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Found 2 results

  1. LoneWolf


    So Nintendo's first mobile app, Miitomo, released in the US and parts of Europe today. If you aren't already aware, it's, at it's core, a very simplistic social 'game' featuring your Mii. The gameplay is essentially as follows: You create and dress up a Mii using points that can be acquired for free through the app, or presumably in in-app purchases in the future. You answer a few simple questions e.g. What's your favorite food, what was the last movie you went to etc. Your Mii interacts with your friends' Miis and you get to read their answers, receiving new questions in the process. There's also some simple chance games that can be played to acquire new clothes and items. There's also a photo mode. You can import your own backgrounds. You can imagine how that's gone over. Now, the app has received a lot of praise for being the first time Nintendo has expanded onto mobile (something they should have done long ago), but beyond that, the game is actually really good. A substantial amount of Facebook friends have picked up the app and added me, and we've been basically glued to our phones all day. Anyways, if you haven't yet signed up, the app is currently a pretty good time and I'd highly recommend it. I suppose this can also somewhat serve as a master thread if anyone's got any shenanigans they want to share. More info here:
  2. I've been working on Solar Warfare full time for nearly a year, and it's finally out for iOS and Android. It was inspired by StarFox, of course. Since a picture's worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures: I'd love to hear your comments. Enjoy the game! Edit: Links removed by Redeemer because we aren't a site for advertising stuff LIKE Starfox. Jeez.