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Found 8 results

  1. I felt something today while I was playing my N3DS today... In Tomodachi Life, I gave a new apartment design to one of my T.L. Miis, and decided to take an inside look. That moment when I was standing, just looking at my T.L. Mii at one side of the screen, in the center of the apartment, with the 3D on, made me feel like I was experiencing virtual reality! Now I thought to myself: "Why don't we have more of this?" Granted, there are a few decent titles for the 3DS that involve first person, and there is indeed a FPS game on the way (Metroid Prime: Federation Force), but besides that, I feel that the potential of 3D FP games has never been fully realized. No game ever came as close to making me feel like I was IN the game as much as Tomodachi Life did for just a moment, and that's a bad thing! I thought I'd share this opinion with you guys so that we can talk more about this, and see just how far 3D First Person games could go. In other words, what do you guys think?
  2. Redeemer

    Today's Nintendo Direct 3DS

    I just finished watching, here's what I'm looking forward to:   Mario and Luigi Dream Team Bros. to be released July 12th. A NEW MARIO PARTY! With 7 boards and new mini-games, released this Winter. No mention of online multiplayer? Super Luigi U, which is DLC for Super Mario Bros. U. Coming this Summer. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, just a port from DKCU. Has local co-op and is released May 24th. Yoshi's Island 3D! I missed the release date due to a bathroom trip. XD Earthbound? Being released as a Virtual Console title, very interesting. Zelda, Oracle of Seasons and Ages, but I'm not too big a fan. Just glad that the calls of the fans are being answered here. NEW ZELDA TITLE, set in the same time and world as A Link To The Past, in which Link can become a chalk drawing and walk on walls and other flat surfaces. That sounds like it can be quite fun.   Despite the recent hype caused by an online game store in Spain, there is no mention of Majora's Mask 3D, much to my disappointment. That's my favourite Zelda.   There are other games to be released, like Fire Emblem (sales on the Champoin packs too), Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario and DK, and a new Prof. Layton. There is also a new 3DS console to be released with the theme of the new Animal Crossing.   All in all, I'm satisfied with this news. Shame about MM, but there's always next time. :3
  3. Dublinthefox

    3DS Stand

    If you thought there wasn't enough useless 3DS accessories coming soon THEN YOUR WRONG! In Japan Kid Icarus is getting a bundle and no not the good kind. The 3DS game comes with......a stand........what? Apparently its suppose to add comfort for the use of the buttons and circle pad. Its also said to work alongside the second circle pad add-on. Masahiro Sakurai was quoted saying "Touching the screen works better if i is secured." Source:
  4. Dublinthefox

    3DS gets DLC.

    The next update coming to the 3DS is going to allow downloadable content. Nintendo President of America, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed the ability to sell downloaded add-ons, but it clarifies that its up to developers if they want to use it at all. He states that they are simply creating the framework for the option to do so. He also goes on to reassure that Nintendo would make sure their own games are a complete experience. Nintendo wants any DLC from themselves to be supplemental, rather than with held from the full game, which is great to hear from Nintendo, but I don't think 3DS owners are concerned about DLC. I'm pretty sure we just want any game to come out for it. Source:
  5. Dublinthefox

    3DS Steering Wheel

    In this weeks edition of "Wierdest idea of the week", the 3DS is getting a steering wheel. The listing showed up on Amazon Japan for a Mario Kart 7 steering wheel complete with pictures. The 3DS snaps right onto it, allowing you to turn it with Mario Kart 7's gyro controls. Its said to come out the same day as Mario Kart 7, and is said to cost around $17. The wheel also gives the 3DS a great round shape, giving it the maximum velocity when you throw it out of an open window. Personally I don't think that the wheel is necessary. It was a good idea for the Wii, but not for a handheld. Source: http://www.joystiq.c...-wheel-for-3ds/
  6. ZM Anonymous

    Thoughts on KAIO-King of Pirates SWASHBUCKLING FURRIES LOL Looks like Keiji's making a new series that he plans to make into a trilogy. Judging from the trailer, I'm actually interested. I actually kinda lol'd when I read the first sentence of the IGDaily article on Machinima http://www.insidegam...-3ds-next-year/ So yeah. Your thoughts?
  7. Dublinthefox

    3DS Add-on!

    Last week there were rumors of the 3DS getting a SECOND CIRCLE PAD! Turns out they are all true! Scans of the newest Famitsu Magazine show an additional analog pad that attaches to the 3DS. The add-on covers the shoulder buttons, so it has its own L and R buttons to make up for it. The first game to take advantage of the extra stick is Monster Hunter-Tri G, an all new update of Monster Hunter-Tri for the 3DS. The game will include all the features from the Wii version, along with new monsters and can be played without the extra pad. Expect to hear more about this at Nintendo's 3DS event next week. I am curious as to how its gonna change the gameplay to some games. Its like the second analog stick the PSP never got.........though I'm not sure if thats considered a good thing or bad thing. More information:
  8. TheStarFoxMaster64

    3DS Ambassador Games

    September is gonna be a pretty awesome month for my 3DS. While Star Fox 64 3D is just around the corner (two more days!), I'm also qualified in Nintendo's 3DS Ambassador program: that means I started out the month with 10 free NES games! I just thought I'd share my opinions on each of these games, as they all vary from "awesome" to "god-awful" (in my humble opinion). Also, besides Super Mario Bros. and Balloon Fight, I've had no experience with these games prior. In general, I just really like how the Virtual Console let's you leave the game at any time and come back to where you left off - these were my first VC games, and I wasn't sure this feature would be carried on by the 3DS. This is especially useful in Metroid and Super Mario Bros. Metroid: By far my favorite game! Loving every second of it. I'll admit the difficulty is brutally harsh (like those bugs that come out of pipes and ZOOM right towards you?), but I can overlook this. Graphics are great (for an NES game, that is), sound is awesome, BGM is cool to hear in 8-bit (since most Metroid-related games -- i.e. Super Smash Bros. -- have made remixes of these, its fun to hear the original) and the gameplay is addicting. The only thing I could knock this game on is controls, but that's probably a 'learning curb' more than anything else - especially getting used to the jumping mechanics. Super Mario Bros.: Not much to say here, as I already knew what to expect. Thanks to the 3DS' idle mode though, I have a new goal: to beat the game w/o those cheap pipes in World 1-2 and 4-2. Donkey Kong Jr.: At first, I thought it was just going to be the educational math game on Animal Crossing (fun, nonetheless), but I was pleasantly surprised. Basically, the game's a giant role-reversal: 'Mario' kidnaps D.K. and you gotta save him. While it takes some time to get used to D.K. Jr. obviously massive weight (he can't even jump from vines and cover more than 2 inches before dying from a 2 foot drop), you get used to it and learn patterns for every stage. Fun, but couldn't play it religously. Zelda (1 and 2): I can't say a lot about these two yet, as I've chosen to plow through Metroid before devoting to another large-scale game (except Star Fox 64 3D). Both look fun, and I look forward to playing them in the future. Yoshi: Honestly, I didn't see this one coming. I didn't even know Yoshi existed back in the NES days, let alone have something as bewildering as a puzzle game! Works sorta like Tetris in the fact you have several modes and music options. Its pretty fun, but unless I discover there's additional content by getting higher scores, its just a novelty for when I'm bored. Balloon Fight: Had so much fun playing this with my sister on Animal Crossing. So much fun, its hard to play it on single player, or the even-more desolate Endurance map. W/o the multiplayer, I just seems empty for me. By no means does this merit it 'unplayable', it just doesn't feel right w/o the awesome, competitive 2 player for me. Wrecking Crew: Yoshi making egg-sandwiches w/ bloopers, goombas and piranha plants - okay, I can dig that. Mario rushing around construction sites pummeling ladders and exploding bombs all while being chased by eggplants and yarn-people? Ehhh... Weird, but fun, especially with the 100 levels to choose from (the last being the unholy grail of asshole-ish programming and cheap level design) Some Golf Game I've Forgotten the Name of Already: Its golf... It looks pretty in-depth for a NES golf sim: you can make money in tournaments to buy equipment, practice, etc. I tried it once, but I've never been fond of 'realistic' sports games. This particular title: let's just say I won't be able to rate this game in the eShop... Ice Climbers: I was actually pretty excited for this one: ever since SSBM, I've wanted to see the game those pesky grab-spammers originated from. Brawl's 1 minute and 30 second demo wasn't enough for me (if only I'd learned my lesson then). Now, I have the entire game at my disposal, and... God, is it awful. Jumping, your essential means of transportation is broken beyond comprehension: you just shoot up like a rocket ship, make an archmcovering another 2 pixels and, half the time, land where you jumped in the first place. And don't even try platforming on bonus stages: its hopeless. Jumping onto stationary platforms is tough-enough, but MOVING ones? Fat chance! I've yet to complete LEVEL 1'S bonus stage! Also, hit detection is off: either I miss the monsters thanks to the goofy and misleading attack-animation, or he somehow touches me when I'm clearly out of range. Bottom line: everything about this game is frustrating: controls, enemies, spawn-times, game-play, and the list could go on, and on. Really disappointing. And, just think: surely other games deserve the slot this piece is taking up. Wario's Woods, maybe some classic Capcom games (if licensing isn't an issue, but I'm guessing there is because of the lack-of Castlevania and Mega-Man), ANYTHING but Ice Climbers! So, those are my personal opinions. What about you guys: favorite game, least-favorite game, why -- that sorta stuff. (I'm not even exactly sure how many 3DS Ambassadors are on this site, so all this rambling could have been in vein...)