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Found 3 results

  1. TheIkranRider

    My Own Ultimate Story Works

    So, yeah...I used to be a fan of Fanfictiondreamer's Ultimate Story series, but lately it's been discontinued and I'd been sorely disappointed especially when she started the Fayelons Story and strayed away to made her, and it, so great. Regardless, I would want to show some of my work here. She may have only shown the coverart for the first story, but I'll show them to you guys here anyway. Like I said, I mean used to, so here you are' originally posted on DeviantArt: The Lisa Simpson Chronicles (wish she'd continue this... ) Coverart for the first Ultimate Story Misty hanging out at Corneria during her birthday Journey through Kanto (which she could continue it... ) Coverart for Ultimate Story 2: Dinosaur Planet Concept art for US2 (Kazooie with Cloudrunner Crown, left; Sharpclaw disguises from WOOHP, right; Princess Beauty, middle) Coverart for Ultimate Story: The Missing Link I seem to be missing D.W. and her Rabbit emblem; my bad. Ultimate Story 3: Aide from the Past This was when I began to dwindle from its material, as it became more confusing w/ material I can't relate to. Btw, the background was based on FFD's first meme, like it. And finally, Starfox 64 Special I really tried hard to have the font match the title, I really did. And...I wish if only she'd continue the series... Plus I tried my hand on a Ratchet/Kim Possible coverart, even though I'm not so big on the series... Based on the notebook she might've written in..? So yeah, that's it. Hope y'all like these.
  2. TheIkranRider

    How My Fanfics/Artwork Come to Be

    I was watching James Cameron's Avatar a long time ago, and something seemed to be bothering me whenever I see it. I noticed that some of the things I love don't really leave quite an impact like so many other things do; why was this the case? With Avatar, it inspired me with my own screenname, TheIkranRider, but while it's one of my all-time favorite movies, how come it never drove me for any ideas? I pondered about this, and then I remembered something from TV Tropes, Fanfic Fuel. Basically, it's something that catches a creator's eye, or gaps he/she feels that need to be filled, whether it'd be for character development or plot points. This is usually how my ideas come into being, like as Morpheus said as he described in the Matrix, "Like a splinter in your mind. Driving you mad." And that's what that prick does, literally, no matter what it could be. It'll just pull and nag and it would never go away, unless if I were to do something about it. Hence, my fanfics, rants, digital art, etc. No matter how old or admittedly how worse the material is. A few examples could be if there's a song that reminds me of the said work in a strange way, or just something missing in the story, or if I just don't like the end result, or heck even when a series gets canned since there are so many potholes to fill on its road to fulfillment. Or perhaps something I'd get involved with during a personal conflict would give me comfort, albeit temporarily. Maybe I just want an underrated series to be more exciting and give them more attention, like introduce a new character and immerse myself more into the source material, to change whatever needs to be improved, or if it's just a random idea that somehow fits. Another way is to show my own unique perception of a character/event/etc. That there's a way to develop the series better than some lazy writers never had in mind. With Avatar, though...nothing. Excepting maybe a few references here and there, I guess it was just perfect from start to finish; there was nothing that seemed to be wrong with it, and I was completely satisfied with what the film had to offer. It was just ironclad flawless, no matter what the element; I do love Ikrans, after all, hence my namesake, LOL! Perhaps that's why I never had an incident in certain works such as maybe Rocky, X-Men, Star Trek, Big Trouble in Little China, Sucker Punch, etc. or if it's something I'm just neutral towards; as the shoes were already full, there were hardly any gaps, or unless I don't like something that's when I get these pricks/ticks and need to let my thoughts flow, like a levee beginning to break, or a volcano releasing the pressure. I just needed an outlet for these things, otherwise I'd be completely overwhelmed by it, or even when it's partially finished, like how Fanfictiondreamer and I describe our own Showitious. It's just like how the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And hell, unlike those greedy people at Disney, I have a story to tell, and I don't want to change anything that's already perfect since there's virtually nothing to improve nor expand upon! They're just flawless the way they are! I suppose other artists have felt the same ways as I have, even Fanfictiondreamer. I hope I am right on this. The mind is kind of mysterious on how it works, and it is absolutely a terrible thing to waste, as our own potential and feelings.
  3. General_Macbeth

    Sprite Artist for Fan Fiction

    Good Afternoon dear SFO Community. I´m working with the User SNES1993 on my 2nd Star Fox Fan Fiction (the first one is in German) & i would like to make a custom Star Map of the Lylat System for it like this example here: Source: DeviantArt (User Tango458) So now i´m looking for someone who has experience in Sprite or Pixel Artwork which i could request or Commission (payment possible via PayPal) Please comment below if someone is interested in helping me creating the custom Map Regards G_Macbeth,