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Found 2 results

  1. Ocelotl

    Overthinking Star Fox

    Hey there, new to this forum, let me know if this has already been a topic. Since we're headed to another retelling of the Lylat Wars story from SF1 and 64/3D I was interested in doing some overthinking on that story. What the context is and what the implications for the story are. Are monkeys hated through the galaxy? Did no one really know what Andross was doing on Corneria? Is Andross tapping into some well deserved anger towards Cornerian society? What about those lizards? How did he get them to fight people they've never really knew about? How good is Corneria anyways? Star Fox is a mercenary group, not freedom fighters or military personnel. I wonder if Peppy gets a stipend. While the game is rather cartoony, you do play as anthropomorphic animals, how do you feel about gunning down other people, anthropomorphic monkeys, who yell out in agony as you gun them down? Should Star Fox even attempt these kinds of stories? I wonder if we can ever truly take it that seriously as a story since they are silly animals. Is this why it's so hard to market Star Fox? While Nintendo hasn't shied away from having violent games on their consoles in recent years, I'm not sure if they're especially comfortable with their characters being so. After all when they tried being a shooter they switched from Andross, living enemies, to emotionless robots... *who were looking for souls?* An example comes to mind, in 64 when you kill that "My Emperor I've Failed you" guy, it felt pretty rough to me. This guy dies lamenting his failure to his emperor and duty as his machine explodes in a fiery blaze! Not quite as acceptable as killing an aparoid, eh? Luckily you never see any bodies but still... Anyways, what do y'all think? I know it's silly but let's indulge, no? *Unless y'all alredy did this... oh well* *I'm sure Lylat Legacy will get to these things but y'know it'll be a while*
  2. So, just a little earlier, YouTube channel GameXplain has released a new 25 minute video talking about the extensive analysis they did with all official Star Fox Zero footage from E3, ranging from the debut trailer, to the Nintendo Treehouse Live gameplay footage, to the developers' commentary. Check it out here in the following video embedded below, and discuss the things you may have potentially missed!