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Found 61 results

  1. Talyl Landmaster

    Talyl Landmaster's NEWER art and Stuff

    Here is a new topic for my new pieces. Hope you enjoy. You can also check out my DA here:
  2. Talyl Landmaster

    Random Star Fox Fan vids #1

    Hello Star Fox Fans! Talyl, here (not that you know me ), and as we all know, there are a ton of Star Fox van vids around! So once in a while, I'll post some out here for people to see (based on what I find)! Be sure to give nice comments to the people who posted them! Anyways, today, we have a bunch of vids you can find on Nico Nico Douga (google search it), a popular video sharing site in Japan. Since I don't necessarily have an account myself, I decided to look them up on youtube. Mind you, most of the people who posted them (Thank you anyway to them for posting these on youtube) didn't actually make them, so make sure you thank the people who originally did them. So, here are the links: ピカãƒãƒ¥ã‚¦ã¨ã‚¦ãƒ«ãƒ•ã§ãƒ­ã‚¤ãƒ„マ [sSBB Levan Polka] : ã€ä¸­ç”»è³ªã€‘スターフォックスã§ï¼ç”·å¥³ã€äºŒç•ªç…Žã˜ã€‘ : ã€MAD】Star Fox Convenience Store - スターフォックスã§ã‚³ãƒ³ãƒ“ニ! : Starfox Caipirinha Dance : Even if you can't read Japanese (like me ) they are still enjoyable. Next up is a fun fan-anime opening made by Deviantart member, inubiko: . This is a beautiful video, the coloring, animation, all of it is incredible. Don't know why he made Peppy buff, though, lol. You can also see this on Nico, but I was able to find it on youtube as well! ã€æ‰‹æã】スターフォックスã§ãƒã‚¬ãƒ¬ãƒ³EDパロã€å®Œæˆç‰ˆã€‘ : This video really deserves more attention! Last up is a rock version of the Star Fox and Star Wolf themes. Created by youtuber, FamilyJules7X, these videos really make these classics more intense and epic. Check them out! They are literally music to your ears! Star Fox 64 Guitar Medley : Star Wolf (Star Fox 64) Guitar Cover : Well that's it! I hope you enjoy! Talyl out!
  3. Steph McCloud

    Star Fox Month

    On youtube, a user called Yuirofwind celebrates March as Star Fox month. He only has 3 videos made so far this month, but they are pretty interesting and though a bit long, they are worth checking out. This one is on Dinosaur Planet and how Star Fox Adventures ended up being what it is. This one is on betas of most of the games. And this is just a fun one he did talking about a creepypasta that he found about Star Fox.
  4. I'll be posting here as well as SoFurry, so all the star fox fans can see the progress.
  5. Pgpaw3

    Wii U Star Fox Idea

    I had an idea that a Wii U Star Fox game could have a 2-5 player co-op mode, as well as standard single player. The first 4 players could control different members of the Star Fox team, so Player 1 is Fox, Player 2 is Falco, and so on. They could be controlled by a Wiimote, Gamepad or Pro Controller, and have Gyro or classic controls. Then the 5th player could use a Gamepad and could be the Great Fox in a way. They can send items down to the other 4 players to help them, and they could have a map of the area displayed on the screen, so they can find secret routes and other hidden secrets. It could also be done that the multiple players have to work together to unlock some secrets and get into some areas. This co-op feature could also be used in online multiplayer, where 4 players control the Star Fox team, and a 5th helps them out with items in the middle of the battles. The same would go for the other team. Well, that was my idea. What do you guys think of it?
  6. My favorite game in the entire world has to be Starfox Adventures. I know, I know... It was ripped-off from Dinosaur Planet (Unreleased N64 Game), but its still my prised possession, along with my other Starfox merchandise. Being a total game nerd, I have played the game over and over and over, to get all the secrets, all the gems, and everything else I missed. I wanted to know every inch of the game so I could beat it with ease (and to say I beat it 100 times ) After beating it completely, I started looking for hacks, glitches, and platform mess-ups. I hunted through the internet and did all the glitches I could find... Fox swimming in the air, walking through walls, and so on... After doing that, I wanted to look for production glitches. Im not talking about invisible walls or tricky getting stuck in a rock wall still running. Im talking about things that were put there, but were noticed when the game was produced. Things that the makers of the game overlooked. And I found them... well most of them at least... 1) Pure Scales General Scales and his Sharpclaw army, are no where near pure of spirit. So is there stuff all in the Krazoa shrines? I made a video about this awhile ago. Check it out here: 2) Lightfoot Village Secret They say they keep a secret from the Sharpclaws, but do they really? I also made a video about this awhile ago. Check that out here: And after watching the video dont be telling me the Lightfoot brought those huge crates in there and down that ladder themselves. The crates are bigger then they are, and they wouldn't even be able to fit through the door. 3) Names I didnt make a video about this yet, but here something know one knows. When Fox goes to Dragon Rock, he eventually finds a trapped Cloudrunner. When he frees him, the cloud runner speaks to him: "Aren't you a friend of Krystal?" then Fox asks: "How do you know Krystal?". At no part in the game does Fox learn Krystal's name, but he knows. Earlier in the game he could here her in trouble, but he never learns her name. He just magically knows it. 4) Krystal has 2 Staffs? When Fox releases Krystal from the crystal prison on top of the Krazoa Palace, she takes her staff from Fox. Then Fox goes to fight Andross with his Arwing. When he returns, him and the team are all on the Great Fox. If you look closely, Krystal's Staff is back on Fox's back. Thats all the things Ive found so far. If anyone has found any more, tell me! I wanna find em all :lol:
  7. Zero_Maniac

    Will Star Fox continue?

    I'm just curious, because apparently SF643D was the last chance for the franchise, and it only sold .56 million copies... I bought SF643D of course, to support the franchise, but I don't know if we'll ever see another Star Fox game made by Nintendo again =(
  8. Furygun81

    Star Fox Wingmen Fail

    Alrighty, a new topic. Basically, post all the ways your wingmen have failed during your experience playing Star Fox games (I will count Star Fox 2 if you've had the fortune to play it). Can be just them dying in a stupid way or them crashing into you or shooting each other down etc... I think I'll let someone else go first this time... So go ahead and post.
  9. Furygun81

    Star Fox played by fans

    Hey there, this is Furygun81 with another Pointless Post, this time it's about the Star Fox themes on the keyboard (or any instrument actually)! I'll kick off with this one, as made by ME (Furygun81)
  10. Hello there! I'm Furygun81 and I'm new to this place. I was wondering if there's a way to obtain any of the Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars) voice acting clips from the Rom? And if there isn't is there anywhere I can download them? I used to download them from here but I recently noticed that the voice acting clips section has been taken down. Do you know why? Please get back to me as soon as possible, thanks! ~ Furygun81
  11. Furygun81

    Lego Star Fox?

    Hey there this may seem a little random but does anyone know how to create LEGO Starfox creations? It seems like if anyone did it has a lot of potential. After all you can build aircraft (Arwing Wolfen) tanks (Landmaster) subs (Blue-Marine) and areas (Katina, Sargasso, Corneria, Venom etc.) Just wondering if anyone has any Lego models of anything Star Fox, or knows of anybody who does?