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Found 2 results

  1. Furygun81

    Furygun81's Sites

    Okay... Here it comes! - Main Site - Other main site - Facebook (i desperately need likes) That's pretty much it, I has a deviantart account but not much happens there, and neither do I use my twitter much now. Thats it! See you all next time!
  2. Furygun81

    Furygun81's Misadventures

    Alrighty, Redeemer suggested this and here I am! I guess I should begin this topic by explaining myself. I'm Aaron, and this is the story of my life. I live in the UK, and I think life's too short to be boring. I'll begin with the events today. Today I finally ordered the Star Fox 64 Player's Guide! It seemed to all be going swimmingly, until... I got an e-mail. It was refunded! WHY? Y U NO SELL ME PLAYER'S GUIDE? (thanks to DZ Composer and Psygonis for explaining this to me ) So hopefully I can find another copy and order that but things aren't looking that good. I need to find one that ships to the UK. In other news I saw Amy again and still didn't get round to asking her out (beats self up) As well as that I got chosen by Ubisoft to test out the new Assassin's Creed: Revelations Multiplayer BETA! It's a good game, the mechanics have largely remained the same with the additional of more game modes. Instead of launching first-timers into a match against the Level 50s in sets you up with people with similiar skill levels. So that's a good feature I like. As well as that there's a training mode, where you can set up a match with bots, and practice (or at least that's what I gathered, seeing as all I could do was play either online or training matches. An interesting game mode that caught my eye doesn't involve a compass indicating where your target is, but rather they are one model, and there are no lookalikes. You are still informed when you're in their line of sight but not where they are. It's in this game mode you need to have a sharp eye. Other than that it's a brilliant beta and I can't wait for the real thing!!! Also, I got pwned at Star Fox 64 online on Project64k. Not much to say there other than Landmaster fail. Okay, not much else to say other than went down to ASDA and did some shopping and went cycling down there. So that's it for today, will probably update around the end of every day. EDIT: Actually forget all that about the Player's Guide found a copy and it's ordered.