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Found 2 results

  1. When you read that title, you may think to yourself: "Competitive Star Fox: Assault multiplayer? Never heard of it." Well, it is actually a real thing. Star Fox: Assault has aspects that make it great as a competitive game. I'm bringing attention to this now in particular because of the sudden ease of play, as well as because I genuinely want to see this competitive scene thrive and grow. While in the past, if you wanted to play in a tournament, you had to live close to others who wanted to play in such a tourney, now, with the adoption of Dolphin's Netplay feature by the Star Fox: Assault competitive community, you can play with people cities away with minimal lag. I won't get into any technical details here; I just want to make people aware that this is now something anyone with a semi-decent PC can do. This thread can also be used as a means for people on these forums to discuss aspects of the topic. If you decide that you'd like to get involved with the competitive community, or simply want to discuss the topic in more detail, then I highly recommend visiting the Star Fox: Assault community website: Also, to give a glimpse of what playing the game competitively online is like, here's the first game in the first official Lylat Systems Netplay tournament:
  2. !Corgi

    League of Legends!

    League of Legends I'm sure everyone has heard of this game. It's DOTA newly revived and improved. The game has an extremely massive F2P community and the Competitive Gaming is a standard in the Industry! This thread is for all discussions on the game. This can include things like: ~PROGRESS LOG*~ ~Character Builds~ ~Strategies~ ~3v3/5v5 Teams~ ~Updates/Character Balancing~ ~Brag Your Profile (Stats ect.)~ ~Finding Friends to Play With~ And More! *See Next Post to understand --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have personally never played the game, You can check it out and register through this link! ( Please use this link, It gives me referral rewards ) http://signup.league...5c6b2d601374641 This is my first thread, So I hope it goes well and I meet lots of people who play the game!