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Found 61 results

  1. aFoxNamedMorris

    StarFox Game Concept Art

    Hello again! As some of you may know already, I am working on a StarFox fan game. I mean to go all the way with this. It's more gritty, realistic, and has that true cinematic feel to it. I'm gonna post my concept art here. If anybody wants to contribute, please feel free to. n.n Anyways, I hope you like my art. EDIT:>> Thank you DZ, I have attached the image.
  2. RingtailedFox

    Lylat Park

    So, Manthony_Higgs, SNES1993, and I were joking around in the chat room earlier today, and we eventually came to the south park cast in Star Fox... like Kenny filling in for Slippy, Cartman taking over as Falco... complete with them either in the actual Arwing crafts, or pretending, wearing masks and piloting cardboardbox Arwings... we all agreed that this is too good (and hilarious) of an idea NOT to try out.... so, for the cast: James McCloud -> Randy Marsh Fox McCloud -> Stan Marsh Falco Lonmbardi -> Eric Cartman Peppy Hare -> Kyle Broflovski Slippy Toad -> Kenny McCormick Krystal -> Wendy Testaburger Fay -> Bebe Miyu -> Shelly Bill Grey -> Butters ROB64 -> Jimmy Vulmer Trainer Pilot Raccoon guy -> Sexual Harassment Panda (or Timmy) General Pepper -> Chef Wolf O'Donnell -> Clyde Leon Powalski -> Mr. Garrison Panther Caroso -> Token Black Pigma Dengar -> Craig Andrew Oikonny -> Tweak Tweak Andross -> Satan (south park portrayal) the only question remaining is... would it be them pretending to be the starfox cast, like in "Fun with Weapons", or... would they be teleported over, like in "Imaginationland"? (so far, i'm leaning more towards them being sent over to Lylat by God after Jesus tells them something's wrong if you're interested, post below who you'd like to be (i think we can have a person portray two or more characters, since it's a big cast...)! so... Come on down to Lylat, and meet some friends of mine?
  3. StarFoxFanGurl

    My ArtWorks!

    Hello! I have never shown you guys my arts. So why not? Here you go! This is all 2012: Oh! And here some 2011: That's it! Want to see more? Go here: Thank you! :-P
  4. I was really bored so I made a bunch of ringtones/sound effects that can be used for iPhones, all Star Fox. Download Here This is what the .ZIP includes: Music: Area 6 Star Fox Theme Reprise / End Credits (Separate tracks made from the same Assault track) Star Wolf Theme (Command ver.) Katt's Theme Bill's Theme James/Peppy's Theme Corneria Fortuna Title Screen sting (64) Crash sting (64) Sound Effects: Arwing Pulse Laser Explode Radio Transmission On/Off Target Lock Fly to Next Mission Arwing Laser Pulse Arwing Hyper Laser These can all be used as ringtones, incoming/outgoing texts, new mail, new voice message, so on and so forth. I can make more if I get any requests. I used sound files found here on SFO as well as some I had sitting on my harddrive for who knows how long from who knows where, but thanks to those who procured them and the original composers. I'm thiiinking about making an entire Star Fox iPhone theme but I've never done that before so don't hold your breath. To install them on your phone, all you have to do is unzip the files, drag them into the "tones" section of your iTunes, and sync your phone! Enjoy!
  5. I've been working on Solar Warfare full time for nearly a year, and it's finally out for iOS and Android. It was inspired by StarFox, of course. Since a picture's worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures: I'd love to hear your comments. Enjoy the game! Edit: Links removed by Redeemer because we aren't a site for advertising stuff LIKE Starfox. Jeez.
  6. jesseboyd7

    Starfox Movie Poll

    Ok SF-O users I decided to do an official poll here because I want Rathore to see the numbers here but not just the numbers but your opinions towards his project as well. If you are reading this Rathore please take serious considerations from the SF fans thanks. I myself still want to see a cool SF movie. But I don't know about Rathore.
  7. CyanideX

    Hey, I'm Cyanide

    How goes it? My username is CyanideX, I'm 17 (18 in a matter of a week and a half), and I'm a Starfox fan. I've been a Starfox fan since 1997 when one of my favorite video games of all time came out, Starfox 64. Starfox had really slipped my mind the past few years, but with the new Starfox 3ds remake, nostalgia took over and I started to really get into it again. I bought the game last weekend, and just got all of the medals in Nintendo 64 mode a few days ago, which felt so good once I finished. A few years back I was involved with another Starfox forum called Arwing Landing. I don't know if anyone here was also there or not, but my name there was "Flamingfox." This was back probably somewhere from 2006-2008 when I was most involved in the Starfox community. Anyway, I've had quite a bit of experience with online forums and I don't typically troll, so hopefully I'll be somewhat of a benefit to the community. Hope to see you guys on the forums.
  8. Dublinthefox

    Dragonball Z Star Fox

    I was going through youtube and I found this awesome Japanese animation of how Star Fox would look like using one of the openings from Dragonball Z. Sure there are some weird things in it like Kirby and Metaknight, but overall its an awesome video.
  9. Luna Cherryblossom

    A little dedication

    I'm not the best StarFox fanartist but I feel bad that I really never drew them so in honor of the re-release of StarFox 64 3D I present some fanart I drew on the Wacom Facebook app,along with quotes while listening to the Main Menu.Also a part of James' quote was cut off it says,"You've become so strong,Fox>" in case you couldn't see.
  10. Drakon

    Starfox Overclocked
  11. Hello there! I'm Furygun81 and I'm new to this place. I was wondering if there's a way to obtain any of the Star Fox 64 (or Lylat Wars) voice acting clips from the Rom? And if there isn't is there anywhere I can download them? I used to download them from here but I recently noticed that the voice acting clips section has been taken down. Do you know why? Please get back to me as soon as possible, thanks! ~ Furygun81