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Found 6 results

  1. Hello guys. As many of you may know, I'm new on this website and this is my first blog here. I'm announcing that I'm working on a fan comic that takes place after Star Fox Command, but doesn't take place in the multiple endings the game provides you. Instead of Fox retiring and having Marcus or Krystal becoming Kursed, team Star Fox had lost against the Anglar Empire. Every member who are/were a part of Star Fox are either captured, missing, or presumed dead. From what I can tell you now, Fox is presumed to be killed in action. Because of team Star Fox's failure Corneria has been taken over by the Anglar Empire, turning the once great city into a distopian society. The Anglars have forced Cornerians to live a life of oppression and under their rule. Even though a Cornerian has the chance of becoming a bounty hunter, they're often not popular and would have to choose between death or obeying orders from their superiors. Currently, it has been twenty five years after the Anglar's won, so around the year 37ALW. To be honest, I've already worked on a couple pages. Because my prologue is finished, I'll offer a link to the pages below. They may be outdated when it comes to my artistic skill, but I hope you like them anyways!
  2. This is only an excerpt. If anyone is interested in doing a Chanbara (samurai genre) based StarFox fanfic: The dingy atmosphere of the bar mingled with the stench of villainy present within. Places like these were rampant across the backwater planet designated as Kew. It is here crime and all sorts of sin were committed by countless individuals who's hearts were blackened with hate and anger. In the corner of the room sat a lone vulpine quietly eating his grub. he wore a slightly worn flight suit with a Wakizashi and Tanto strapped on the side of his hips. On the table next to his meal lay a basket weaved conical hat with holes cut in front to provide the wearer some vision. on the bench he sat on, a Katana lay just within his reach. This man here is non other than former mercenary pilot, Fox McCloud. It had been roughly 2 years since the Anglar war had ended. For him it was no happy ending. He had lost everything, his team, the woman he loved and worst of all, his family honor. all of which was taken from him by Star Wolf. It seemed as though the McCloud bloodline would end in this shameful manner, however after a full month of wallowing in depression, he was later on plagued with visions of an astral hand forging a celestial blade that he saw in his sleep. as 5 months worth of visions progressed, the blade in these visions glowed faintly but grew brighter as time passed. By the end of the fifth month a miracle occurred. That fateful night, His friend falco, came to check on him but as he entered the room he was unprepared for the great spectacle that unfolded before him. Fox was levitating a few feet off his bed, his eyes replaced with a starry void in their place. In a great flash of light, an astral arm erupted from his chest holding a divine blade, a sacred katana firmly in it's grip. Falco saw that Fox suddenly regained consciousness and gladly held the sword, of which the astral hand disappeared. He then receded the sword back into a sheath that Falco claims was not there when he came in. As soon as the sword was fully withdrawn back into it's sheath, Fox's eyes returned to their usual green color and he calmly looked back at Falco who was in total shock as to what had happened. On that night, Fox found a new purpose in life upon acquiring this sacred blade. For about a year and a half, he wandered lylat and the galaxy protecting the innocent and smiting evil with this weapon, forged from his own soul and imbued with purity and strength. In time stories of this lone swordsman pilot spread and in time he became a legend and ascended to a mythical status as he who is called the "Samurai pilot". However he had created many enemies from crime lords, gangsters, and corrupted military officials, who only wished to destroy him and take the divine weapons that he had possessed. By this time, his wandering had brought him to Kew. at that present moment, his bounty on his head was greater than Star Wolf's during the Anglar war. As Fox quietly chewed his meal, he calmly noticed that a particular blue furred vixen was eyeing him on the far side of the table. Her fur was grimy and she wore a rather revealing outfit. Her hair was purple and she wore a green diamond over her forehead. she glared silently at the vulpine with an unusual air of familiarity, almost as though she knew him long ago. Fox quietly continued eating despite of this. As soon as he swallowed his grub, he set down the plate and quietly reached with his left arm, for the Katana near him. For a few seconds of silence his hand slowly inched it's way toward the sword. suddenly as he was almost about to grab the Katana, the sound of a blaster charging entered his ears, he looked back to see the vixen and several other bounty hunters all pointing their weapons in his direction. Using his right hand he quietly ate another spoonful, calmly ignoring the bounty hunters's guns. As soon as he swallowed. He quietly and silently prepared himself to grab the katana and dash under the table. . . . I hope there is anyone interested in writing a Chanbara StarFox fanfic. I can't write a full on fanfic. only drawings and small excerpts. If anyone is interested in doing a chanbara work set in the game's timeline. It must evoke the action and grittiness from Samurai jack and Afro Samurai.
  3. Zero is coming out next month & its wired that we barely have any new information on it yet. Usually Nintendo console games are marketed pretty well & by the time the game is out we know what to expect however this is not the case with SFZ. We don't really know what to expect and what they've shown us is underwhelming and somewhat comparable to Command. Both Zero & Command lack sufficient trailers before release, both games implemented innovated ways to play, and both games resemble Star Fox 2. Some of us thought at the time that touch screen controls would be good but turns out they weren't. Some of us also thought it would be nice to see SF2 elements return but after playing through timed and constant all-range mode missions we probably changed our minds. It seems Zero is taking the same route as Command however I would like to stress that unlike Command, the dev's working on Zero kept the interesting elements from SF2 so far. This is great and to top it all off the motion controls are optional (which weren't in command) yet, one thing still bugs me and its that Star Fox Zero (the game that will restart the series for the 3rd time) lacks publicity. I mean think about it, there's less then 40 days & we barley know anything. If this is the game that will relaunch the franchise then would't they want to release more information? So what are your thoughts concerning Zero's future & do you think it's comparable to Command?
  4. Hypothetical scenario: Nintendo announces the new game will start from one of Command's endings, and asked you to pick your favorite (or least hated) ending. So which ending would you choose?
  5. I've never played Starfox Command. Based on what I've seen throughout the site, I found that most of the people here seem to dislike the game, specifically for its story. While I've not played it, I actually, based on what I've read, dislike its gameplay and like its storyline. Reading its storyline, as one might put it, gave me feels. It made me sad. And that one ending where I kind of want a game to be sad. Something that evokes a lot of emotion, y'know? Of course, that doesn't mean I want any of this to be canon. As far as canon is concerned, if any of the endings of Command actually happened the games would be ruined almost beyond repair, I think. I also think some of the other endings such as the one where was very weird. But ultimately, I've not played the games so I can't really say much on this. I will say that I didn't like the art of the games, and I don't have a clear understanding of what the gameplay is like. No matter. I want to hear what you guys think. And please let me know and forgive me if I've broken some rule by creating this topic. Please let me know how the gameplay actually works in this game, by the way. Also, would Command actually ruin my view of the Starfox series? I played and liked both Adventures and Assault, and loved Assault. I also read the N64 comic and the comic Farewell Beloved Falco. I liked them both but preferred Farewell Beloved Falco. Also, do characters talk to you in the middle of gameplay like other starfox games? Something interesting: I found it rather odd to find X Play interviewing one of the Starfox creators who made the originals, the N64 one, and Command, I believe, and they praised him for Command and dissed Adventures and Assault, which I found unusual. Despite what I've said here, I think Command is likely the worst out of the series.
  6. manthony_Higgs

    Just ordered Command off of Amazon!

    I ordered it with one day shipping, so I imagine it will come in late tomorrow night. I'll probably have my first impressions up the day after. Also I just noticed the attach files button