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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, this is genuinly starting to p**s me off. Ever since I've had my brother reformat and redo my computer about a month ago to get rid of that virus, I've been more or less unable to play TF2, or Garry's Mod for that matter as well. Why? Every time I load into the game and join a server, it gets to the end of Retrieving Server Info, then just crashes out directly, and says 'You are out of memory', even though I have 3 whole GB of RAM in computer, plus an extra 4 GB Page File on my internal hard drive. This has been doing this every time I've tried to play TF2 since the revival of my computer, and it's really making me frustrated. I have no idea if any of any of you are expert problem solvers on problems with the Source Engine, but I just know that the Valve support team will refuse to talk to me (I asked their help a multiple times a few months ago, they never ever replied back), and I'm also aware that some other Steam users are having the same problem as me, and no one knows why. I don't see how I can be running out of memory because like I said, I have 3 GB (2x1.5GB) of memory in my computer, plus an extra 4GB allocated as page file memory on my hard drive. Here's a brief rundown on what happens. - I load the game, it gets to the main menu, loads up the music, freezes for two or three seconds, then unfreezes. - I join a server (Or create a listen server of my own in case I'm training with bots). It gets to Retrieving Server Info, then just crashes out with the error message after a while. No matter what map or server it is that the game's trying to load up, it always crashes at Retrieving Server Info. Last night, I experimented with the -debug and -dev switches while having the RAM usage monitor in the Task Manager focused. I managed to get TF2 to load up into a map once (pl_goldrush), but the game was using over 2GB of my memory, that's nearly THREE TIMES as much as it usually needs. The usual amount of RAM the game used to use was around 750MB of RAM to 1.2GB, if I was playing in a server with around 20 players. I've also tried resetting all my video settings back to default using various switches such as mat_forceejecute, mat_forcehardwaresync and mat_dxlevel. I've also uninstalled and redownloaded TF2. Still no dice. Also, when the game loads up into the main menu, it's already using 350MB. Before my computer was redone, it used to use only around 100MB. My external hard drive on which all my stuff and Steam games, etc is completely defragged, CCleaned and free of viruses, so I'm rather perplexed at why this is doing it for me and the people I've seen on the Steam forums who have my problem. And I don't expect the Valve or TF2 Staff to help out at any moment if they never replied back to my questions a long time ago. Any of you have any suggestions on what's happening?
  2. Pgpaw3

    Source games crash computer

    Recently I have been experiencing a problem where my computer will shut down randomly and without warning while playing games. There is no timing to when it will do it, it just does. It doesn't go though the whole windows 7 shutting down sequence, it just turns off. Pretty much the only thing it does this with is with Source games, but it has occurred once on Saints Row: The Third as well. I have reinstalled my graphics and network drivers and neither did anything. I have also turned my fan onto the highest setting and it still occurs. I have an MSI GT70 with: Intel i7-3610QM 3 GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 670M 16 GB of Ram Windows 7 64 bit Usually the split second before it turns off and it shows my computer, my network card software appears asking if I want to do an internet speed test. It seems to only crashes on these games and I can play other games like DayZ, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim without issues. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.