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Found 2 results

  1. Shmibli7


    So, after the Christmas rush, I now own every single James Bond movie able to be bought at this point in time except for one, Goldfinger. Although, right now, I don't want to buy it. Shmibli! Why do you not want the one quentisential Bond film? You may be asking. Well, first let me say, the fact that almost all Bond fans praise this as the paragon of all James Bond films makes me dubious. Usually, things that most people like (Deadpool, Ni no kumi, Indy music, etc.) I hate, So I'm afraid that when people say Goldfinger is the best that it's bandwagon. Also, I have spent a good deal of my time collecting the Bond movies, starting when I received The Spy who Loved Me and License to Kill as Christmas presents two years ago and while I do not simply collect just the Bond movies (I read the books, play the video games, and have four posters framed in my room.) I feel like buying the final movie that a full set requires will be closing a chapter of my life. Lastly... Pussy Galore. Why? I understand that James Bond movies have a decent amount of pillow talk in them and that some characters have strange names but really? It seems like the name of a porn star to me. This being said, I'll probably wimp out and buy it.
  2. Shmibli7

    Air-Conditioned Christmas

    I was right. Katina (AKA: Florence) is blazing hot. So hot, in fact, that we are having our home's air conditioner cut on. Just.... Why? Christmas time is supposed to be cold. This isn't cold. None of you care about that, though. My gifts were awesome. I got Live and Let Die and Moonraker in paperback, Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear, Merci chocolate, and James Bond cologne. So, yeah. It's going good so far. Just gotta wait for the in-laws.