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Found 7 results

  2. Hey everyone!! I'm curious; what are all of your favorite characters? And what are your favorite stages in the games? I'll start: Besides Fox, my favorite characters are Krystal and Falco. That still isn't very specific, but they're all my babies; it's hard to pick a favorite! (I like Wolf as well *cough*) (Katt is my spirit animal *cough*) My favorite stage in Star Fox 64 is either Zoness or Macbeth. In Adventures, my favorite place (this is so hard) is probably either Cape Claw, Dark Ice Mines, or Krazoa Palace. In Assault, my favorite stage is either Sargasso Hideout, Aparoid City, or Corneria. What are yours?
  3. I've been trying to work out a theory regarding one of the series' (arguably) unresolved mysteries. I won't go into it here so I stay on topic, but if anyone is interested I can go into it in another thread. If you have any more information (quotes, screenshots, etc.) it would certainly be appreciated. Speculation is fine, but please distinguish between theories and facts, and if possible post links to sources (gameplay videos, images, etc.)
  4. It all started yesterday, I decided to crack open the retail version of the Starfox Adventures GCM that I have, and it contained some interesting files that may lead back to DP's development. I can say for sure that what I found here took me by surprise: As you can see underlined in red, swapholbot, swaphol, and warlock if you don't know already were supposedly removed levels in the original game. To me, it appears that the level data for these areas still remains in the retail's file system. That would be what I hope the case is... The other possibility is that Rareware was just too lazy to delete the files so they overwrote them and replaced the data for the new maps. However, I believe these are still intact because the format of the data is in the same order as all other map files, meaning it contains all of the files for the level to load properly. Seeing that I have no idea on how to replace these files with the retail's to perhaps access them, that's why I have come to this forum for some feedback and suggestions. I have been attempting to get into some deeper parts of this game for a few years now, and this is the closest I've gotten so far. - Mike
  5. GeneralScales

    General Scales artwork

    Since I'm new here on SFO, I decided to start things off with a pic! I know SF adventures isn't the most popular of starfox games.. but it was the first game of the series that I played when I was 10. And even after playing all the others.. it remains my favorite due to the nostalgia of it. I know everyone on here (including myself) is waiting and hoping for Nintendo to get their S*** together and make another game! And for the most part, the majority of the audience that still plays Starfox, are probably the ones who grew up playing it as kids. In my mind that means to break away from the slightly childish set up of some of the games.. and make them a bit more, well.. "big boy". With this in mind I re-designed General scales form Adventures just as a bit of fun.
  6. My favorite game in the entire world has to be Starfox Adventures. I know, I know... It was ripped-off from Dinosaur Planet (Unreleased N64 Game), but its still my prised possession, along with my other Starfox merchandise. Being a total game nerd, I have played the game over and over and over, to get all the secrets, all the gems, and everything else I missed. I wanted to know every inch of the game so I could beat it with ease (and to say I beat it 100 times ) After beating it completely, I started looking for hacks, glitches, and platform mess-ups. I hunted through the internet and did all the glitches I could find... Fox swimming in the air, walking through walls, and so on... After doing that, I wanted to look for production glitches. Im not talking about invisible walls or tricky getting stuck in a rock wall still running. Im talking about things that were put there, but were noticed when the game was produced. Things that the makers of the game overlooked. And I found them... well most of them at least... 1) Pure Scales General Scales and his Sharpclaw army, are no where near pure of spirit. So is there stuff all in the Krazoa shrines? I made a video about this awhile ago. Check it out here: 2) Lightfoot Village Secret They say they keep a secret from the Sharpclaws, but do they really? I also made a video about this awhile ago. Check that out here: And after watching the video dont be telling me the Lightfoot brought those huge crates in there and down that ladder themselves. The crates are bigger then they are, and they wouldn't even be able to fit through the door. 3) Names I didnt make a video about this yet, but here something know one knows. When Fox goes to Dragon Rock, he eventually finds a trapped Cloudrunner. When he frees him, the cloud runner speaks to him: "Aren't you a friend of Krystal?" then Fox asks: "How do you know Krystal?". At no part in the game does Fox learn Krystal's name, but he knows. Earlier in the game he could here her in trouble, but he never learns her name. He just magically knows it. 4) Krystal has 2 Staffs? When Fox releases Krystal from the crystal prison on top of the Krazoa Palace, she takes her staff from Fox. Then Fox goes to fight Andross with his Arwing. When he returns, him and the team are all on the Great Fox. If you look closely, Krystal's Staff is back on Fox's back. Thats all the things Ive found so far. If anyone has found any more, tell me! I wanna find em all :lol:
  7. Hello! Have a nice day, everyone! I want to tell here about a custom campaign for "WarCraft III The Frozen Throne" I'm currently working on. It is a Starfox spin-off, RPG/Adventure-styled campaign "Krystal Adventures". The story takes place before the events of "Star Fox Adventures" and tells about Krystal's past. It will be connected with the plot of "Adventures" andI I will try to fix some plotholes of SFAd. (such as origin of Sauria's ruins, Andross' appearance on the planet and some others) I also use characters from original "Dinosaur Planet" - Sabre and Randorn. Krystal and Sabre will be the main playable characters. Of course, this project is not Sci-fi, it is much closer to fantasy style of "Adventures". I've finished the first map already, so it can be considered as a demo-version. The map can be downloaded on "Krystal Archive", http://krystalarchiv...ronekrystalmod/ I'm very thankful to Mr.Krystal for posting it there. It reqiures WarCraft III TFT v.1.26a or higher. Since I'm not native English-speaker, dialogs and descriptions may look rough and I will be grateful for any help in the improvement of the text. Also I would appreciate if anyone helps me with the voice acting. This is the news I wanted to tell you. I hope you like this project and I'm open to any critiques, suggestions or questions.