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Found 1 result

  1. The VGM Lover

    Why do I lose control when I lose in a game?

    A few days ago, I went to a gaming event in my college. I was excited to be there. But then, I saw Smash bros. and immediately decided to play because a friend was there. When I did, all the excitement I felt ground to a halt. The only thing I felt was frustration after only one loss, and uncontrollable urges just to win followed. I felt like I was the laughing stock of the battle, even though no one was really laughing at me; they just told me to calm down, or make it seem like I was just a f****** CPU fighter. After losing every single match in our battle, I sat alone near a table for more than hour, just moping away, looking as if I got wasted on beer (even though I don't drink, I was just f****** miserable the whole time.) What should have been the happiest day of my life turned out to be the complete opposite. This isn't the first time I got frustrated over a few losses. This frustration peaked its head throughout my childhood, but it became all too apparent when I began playing online in almost any competitive game, like the aforementioned Smash bros., Call of Duty, Ironfall, even AC: Black Flag had me smashing my head in anger, and all I can do is blame myself for my poor lack of skill (Even though I can get the job done in single player, I can almost never win in competitive matches; my Win Rate for Smash Bros. currently sits at 28%). I think the source of my frustration is the fact that I pity myself every time I lose, and continue to kick myself until I win, and when I never win and I have to give up to avoid destroying something, I do nothing with a miserable look in my face for an extended period of time. I'm asking because this has gone for too long, and it's severely impacting my personal life: What do I do?