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Found 5 results

  1. The rant has been moved to a new thread due to post length limitations in my OP here. Read the rant >HERE. DO NOT POST IN THAT THREAD. IT IS FOR READING PURPOSES ONLY. ALL DISCUSSION OF ASSAULT AND MY RANT SHOULD BE HELD HERE.
  2. Shmibli7

    Itching for RP.

    I need some rp. I really need it. The rp thread is dead now and all of my rp friends are gone. I don't want the rp thread to go away and it was a very fun thing tk do. Hopefully, there will be more rp in the future.
  4. Robert Monroe

    Starfox Assault MEGA RANT (READ ONLY)

    My ravings about Assault were so long and massive that I hit the post length limit! So in the name of keeping my rant together and in one place I'm going to be posting the rant here for quick and easy access. DO NOT POST OR REPLY TO THIS THREAD. DIRECT ALL DISCUSSION FOR THIS RANT TO >THIS TOPIC. THIS THREAD IS FOR READING PURPOSES ONLY. Alright, folks. This is it, my complete and utterly thorough review of Starfox Assault, one that has been stewing in my head for ages, never really having need or purpose to actually commit to writing it... until now. Things changed. See, as some of you may have already known, I've been living in California for the past 3 and a half years, being native to NC. It was a spur of the moment deal, and as a result all of my Nintendo consoles and games have been left behind at home untouched and played by me for years. Well recently, I went searching through the garage of my new home (my girlfriend's family) and uncovered a Wii, and some Gamecube games. Among them was Starfox Assault... so I invested in a memory card to spare me having to play this whole thing in one endless session, and over the past week have completed the game for the first time in nearly half a decade. I never really had a cohesive, collected view of Assault formulated in my mind, just impulsive feelings based off memories of when I used to play it in the mid-2000s. I remember most of the game vividly, but the firsthand knowledge of the game from freshly playing it was gone. No longer the case, now. With Assault's 10 year birthday this year, I figure it's high time I out this one down for good, and finally let my demons out. This is going to be a LONG post, mind you all, and I will be examining the game as it is presented level by level rather than any real categories. This is effectively a written and formulated expression of my raw feelings of the game. So without further delay, let's just crack into this awful game, once and for all. This rant is HUMONGOUS, so it will be uploaded in chunks. OPENING VIDEO/TITLE/OPTIONS/ETC FORTUNA: A NEW ENEMY KATINA: FRONTIER BASE BATTLE SARGASSO: HOSTILITIES REVISITED FICHINA: INTO THE STORM ASTEROID BELT: THE APAROID MENACE SAURIA: REUNION CORNERIA: WAR COMES HOME ORBITAL GATE: INCOMING APAROID HOMEWORLD: BREACHING THE DEFENSES
  5. So I draw sometimes... I also dabble in some photo manipulation, as well as writing and forum sig creation so when I make shit I feel like sharing, I'll post it here: DRAWINGS:---------------------------------------------------- My current avatar... well, everywhere. I try to keep things universal. Tis one of my OC's, Avery, looking all excited about shit. (holy image size batman) I dont like this one... there were no less than 5 things I hated about it, but Fedora requested to see some of my more recent works so this is what I got.. Lily here was supposed to be trying to be all cool talking to someone on a stage but I got frustrated with her form and uniform and eyes and just said "fuck it" and scrapped it. Just... So much went wrong with this one... Perspective was weird, Tess's ears look like absolute shit and I just want to re-do them entirely, and just... NOTHING feels right about this one to me except MAYBE her facial expression. I actually really liked the end result of this one. Her arm is a bit off, but hey, nothing's 100% perfect.... a'course, looking back now, I notice I forgot to draw her shoulder under the jacket but, oh well. I tried something new with her ears though, and I thought that turned out well. Tess again, and I seem to have good luck with Tess most of the time because theres very little wrong with this one to me. Her expression is DEAD ON for what I wanted, and her ears actually behaved this time. I really made an effort on this one to make her nose appear more canine... I'm better off doing felines but I guess Tess is just special to whatever art gods are out there. I made this as the background of my twitch channel that I'll start using more here soon... once I stop being lazy. Basically I doodled it up as a background to show off how much of a goof I am. Photoshop/GIMP stuff:---------------------------------------------------- These two I'm actually pretty proud of. They're a pair of forum signatures I use for my Discovery Freelancer account on the Roleplaying server. Basically just profiles on a Nyx fighter and a modified Luxury Liner. I stole the UI elements from Mass Effect 2, wiped em of anything that wasnt just the background UI element, and added in the pictures I wanted, adjusted the colours to match the orange theme. The little logo in the lower left is the official player faction IMG logo, which was already transparent so that was pretty easy to toss in. The logo behind all the text on the right was a bit more tricky because of the sizes and transparency but I eventually got it to what I wanted. And yes, I stole the McCloud name for my roleplay characters over on Discovery. Its a hell of a lot easier to keep track of the multitude of characters I use when most of them have the same surname, and... well shit, McCloud is an awesome name. Sue me. I recently learned how to make gifs from videos. This was just too perfect. I have since added it to my arsenal of forum weapons. You all have been warned. Writing:---------------------------------------------------- <<to be posted>> I've done some writings before but I've taken them down later out of sheer embarrassment. As of now, none exist so I couldn't post em even if I wanted to. I haven't written in a long time so maybe I'll pick it up again.