylat System to a state of unity, allowing them to band together and expand beyond the Lylat System through Corneria's Frontier Lines program, allowing mercenary teams to pave the way for the allied powers to construct bases and expand. This is where we see conflict. Star Fox unknowingly starts to investigate a territory that is currently a warzone. It's peaceful at first, but then the Great Fox is caught in the crossfire, leaving the team stuck on the planet until the Alliance secures the area. Star Fox is tossed in the brig and interrogated by an Alliance Commander by the name of Daniel Riley. Riley is also an aviator like Fox, but he's also an N7 Special Operative and Spectre candidate, meaning the Alliance is pushing for him to have experience in dealing with alien threats. After discovering Fox's intentions weren't malicious in any fashion, the Alliance capitalizes on this by setting aside land for the Lylatians to expand into, creating an ally. The Hierarchy, dead set on evicting the Lylatians out of their space for war efforts, starts attacking. The particular scene I had in my head is just before the final push, where the Joint Alliance Fleet is ready to push back against Palaven and seize the Turian capital for the Federation to assume leadership, bringing an end to the war. Using the Zypher Ring Gate technology from Corneria, the Alliance is ready to execute a surprise attack, coming in right in the middle of the Turian Fleet. Riley and Fox, having served alongside each other throughout their campaign, share a moment to pay respects to one another just before their suicide mission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Riley relaxed in his cockpit as his squadron formed up on him. He performed a standard roll call procedure, opening comms to his squadron. "All wings, report in," he said with a commanding tone in his voice. One by one, his squad responded with conviction. Striker Two, standing by. Striker Three, standing by. Striker Four, standing by. Striker Five, standing by. His team was ready, giving him the clearance to check ready to the fleet. "McCloud, is your squadron prepped?" he asked over open comms. "We're with you Riley." Daniel took a deep breath, taking in the scope of this mission. They would be outnumbered five to one. There was a slim chance for survival, but these were all acceptable loses in the broader scope of the war. He flipped on secure comms, now only talking to his team and Star Fox as they were the vanguard for the fighter groups. "Command has asked me to keep shut about this, but chances are you've all heard the scuttlebutt. There's a damn good chance none of us are going to come out of this alive." He paused for a minute to let this sink in. While Fox and his team were used to these words and often defied expectations, this was a very real risk to the Alliance pilots. Every time they've heard this, at least one squadron member has gone down. In their careers was the Reaper War and now the Civil War, where many pilots have lost their comrades and were forced to condense squadrons. They didn't want to die, but they were used to the idea that their next mission might be their last. "The reason I say this to you all is because I want you all to know is that in case one of us goes, they'll dying knowing that I believe it's been an honor serving with them. And it has been. I can't think of any other group of pilots that deserve this praise, especially with what we've gone through." Fox chimed up on comms. "Riley, my team and I have been working together for the last six years. We've gone against what were once impossible odds and have ended three major conflicts in our space, and I haven't lost a single man under my command," he said. "As long as every pilot commits themselves to their mission and their squadmates, we'll come out of this in one piece." Riley thought this over as he looked at the forming gateway in front of him. "You may have lost people before, but I feel like this time you're not going to lose a single man." Riley looked over as Fox pulled his Arwing along his wing. Maybe he was right. Maybe this time, they'd all come out of this alive against incredible odds. "Mr. McCloud, I admire your optimism... Maybe you're right. Maybe, just this once, we'll all come out of this together." Fox grinned. "Of course if I'm wrong, I'll need a new tour guide to show me around Earth, so you better not go down. Promise me that, Commander!" Riley grinned at Fox's humor. "You have my word, McCloud. Let's do this thing." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That was a rough draft of what I would have done, and I'll probably overhaul it at some point, but I hope someone can at least appreciate what I was trying to accomplish with this.
  18. As you may or may not already know, a new, Mario-themed line of Amiibo will be launching soon, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, and Toad. That said, do you think Star Fox for Wii U will have Amiibo specifically designed after the character models for that game? I ask this as it was recently said that Star Fox will have Amibo support. If you do think we'll see Star Fox-themed Amiibo, who do you want to see?
  19. Joseph.

    Star Fox Flash Game Anyone?

    I've seen a couple of flash games on other sites so i was wondering if its possible if this site would ever release any Star Fox flash games? I know some people here are working on full blown fan titles but if anyone here was interested or thinking of creating a simple flash game then good news for you! I found a couple of Star Fox sprites directly ripped from the original titles. <- Full SNES Arwing sprite sheet <- Backgrounds + Bosses <- Peppy's / Silppy's ship + two full SF2 Boss sprite sheets
  20. Mallowolf

    Star fox cloth banner?

    Hello all! This is my first post here! I went to a local flea market today and found this Star Fox cloth banner. It brought back some great memories, so I bought it. I figured it'd look great on my wall! Anyways, I was trying to find out some information on it. Has anybody seen it before? I can't seem to find any pictures of it online. Is it rare or something haha? Thanks! (Oh my sister has clothes on underneath the banner btw)
  21. Centurion

    Skype Anyone?

    I'm am going to be totally free this summer so i can talk to anyone to any SFO member on Skype. I'd like to talk with anyone who enjoys my favorite kind of art or Video Games and get to know each other better,I'd like that allot after the times i can't seem to currently talk to anyone on Skype because they're never available. But please if you have Skype and enjoy my same likings such as well. This topic of mine was taken off Deviantart so i wanted paste it here so others interested in Star Fox can join. 1. Ratchet & Clank 2. Star Fox 3. Playstation 4. Nintendo 5. Playing Battlefield on PS 6. Retro Games Yeah i would love to talk about that with anyone on Skype because i'm bored everyday and wish to get along with others outside my town online.
  22. StarFoxFanGurl

    New Drawings!

    Remember the before drawing I done a few years ago? I believe so. So, I finally done the color version to it. What do you think of it? Plus, I get to use my new logo! Yay! Next, here's another drawing! Ya! My two favorite heroes from my childhood! Fox and Luigi! There's more on its way, but it will be posted in the non-starfox artwork. More arts or want to keep track of my arts on your own? Go here:
  23. Pretty much just what the title says. And I have to admit, this is pretty freaking awesome.
  24. hey guys, i just found this site today and fell in love. i used some of the samples i found in a beat i made, if you wanna check it out. thanks!! slippy out!
  25. TubaMan

    Star Fox 64 Sheet Music

    I just finished transposing the ending for StarFox 64, I would like a lot of people's opinions. I might try and coax my band director to play this in one of our concerts. The mp3 was too big so here is the link to my music. Star_Fox_64_Ending_Theme.pdf