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Found 11 results

  1. SF Redd

    SF Alba's characters

    Well, hello everybody! This is my very first time making RP OC's. I was a bit hesitant to begin with, but I decided, hey, why not? Remember, first time, so don't brutally murder me if it's not perfect, please! Here goes, first one's quite detailed: Name: (Scottish Gaelic, given at birth) Dubhshìth Mhuirich (Pronounced somewhat like “DOOWhee Vooyreecsh), English translation: Duffy Murray, adopted Japanese name: Dabushusu(ダブシュス) Nhyuairichu(ンヒュアイリチュ). Name meanings: Dubhshìth = Black one of peace, Mhuirich = From the sea Age: 25 years old as of 1311 Race: Caucasian, ever so slight tan on pale skin Origin: Originally born and raised till the age of 4 on a family farm next to Loch Gleann Dubh. Born on the 25th of February 1286 Home: A Shinobi homestead and farm, Iga Province, Japan Sex: Male Height: 5’9” Weight: 12.5 stone Build: Lean, athletic and muscular Eyes: Very dark brown, with a slight tint of green if viewed in the right light Hair: Dark brown, almost black. Family: Deceased parents, adopted into a Shinobi family of farmers Alignment: Neutral/good (almost Robin Hood-esque) Personality: Dubhshìth, despite his past, is a reasonably happy person. He’s full of stubborn pride, he is hardened by years of travel and training, and he has extraordinary willpower. He wants to do everything he can to help everyone he can. Due to trauma in his youth, Dubhshìth holds a deep, burning hatred in his heart for the Samurai. Even so, he’s a likeable person to many, that is, if they can get past not only his natural hesitation to trust people, but their own hesitations towards him, as many people do have. Background: Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1286, Dubhshìth’s birth came mere weeks before the death of King Alexander III. With the throne being contested, and King Edward Longshanks of England on the verge of deciding a puppet king, war was so clearly upon the horizon. The small family of three, a mother, father and young son fled from their home and from the rest of their clan. With hesitation, they fled the country, fearing the brewing war. They moved east, taking a ship from the east coast to the mainland. Their journey was hard-pressed and tiring. It took three ungodly years of travel, through the mountains of Europe and through the dusty sands of the Middle East. They finally reached Korea, where they once more got a boat, which took them to a land they hoped to call home. They started a farm, but soon realised that the land wasn’t as welcoming as it first appeared. As they learned the native tongue of the people, they learned of those known as “Samurai”. These Samurai were supposed to be keepers of the peace, but to the lowly farmer, they were the main thing standing between themselves and peace. The Samurai would pillage farms and abuse farmers, even going as far as to cause grievous bodily harm. When these strange, white people arrived, the Samurai’s attention was swiftly subverted. To them, no outsider should be allowed on the land. The family was abused, increasingly so over the years. Once Dubhshìth’s father tried to defend himself, but he was no match for someone such as a Samurai. A broken arm and some broken ribs later, fear was implanted into the man’s mind. After four years of abuse, the trio were making their way back to their farm at night, after a day selling goods. It was the dark of night, and it had started to rain. The rain made the ground sticky and muddy; difficult to walk on. As the first crack of thunder boomed, they struck. Without warning or hesitation a sword was plunged through Dubhshìth’s father’s chest. Dubhshìth was violently knocked to the ground as his father’s body slid off the Katana and slumped to the ground, quiet and unmoving. As Dubhshìth struggled to see what was going on through the darkness and rain, and he slipped back to the ground as he tried to stand, three Samurai made their way to the carriage holding the goods. Dubhshìth hears his own mother’s cries of fear, forcing him to get up instantly. Two of the Samurai held one of her arms each, holding them out horizontally, while the other one grabbed her hair and pulled it upwards. Dubhshìth charged at the three armoured warriors with rage in his heart and his fists primed. The Samurai stood there, watching to see what the 11 year old boy may do. Dubhshìth punched the man as hard as he could in the face, but all he did was hurt his hand against the tough metal mask. The men laughed at him. Dubhshìth was pushed onto the ground, landing on his back. He could do nothing but watch at the masked man drew a knife across his mother’s neck. Her cries of fear were replaced with gut-curdling gargling, which in turn was replaced with silence. The killer walked over to Dubhshìth and picked him up by his fairly long hair. Struggling helped him escape in no way at all, and the attacker brought him up to his mask before slowly sliding the knife into the boy’s torso. With a cry of agonising pain, the knife was quickly withdrawn from his body. Just as the Samurai was about to deliver the killing strike, his accomplice spoke up. From the Japanese Dubhshìth knew, it sounded like he said “No! Leave him to die in the dirt like the dog he is. He can watch his parents burn!” With that, Dubhshìth was dropped to the floor. He saw a torch being lit, somehow, even in the rain. His parents’ bodies were thrown onto the wagon, which was then set ablaze. The aggressors quickly departed, but Dubhshìth did not give up hope. He dragged himself over to the burning wagon and from the floor, he grabbed something which was hanging out, to try to pull himself up, but the piece of cloth tore off into his hand. A small piece of wool bearing the tartan of his clan. Just as his vision faded to black, he saw a dark figure appear before him. He didn’t have time to figure out who before he was completely unconscious. He awoke an unknown amount of time later in a panic. Before he could get up, however, he felt a shooting pain in his side, making him stay stationary. “Ah, you’re awake!” he heard a Japanese voice say from within the same room as himself. He flicked his gaze around the room. There was bright sunlight, and one of the wooden Japanese houses with paper wall he had seen so much of was what he was in. He saw a man in his mid-thirties sitting near him. “I’m sorry, but you’re family, are dead.” The man said. Welcome to the Shinobi. We will help you get justice upon who did this.” As the tears rolled down Dubhshìth’s cheeks, he knew he wouldn’t rest until he did have that justice. Although he didn’t know what the man meant by “Shinobi”. Abilities: Being trained by the Shinobi in the art of Ninjutsu, Dubhshìth is an expert in all 18 disciplines, including but not limited to Bojutsu staff techniques, Kenjutsu sword techniques, Taijutsu unarmed techniques, shurikenjutsu throwing techniques, and Shinobi-iri stealth and infiltration techniques. He’s a fast learner, and has become an expert in the 9 ryu of Ninjutsu. He had a good mental awareness of battle strategy and tactics, and is fluent in Scottish Gaelic, Japanese, and is somewhat familiar with English. One of his biggest weaknesses is a lack of formal education. He also sometimes over-analyses things, which can slow him down. He is very alert when it comes to meeting new people, preferring them to keep a distance, as he has a hard time trusting people.
  2. The purpose of this RP is simple, a multi -verse pocket dimension where your OCS and popular characters can mengle and do random fun stuff. The only thing is no sexual activity will take place on this thread. I'd also ask you to respect all site rules, to be civil and respect your fellow members. Be safe and please refer to the site please. Thank you and happy role playing. There is not a set number limit to role players. It is a drop in drop out RP. As to the location of where this all takes place can vary depending on player preference: an arena, a city, desert plain, etc. ... You are surrounded by grey earth and black sky. It's up to you to color it and give it life. Suddenly someone approaches! Its... SCP-049? Info: SCP-049: what is this place? How did I get here? Hmmm...guess I'll just wait until someone arrives. *the ancient plague doctor sits on the gray ground with his arms around his legs and his knees pointed up toward the nose of his white plague mask.* (RP has started, use an official character from any fandom or an oc you have created.) (...if no one posts soon, I will close this RP)
  3. Snys93

    Multi-verse Pocket Dimension

    The purpose of this RP is simple, a multi -verse pocket dimension where your OCS and popular characters can mengle and do random fun stuff. The only thing is no sexual activity will take place on this thread. I'd also ask you to respect all site rules, to be civil and respect your fellow members. Be safe and please refer to the site please. Thank you and happy role playing. There is not a set number limit to role players. It is a drop in drop out RP. As to the location of where this all takes place can vary depending on player preference: an arena, a city, desert plain, etc.
  4. Survival on an Unknown Planet. Background: The Empire of the Federations has been dissolved fell into civil war. Weaken by total damage left unwanted fleets and armadas invading into The Empire's borders and began to capture various planets and territories, causing chaos and panic leaving the citizens to flee or fight off the invasion. YOU and a few other people who came along with you have escaped from the pursuing fleet from both rebels, invading enemies, and even civilians who turned to ANARCHY. However when all was thought to be over your ship had ran out of fuel and came into contact by a meteorite that was set on a collision course toward an uncharted and unknown planet. Before you have passed out the ship gives a briefing of the planet and the Star System. You and the other crew wake up, barely alive, but you get out of your ship to see you're on the surface this planet with your ship having to be destroyed when it crash landed on the planet, You're left on your own. The Planet itself The planet is the size of your Empire's capital, being around 4000 km has only 3 moons. It has a set of rings, only two shepherd moons maintain this set of rings. The planet is considered to be in the Habitable Zone and is considered to harbor life. The planet has 5 Continents and is covered in oceans of water. Land consists of forests, plains, deserts, jungles, tundras, and mountain ranges. There are plentiful resources such as coal, oil, iron, and other materials. There is a high chance there might be intelligent life that inhabit the planet. Intelligent life may be around Stone Age or Early Bronze Age (Late Neolithic revolution). The Star System that the Planet harbors The Star is a yellow dwarf, around to be 4.54 billion years old. Has 6 planets; 4 Terrestrial and 2 Gas giants Two planets are within habitable range and can harbor life. Has an asteroid field that's between it's 4th planet and 5th planet The Planet the ship crashed landed is the 3rd This Star System has not been colonized and needs a name. The Main Goal To survive and explore on the planet while building a new home. Everyone is allowed to have their own choices (I.E form group, or explore to start a new colony on their own.) Colonize the planet. Build a new ship to start exploring the star system Have fun The choices that people make will affect the thread and everyone include and the amount of players I need should be around 4-6 people or so. [EDIT 2/3/16] I should mention everyone is allowed to have their own RP characters. However, you can only have 1 or 2 characters.
  5. This is the discussion thread for Cornerian Mercenaries. We will also no longer be accepting new players because we have met our maximum amount of them.
  6. Shmibli7

    Itching for RP.

    I need some rp. I really need it. The rp thread is dead now and all of my rp friends are gone. I don't want the rp thread to go away and it was a very fun thing tk do. Hopefully, there will be more rp in the future.
  7. Shmibli7

    The Bank

    Name: The Bank Style: Forum Theme: Intrigue, deception, clandestine combat. Description: Corneria is a main target for galactic terrorismbut the populace is largly ignorant to the ones who orchestrate the plots against their homeworld. Why? Because an organization known only to a few members of the Cornerian Secret Service as "The Bank" gets to them first. This group, known for their swift methods and trademark calling cards shaped as bank notes, is a global syndecate of professional killers with hearts of gold. These people are called in by rich informants who want threats to Corneria's security gone. A time limit is given to eliminate the target and the rest is set into motion. However, there are some who oppose this syndecate and what they stand for... Player Count: Minimum (Including Myself): 2 Maximum (Including Myself):5 Goal: To take down various threats to Corneria's or try to shut down The Bank.
  8. vonSteakhand

    Shell Game

    Name- Shell Game Style- Forum Theme- Conversation/Mystery Setting- Corneria (Office, cafe) Description- Pigleon Claimston. An average Joe, working at his insurance company day after day, filing paperwork and pointing out obvious attempts at insurance fraud. Little does he know that a case as seemingly open and shut as this one could have a far greater impact on both his life, and the lives of people much more important than himself... ... Kamil Khan. A shady fellow. Some call him a "privateer". Some call him an "asset". Some just call him an "ass". But regardless of what he's called, the man still has a rather questionable history. Kamil had commited dozens of crimes in the past, and gotten away scott-free with the help of some rather convincing sums of cash. But he won't be getting off near as easily this time. What might the first serious crime that he couldn't pay his way out of be? Not murder, not assault, not even robbery. But rather, something as comparatively petty as insurance fraud. With evidence piling up at an alarming rate, and a long jail sentence threatening his pirate lifestyle, he decides that the only way to save himself from imprisonment is to somehow convince the investigatior to drop all charges. (TL;DR: A private, prediscussed roleplay between leafkin and I in which his character tries to convince mine to drop charges of insurance fraud.) Goal- Kamil Kahn to convince Pigleon Claimston to drop the case. Player count- 2 (Kamil Kahn: (Pigleon Claimston )
  9. Jimmy Darnell

    The Apocalypse: A New Begining

    RP Name/Title- The Apocalypse: A New Beginning Style- Chat Theme- Post apocalypse Setting- Post apocalyptic America and the year is 2040 Description-the setting is of course, america, the year is 2040. Around the year 2030, A group of scientist's had made Artificial Intelligence {AKA A.I.'s} possible. In the year 2031, the president said that they would integrate the A.I. into their military. About 2 months later, it went rouge and nuked the planet, killing herself in the process. many perished, but some able to survive the assault survived in underground bunkers miles below the surface. groups were sent out of the bunker a few years later to go and find civilization.{ all characters that are mentioned are furry's, if you would like to be a human character, please specify by saying -my character 'insert name here' is human- at the very top of the post your first post} Goal-that may spoil the plot, wouldn't it? Player count- any that wanna enter. do I need to show my first post also? (will include the description, and a back story for my 3 chars.)
  10. I've been thinking for some time about doing this. And I came to the decision to at least give it a try. Can't be any worse than the RP to get rejected. RP Name/Title Avalanche: A question of interest Style This will be a Forum based RP, players will post their actions and maybe their estimations as to the impact on their environment. I will check on the thread regularly enough to be able to interject if something they do doesnt work, requires a roll or in any other way can't just stand there as itself. An investigation/protection type adventure set in a setting I'm restructuring to be an own one for an own specific ruleset. creating failed states <-> maintaining dictatorships Setting A former Royal governor's mansion within the Kandu subdomain on it's core world Kandu Apesphere 08 or presently known as Ushindi; For where it starts, as the characters don't just randomly get warped there, please see the 'Character sheet' section. Goal To keep the assigned protégé alive during and throughout a negotiation on a warchief's homeworld Player count- 3-5 So let's do this. First, a few details to the setting. Present setting Description Technical details Separation of Fauna Parallel-World-Dogma Rules: Schooling Right, now on to RP-related rules. Guidelines
  11. rebel_gunman

    Lobo Gunman

    My main characters: Name: John "Gunman" <<<Classified>>> (If you already know my last name, then insert my last name here) Age: 25 Race: Human - Hispanic / Latino Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States of America, Earth, Solar System Home: <<<Classified>>> Sex: Male Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs Build: Athletic Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark Brown Alignment: Your goody-to-shoes! Good and lawful, but God help you if you're a trouble maker caught dirty handed! Obeys the law... to an extent. Personality: Calm, faithful / loyal, impartial, courageous, independent, friendly, dependable, cheerful, enthusiastic, cautious, dutiful, shy at females, serious (at times) Background: <<<Unclassified>>> Born into a second class humble family. Joined the military at age 18 and served several tours of duty. <<<Rest is Classified>>> (If you truly want to know, the rest of the info is in a short story still in development) Abilities: Gunslinger, expert marksman / sharpshooter, Scout, ranged, close quarters, melee and hand-to-hand combat, some basic piloting. Slow learner. Patience is required to deal with him. Name: John "Dark Wolf" Lobo Age: 21 Race: Grey Wolf Origin: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Earth, Solar System Home: Known residence in Corneria, Lylat System. Other residences <<<Classified>>> Sex: Male Height: 5'11" Weight: 180 lbs Build: Athletic Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Dark/Grayish Brown hair and dark gray fur coat. Alignment: Just like his human "brother", a lawful type. But won't hesitate to use claws and fangs to rip the throats off of anyone that does him, his brother or his friends wrong! Personality: Cheerful, shy at females, brave, faithful / loyal, courageous, friendly, obedient, curious, crafty, dangerous, feral Background: No mother, no father. The only family he knows is his "brother". Created as part of a sinister project. Tortured and beaten by his creators and forced to actions against his own will. A past he wishes to forget. His body is marked with several scars but only his brother keeps the mental scars at bay. Abilities: Ranged, close quarters, melee and hand-to-hand combat, tracker, proficient at tribal weaponry. Fast learner! John Gunman: Renegado Uniform during undercover ops. Also off duty outfit. When on duty or in open combat or operating for the Federation, MultiCam uniform will be worn. John Lobo: Tribal outfit during jungle or very vegetated areas or when any affiliation to Alliance must be kept secret. When operating for the Federal Alliance, dark digital pattern will be worn. In the event I appear in any RP, It will be as the human, sometimes accompanied by Lobo. Later I may post more details on their stories and their history story. Too tired ATM. It's past 2 in the morning... after a really long day. Coming up next... fragments of their history story.