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Found 6 results

  1. TheIkranRider

    Ikran's F-Zero timeline

    Alright, since Starfox has close ties to another underrated series, F-Zero, might as well do this next. Introducing my F-Zero timeline! Ok, yeah it is kind of obvious since some fans have splurged GP Legend into the main timeline, but hear me out: So, much like the chronology, it starts the hyper futuristic race we know as F-Zero (200 years after the fatal F-MAX) that took place in 2560, the same race when Sterling LaVaughn first raced in. Then, there was the unfortunate event known as the Horrific Accident, aka the Grand Finale, in which Deathborn caused the lethal crash at the last course of the King League, Fire Field. The Grand Prix was suspended for seven years until, thanks to the persuasion from Super Arrow, the Federation Congress decided to resume the sport with the F-Zero X competition in 2567. Unlike the main chronology, there was a pilot that seemed to have returned from the dead, Tinsel Steelus. Aside from introducing the Duelists, Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler, to the upcoming event (F-Zero GX) several years later, probably in 2573. It was thanks to Falcon that spread her wings and started to race again since the original Grand Prix 13 years prior and that incident in White Land. Now, GP Legend would be in an alternate continuity, as would Climax, but both the GBA game and the anime were released at the same time in Japan in 2003, and then the US a year later. So, it's only fair to include both in the same timeframe. Here's the lowdown: In my OC's timeline, they both take place one year after the events of GX. In 2574, the scenarios of the anime went first, but only the first two Laps when Rick was awakened from the 150-year cold sleep and was just starting out; however, Lucy wasn't included in the game's Story Mode, so I theorized that the game must've taken place before the end of the second Lap prior to Lucy Liberty and Tinsel joining the Task Force. The anime resumed from there, and of course there were also the events from "Ending it All (F-Zero crossover)," which made some of the circumstances altered in the Japanese/English dubs. They just skewed into a different tangent because of the unexpected cancellation of the English dubs. And finally, the latest Grand Prix, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, which occurs in 2585 (25 years after the original; I think having it a quarter century after GX was a mistake as it'll take us back to the settings from the original). The future's yet to come involving the all-new pilots, machines, and courses, though it's unknown as to how the competition had reduced from the intense, advanced rules to that from the original competition. Perhaps the Federation were having a restart. The future is hard to see. Feel free to make your own timeline for the F-Zero series, and let's hope it lives on. Such stories in the timeline include: Falcon's Followers The Samurai Returns Cold as Ice Rick's Lament Vulnerability of a Hero Ryu's Immigration Tanaka in Trouble Merry Christmas, Rick! Tinsel's Trial Tinsel's Interview with Mr. Zero Ending it All Man of Destiny An Action Point for Valentine's The Power of the Falcon PJ, the Empyrean Colonist The Bostonian Comes Home To Be Married and Loved
  2. TheIkranRider

    Daemon Rising with a SMASH!

    Introducing a fic I came up with since I was a teenager, and my first fic posted on this site. This one centers on SSBM as well as ReBoot's Season 4, specifically the first 4 episodes in the Daemon saga. Yes, there will be some members from the Starfox team, but that won't be till later. For now, here are the misadventures of Samus Aran and my OC/Pokémon Trainer, Akari, as they prepare for the war against Daemon and The Word! I will also be posting a vid for each chapter as well. Daemon Rising...with a SMASH! A/N: I was going to save this project for much later, by the time I'm done with the ReBoot/Pokémon crossovers, but I feel it might be foolish to wait that long. So here's the first chapter of a project I've worked on several years ago. This is actually a ReBoot crossover with Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it takes place during the Daemon saga. Enjoy. Chapter 1 - WARNING! Incoming...Guardians? Deep in the vast space of the Web, a humongous, yellow spaceship was found wandering aimlessly with no particular destination. It was patrolling the universe for any signs of danger that would be a threat to the fellow citizens of the Net. The pilot was a female in a red, orange cyber suit with a green visor. She was the bounty hunter, Samus Aran. So far it'd been very quiet ever since Megabyte was thrown into a portal while being mauled by a Web Creature. They usually hunt for sustenance and travel in enormous packs, protecting their "digital domain," as Ray would call it. Content, she decided to steer to Mainframe where her best friend, Bob, Guardian 452, was located in. She couldn't wait to see him and his friends again. She reminisced when she first saved his life after he was trapped inside a capsule which was launched by his rival. She was circling the planet as she saw him and immediately used her tractor beam to take him into the haul. The most stunning thing was that he didn't have his key tool, Glitch. So it was up to her to take care of him until he was well enough to meet Enzo, now known as Matrix, and the others. She eventually found some Deformed Sprites who were rebels to the Web Creatures and who were also on exile like him. Although they never spoke any English, she could understand them as they spoke in dial tones. So she recruited them to help her look after Bob, find his comrades, and save the Net. Just then an alarm brought her out of her reverie. She pressed a button on her dashboard and spoke to the Intercom. "Samus, we've got trouble!" It was a distress call coming from Mainframe and Dot, the commander of the Principal Office, was calling. "Oh, hey, Dot. I was just on my way to visit you...What do you mean by trouble?" Samus' face clouded as she heard the news. "I've sent Matrix and AndrAIa to patrol the System. Unfortunately, we're under attack!" "By who?!" Samus was shocked at the news. She thought it would be Megabyte again, but, unfortunately, it was nothing she'd expected. "It's the Guardians! They're heading straight for us! Hurry-!" Suddenly there was nothing but static, and since her equipment never fails, she was horrified. "Why are they attacking Mainframe? Who's in charge of all this!" She shook her head to clear it. "No matter. I won't attack them. I'll just watch them and find out who's making them do what they're doing. Something's not right. I have to go." Hopeless, she sighed and set a course to Mainframe as fast as the engines would carry her. A/N: Sorry if this chapter's short, but I'm stirring the pot. The good stuff will happen later. And here's the vid for that: And here's Part 2 of that said vid: Chapter 2 - Assault on Mainframe As Samus was heading to Mainframe she saw a few small armies of Web Creatures heading toward her ship. An alarm went off indicating that and she took the helm as she was shooting them to space dust. At first there were the hammer-head shark classes, but then they grew tougher. Others were more sophisticated like the rebellious Web Riders. There was actually a large group of the hammer-heads forming into a large entity. Fortunately, due to Samus's massive plasma cannon, they degenerated. Soon they retreated and it was smooth sailing, until she saw a horrible sight. The System was being demolished by the Guardians. Raids were coming from large jets soaring in groups, and on the other side were Binomes who were protecting the Principal Office. As she surveyed the damage she saw that the Control Tower was destroyed in the Kits Sector. It was the main reason why she lost Dot's call. But the strangest thing was there was a doorway in the sky. This was not good because it could leave Mainframe on-line and vulnerable to enemy attack, or worse Daemon's infection. She then realized that the Guardians were using doors instead of portals. "Whatever happened to their key tools...? Unless, could they have abandoned them?" She began to worry about the Guardians' actions; she believed that the super virus was behind all this. All the rumors she heard were true, especially from a good friend of hers as she called on the Intercom. "Akari, is that you?" "Yeah, it's me!" Akari had short, brown hair and she wore a pink shirt with the SSB logo on it. She was from somewhere in the Net, training her Pokémon as she took them to very exotic places. She always went by her motto as she always wanted to take them "where no Pokémon, or no trainer has gone before." One day she was sending all her Pokémon from Professor Oak's lab to the wide-open frontier where she lived with Mewtwo. While she was doing it, she suddenly got sucked into the computer itself and wound up in Mainframe. She hurriedly brought some Pokémon with her, just so they could eventually get used to it for the first few cycles. Since then she became Bob's assistant, fighting off viruses and Users. She was also the one who summoned Samus as the System was in peril during the war against the Web. It was then she used some of her Pokémon to look after Enzo and his friends until Bob was well. But as she grew older she decided to lend them to Mewtwo's care. She continued talking as the assault raged on. "Samus, there is something you should know. Y'know the rumors surrounding Daemon taking control of the Guardians and infecting the Net?" Samus nodded. "It's true! The super virus has infected other Systems as well, just like the same way she's trying to do here. Dot's trying her best to seal the others with a Firewall, but I'm not sure if they could be strong enough to...Wait! Why are they stopping?!" Sure enough the ships stood still. And Samus saw Bob who was in front of the Armada. Matrix and AndrAIa were also in the mix. On the other side a translucent face of a Guardian appeared. It spoke, "Your time has come. Lay down your arms, join with us!" Bob realized it was Cardon, his roommate at the Academy. Why is he mixed up in all this? Samus thought. He talked again. "That was the past. Now there is no past, no future, only the Word. And the Word is Daemon." He smiled at the sensation of being infected, although she realized it was her worst nightmare. The Guardians were being brainwashed by the infection as she saw some streaks of glowing green lines on his face. She swore that Bob will never be one of them and that she will protect him at all costs. Infuriated, Matrix shouted, "I've had enough!" Just then a barrage of missiles shot out from his aircraft and they started to hit the ships on the opposing side. Cardon's signal was no more, and the onslaught was on again. Samus couldn't possibly help them shoot down the Guardians. They were a vital part in defending the other Systems, and she kept remembering how Bob loathes people, even viruses, getting deleted. So she had no choice but to watch from above. A few moments later, the sky turned purple and radical lightning started to flash. There was a digital female that kept saying, "Warning, Incoming Game." It was a signal that a Game Cube was coming. Just then an enormous, electrocuting, purple cube was dropping onto the battlefield; the combatants didn't really care of what's happening, except Bob who ordered Matrix and AndrAIa to pursue it. As the cube was falling, she zoomed in on an individual who was running away from the Sector. It was Akari and she saw Samus' ship. She waved her hands, telling her that she needed to be taken up for safety. She did just in time before the Cube landed. She materialized inside the haul in a bright, silvery tube. She ran to the cockpit and warned Samus, "I think the Guardians didn't see us, but we should go just in case." She nodded in approval. "I agree. There's nothing we could do but watch and wait. We still have to keep our eyes peeled and see what happens. With Daemon, she could possibly do anything. I've never dealt with a super virus before." "What about the Mother Brain or Ridley...or even your dark self...?" "Those were just mere tools...they are nothing compared to this. We should watch closely and avoid being detected." With that she initiated her cloaking device that Slippy gave to her. It worked like a charm as no one, not even the Guardians could see her. She then noticed that Bob was still in the fray but he was using his powers to contain the Guardians' ships. However, something was wrong. After each blast, his body started to fade in and out and he was losing energy. "What's happening?" Akari asked. Samus guessed that it had to do with the merging of his Key Tool. She had a flashback of him doing it because it was a last resort in making a portal to Mainframe. At the time the Saucy Mare was caught in a Web trap created by Mouse, fortunately they all made it safely. After the Game Cube landed with a deafening boom, the sky turned back to normal. Samus and Akari continued to watch the fray as they were trying to figure out who or what they're dealing with. A/N: Akari is a Japanese name for a girl, meaning light and brightness. I thought it could be a nice touch. She is my OC, after all. Now you know a little something about my past. I always imagined bringing Pokémon to many unknown places, and I'd been fantasizing about helping Bob out with Samus. And now I'm writing about it, whoop whoop! Anyways, I hope you're enjoying this fic and I should warn you that...Well, everyone knows the story in Daemon Rising and so I've decided to put it in a different POV. More is yet to come, so stand by. Ciao.
  3. fanfictiondreamer

    Powerful Harmony

    The Heartless threat continued to escalate. Under the command of a mysterious man who calls himself Ansem, the Heartless penetrated many worlds, draining them of their essence. The threat soon spread to worlds that not even the Great Wizard, himself knew still existed. 1 such world was at war with a particularly different enemy. The Heartless soon open a rift and reign terror on many of the inhabitants. The heroes of that world were powerless to stop them and the deterioration process would soon commence. In the time of great need, Naminé called out to send the Benders in order to end the threat. “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world.” However, they were busy on another mission. At that time, Fox and his friends were sent out to fight the Heartless for as long as they could. Upon the benders' arrival, they teamed up with the heroes of that world. Together, they aim to end the Heartless threat by permanently sealing all the Keyholes to ensure that the threat could no longer penetrate that world and endanger its very existence, anymore. Naminé: “You must send the Benders; they are the only ones who can save that world! There’s not much time! You have to trust me; send the Benders!”
  4. Jetfire507

    Star Fox Crossover Ideas

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share some crossover ideas I've had between Star Fox and other videogames, if you don't get it, it's the Star Fox characters as the ones from the games I'll show ya: Super Mario Fox - Mario Falco - Luigi Krystal - Peach Katt - Daisy Lucy - Rosalina Wolf - Wario Panther - Waluigi Slippy - Toad Amanda - Toadette Peppy - Toadsworth Tricky - Yoshi Bill - Geno Fara - Pauline General Scales - Bowser Andross - Cranky Kong Dash - Donkey Kong Andrew - Diddy Kong WarioWare Inc. Fox - Wario Krystal - Mona Falco - Jimmy T. Bill - Dribble Kool - Spitz Slippy - 9-Volt Yaru de Pon - 18-Volt Katt - Kat Amanda - Ana Peppy - Dr. Crygor Lucy - Penny Crygor ROB - Mike Leon - Orbulon Miyu - Ashley Dash - Young Cricket Pepper - Master Mantis Fara - Vanessa Tekken Tekken 1 and 2 Wolf - Kazuya Mishima Andross - Heihachi Mishima Lucy - Jun Kazama Fox - Paul Phoenix Krystal - Michelle Chang Falco - Marshall Law Bill - Lei Wulong Dash - Lee Chaolan Slippy - Yoshimitsu Amanda - Kunimitsu Fara - Nina Williams Katt - Anna Williams Panther - Bruce Irvin Pigma - Ganryu Kool - Baek Doo San Tekken 3 to 6 Fox - Jin Kazama Krystal - Ling Xiaoyu Falco - Hwoarang Katt - Asuka Kazama Slippy - Yoshimitsu Amanda - Kunimitsu James - Kazuya Mishima Vixy - Jun Kazama Sabre - Lars Alexandersson Peppy - Dr. Bosconovitch Lucy - Alisa Bosconovitch Andross - Heihachi Mishima Dash - Lee Chaolan Bill - Steve Fox Miyu - Zafina Fay - Lili de Rochefort Wolf - Raven Leon - Sergei Dragunov Panther - Miguel Caballero Rojo Shears - Bryan Fury Fara - Julia Chang ROB - Combot General Scales - Ancient Ogre Castlevania Fox - Trevor Belmont Krystal - Sypha Belnades Slippy - Grant Danasty Falco - Alucard Marcus - Simon Belmont Sabre - Richter Belmont Katt - Maria Renard James - Leon Belmont Vixy - Sara Trantoul Andross - Dracula/Mathias Cronqvist Leon - Death General Scales - Slogra Drakor - Gaibon Pigma - Golem Wolf - Cornell Andrew - Shaft Peppy - John Morris Panther - Eric Lecarde Miyu - Shanoa Bill - Reinhardt Schneider Fay - Carrie Fernandez Fara - Sonia Belmont Mortal Kombat Fox - Liu Kang Krystal - Kitana Bill - Sub-Zero Wolf - Scorpion Kool - Smoke Falco - Johnny Cage Katt - Sonya Blade Slippy - Stryker Lucy - Jade Amanda - Khamelion ROB - Cyrax Hot Rodders' robot - Sektor Pepper - Raiden Sabre - Ermac Bowsor - Jax Mouser - Kenshi Leon - Reptile Panther - Rain Kursed - Mileena Dash - Kung Lao Fara - Skarlet Miyu - Tanya Fay - Li Mei Peppy - Bo Rai Cho Vivian - Sindel James - Noob Saibot Vixy - Sareena Andross - Shao Kahn Anglar Emperor - Shinnok Zazan - Reiko General Scales - Onaga Andrew - Shang Tsung Captain Shears - Quan Chi Pigma - Goro Legend of Zelda (it's kinda funny since SF Adventures actually resembled LoZ in many ways xD) Fox - Link Krystal - Zelda/Sheik Andross - Ganondorf Fara - Impa Falco - Captain Linebeck Katt - Tetra Fara - Saria Slippy - Tingle Miyu - Midna Fay - Malon Amanda - Pinkle Lucy - Lana Peppy - Rauru/Kaepora Gaebora Wolf - Zant Leon - Vaati Panther - Ghirahim Andrew - Agahnim Resident Evil Fox - Chris Redfield Krystal - Jill Valentine Wolf - Albert Wesker Falco - Leon S. Kennedy Katt - Ada Wong Peppy - Barry Burton Lucy - Moira Burton Miyu - Claire Redfield Fay - Rebecca Chambers Bill - Billy Coen Panther - Carlos Oliveira Fara - Sheva Alomar Metal Gear Solid Big Boss era James - Naked Snake/Big Boss Vixy - EVA Wolf - Major Ocelot Peppy - Kaz Miller Beltino - Huey Emmerich Vivian - Para-Medic Pepper - Sigint Andross - Zero Miyu - Quiet Fay - Paz Ortega Solid Snake era Wolf - Solid Snake Slippy - Otacon Krystal - Meryl Silberburgh Fox - Johnny Sasaki Peppy - Colonel Campbell Bill - Raiden Falco- Cyborg Ninja/Gray Fox Fay - Naomi Hunter Lucy - Mei Ling Katt - Gustava Heffner Kool - Liquid Snake Andrew - Revolver Ocelot Leon - Psycho Mantis Fara - Sniper Wolf General Scales - Vulcan Raven Pigma - Fatman Miyu - Fortune Panther - Vamp Shears - Solidus Snake Street Fighter Fox - Ryu Falco - Ken Krystal - Chun-Li Bill - Guile Slippy - E. Honda Kool - Charlie Nash Katt - Cammy Sabre - T. Hawk Peppy - Gouki Lucy - Ibuki Miyu - Makoto Fara - Sakura Fay - Karin Dash - Dee Jay Pepper - Gen Andross - M. Bison Wolf - Sagat Panther - Vega Leon - Necro Andrew - Adon Pigma - Birdie Kursed - Juri Han Team Fortress 2 Falco - Scout Bill - Soldier Leon - Pyro Wolf - Demoman Slippy - Heavy Peppy - Engineer Dash - Medic Fox - Sniper Panther - Spy Andross - Merasmus Vivian - The Administrator James - Saxton Hale Katt - Female Scout Fara - Female Pyro Miyu - Female Heavy Lucy - Female Engineer Amanda - Female Medic Krystal - Female Sniper Fay - Female Spy Metal Slug Fox - Marco Rossi Falco - Tarma Roving Krystal - Fio Germi Katt - Eri Kasamoto Bill - Trevor Spacey Fay - Nadia Cassel Panther - Walter Ryan Miyu - Tyra Elson Peppy - Hyakutaro Ichimonji Lucy - Rumi Aikawa Wolf - Allen O'Neil Andross - Donald Morden Left 4 Dead (1 and 2) Peppy - Bill Falco - Francis Bill - Louis Krystal - Zoey Wolf - Nick Fox - Ellis Slippy - Coach Katt - Rochelle Overwatch Fox - McCree Falco - Hanzo Slippy - Torbjörn Krystal - Tracer Peppy - Reinhardt ROB - Bastion Bill - Soldier: 76 Kursed - Widowmaker Lucy - Mercy Katt - Pharah Fara - Symmetra Amanda - Mei Kool - Genji Dash - Zenyatta Miyu - Zarya Fay - D.Va Andross - Winston Wolf - Reaper Leon - Junkrat Panther - Lucio Pigma - Roadhog Final Fantasy X/X-2 Fox - Tidus Krystal - Yuna Falco - Wakka Wolf - Auron Lucy - Rikku Katt - Lulu Panther - Kimahri Miyu - Paine Slippy - Wantz Peppy - Cid Bill - Isaaru Dash - Beclem Andrew - Seymour Andross - Sin Battlefield 4 Fox - Recker Kool - Dunn Falco - Irish Slippy - Pac Lucy - Hannah Peppy - Captain Garrisson Wolf - Dima Bill - Molina Katt - Major Greenland Dash - Jin Jie Andross - Admiral Chang Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fox - Carl Johnson Wolf - Sweet Johnson Andrew - Ryder Pigma - Big Smoke Katt - Kendl Johnson Falco - Cesar Vialpando Krystal - Denise Robinson Slippy - Zero Kool - OG Loc Bill - Madd Dogg Dash - Wu Zi Mu Panther - Jizzy B. Pepper - Mike Toreno Peppy - The Truth Fara - Catalina Andross - Frank Tenpenny Shears - Eddie Pulaski Grand Theft Auto IV Fox - Niko Bellic Slippy - Roman Bellic Falco - Little Jacob Bill - Packie McReary Kool - Brucie Kibbutz Wolf - Dwayne Forge Krystal - Kate McReary Amanda - Mallorie Bardas Miyu - Marnie Allen Fay - Gracie Ancelotti Fara - Michelle/Karen Peppy - Phil Bell Andross - Dimitri Rascalov Shears - Mikhail Faustin Pigma - Vladimir Glebov Leon - Jimmy Pegorino Panther - Playboy X Grand Theft Auto V Fox - Franklin Clinton Peppy - Michael De Santa Wolf - Trevor Phillips Falco - Lamar Davis Andrew - Ron Jakowski Leon - Chef Beltino - Lester Crest Pigma - Brad Snider Andross - Wei Cheng Panther - Steve Haines Shears - Devin Weston Kool - Stretch Vivian - Amanda De Santa Lucy - Tracey De Santa Slippy - Jimmy De Santa Pepper - Dave Norton Fara - Tanisha Jackson Bill - Packie McReary Miyu - Taliana Martinez Katt - Paige Harris Dash - Ricky Luckens Krystal - Liz Macallen Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Fox - Ryu Hayabusa Krystal - Kasumi Kursed - Ayane Bill - Hayate/Ein Falco - Jann Lee Katt - Leifang Wolf - Leon Panther - Zack Leon - Bayman Fay - Helena Douglas Kool - Brad Wong Peppy - Bass Armstrong Lucy - Tina Armstrong Andross - Raidou Miyu - Mila Amanda - Momiji Fara - Rachel Andrew - Rig Pepper - Gen Fu Dash - Eliot Virtua Fighter Fox - Akira Yuki Falco - Lion Rafale Slippy - Taka-Arashi Krystal - Pai Chan Peppy - Jeffry McWild Kool - Jacky Bryant Katt - Sarah Bryant Bill - Wolf Hawkfield Pepper - Lau Chan Lucy - Aoi Umenokoji Miyu - Vanessa Lewis Fay - Eileen Dash - Lei-Fei Wolf - Kage-Maru Leon - Goh Hinogami Panther - Brad Burns Andrew - Jean Kujo Kursed - Dural Killer7 Falco - Garcian Smith/Emir Parkreiner Fox - Dan Smith Slippy - Con Smith Krystal - KAEDE Smith Wolf - Coyote Smith Leon - Kevin Smith Panther - MASK De Smith Pepper - Harman Smith Bill - Iwazaru Fay - Mizaru Dash - Kikazaru Peppy - Christopher Mills Lucy - LOVE Wilcox Katt - Linda Vermillion Miyu - Samantha Sitbon Andross - Kun Lan Andrew - Curtis Blackburn Kool - Andrei Ulmeyda Shears - Benjamin Keane F-Zero Falco - Captain Falcon Fox - Dr. Stewart Slippy - Draq Krystal - Jody Summer Peppy - Super Arrow Wolf - Samurai Goroh Leon - Pico Panther - Baba Andrew - The Skull Pigma - Don Genie ROB - Mighty Gazelle Bill - Phoenix Dash - Billy Yaru de Pon - Roger Buster Kool - Jack Levin Katt - Kate Alen Lucy - Lisa Brilliant Amanda - Megan Miyu - Princia Ramode Fay - Lily Flyer Fara - Lucy Liberty Kursed - Kumiko Pepper - Silver Neelsen Beltino - Dr. Clash James - James McCloud (this was a no brainer of course xD) Vixy - Jane B. Christie Vivian - Mrs. Arrow Andross - Black Shadow Shears - Zoda Octoman - Octoman himself (since he was a boss in Star Fox Command, he's technically a Star Fox character too ) Scales - Bio Rex Caiman - Beastman Ruffian - Michael Chain Heavy Rain Fox - Ethan Mars Krystal - Madison Paige Falco - Norman Jayden Pigma - Scott Shelby/Origami Killer Marcus - Shaun Mars Fara - Grace Mars Fay - Lauren Winter Wolf - Carter Blake Panther - Ash Shears - Leighton Perry Leon - Adrian Baker/The Doctor Andross - Charles Kramer Andrew - Gordi Kramer Kool - Brad Silver Bowsor - Jackson Neville Vigilante 8 Krystal - Chasey Blue Falco - John Torque Fox - Agent R. Chase Slippy - Dave Peppy - Convoy Lucy - Sheila Vivian - Houston Andrew - Lord Clyde Katt - Obake Wolf - Sid Burn Leon - Loki Pigma - Molo Panther - Boogie Kursed - Nina Loco Shears - Padre Destino Bill - Dusty Earth Dash - Astronaut Bob O. So, what you guys think? Leave your opinions in the comments, and if you have any suggestions as well, say them
  5. fanfictiondreamer

    Another Ultimate Story List

    As I have mentioned before, there are other universes that will make an appearance in the story as well as become part of it's main plot. They are shows and games that I enjoy very much and this is my way of expressing how much I really enjoy them. The following shows and games that are guaranteed to be part of the Ultimate Story: Yu-gi-oh Sly Cooper Teen Titans Jak Avatar the Last Airbender Ben 10 Alien Force Naruto Cyborg 009 How they will appear in the story is a secret that you need to find out. I will continue to post new entries whenever the time comes.
  6. Jeroscope

    Jero's Scraps Thread

    Hello everyone! So I usually have a lot of ideas milling around in my head about different ideas and such, and whenever I have them they simply pass without being used. So I want to toss my scrap ideas here where someone else might get some use out of them or I can pick them back up later. JUST ASK PERMISSION BEFORE USING THEM. My first is inspired by a piece of music that I've been listening to, in particular Shepard of the Galaxy by Big Giant Circles A great piece about the Mass Effect trilogy as a whole, tying in the different themes of the series. BACK STORY TIME!!! This got me thinking of a potential crossover between Star Fox and Mass Effect. It would be taking places roughly ten years after Mass Effect 3 ended, destroy ending of course. The Galaxy is in a state of civil war as the different nations argue over where power resides. On one side, we see the Turian Hierarchy, the Asari Republics, and the Vol Protectorate. On the other side, we see the Systems Alliance, the Turian Federation (a rebellion group), the Salarian Union, the Krogan Empire, and the Quarian/Geth Assembly. Poised between Alliance and Hierarchy space is the Lylat System. I decided to use my version of the Lylat System, where Star Fox 1's story has a little more depth to it, and Fara Phoenix was an original team member alongside Fox, Peppy, Falco, and Slippy. Krystal is an orphaned child picked up on Sauria when Star Fox investigated the disappearance of a research team observing the planet. Fay and Miyu are both members that were included at some point in the series. The Aparoid War brought the Lylat System to a state of unity, allowing them to band together and expand beyond the Lylat System through Corneria's Frontier Lines program, allowing mercenary teams to pave the way for the allied powers to construct bases and expand. This is where we see conflict. Star Fox unknowingly starts to investigate a territory that is currently a warzone. It's peaceful at first, but then the Great Fox is caught in the crossfire, leaving the team stuck on the planet until the Alliance secures the area. Star Fox is tossed in the brig and interrogated by an Alliance Commander by the name of Daniel Riley. Riley is also an aviator like Fox, but he's also an N7 Special Operative and Spectre candidate, meaning the Alliance is pushing for him to have experience in dealing with alien threats. After discovering Fox's intentions weren't malicious in any fashion, the Alliance capitalizes on this by setting aside land for the Lylatians to expand into, creating an ally. The Hierarchy, dead set on evicting the Lylatians out of their space for war efforts, starts attacking. The particular scene I had in my head is just before the final push, where the Joint Alliance Fleet is ready to push back against Palaven and seize the Turian capital for the Federation to assume leadership, bringing an end to the war. Using the Zypher Ring Gate technology from Corneria, the Alliance is ready to execute a surprise attack, coming in right in the middle of the Turian Fleet. Riley and Fox, having served alongside each other throughout their campaign, share a moment to pay respects to one another just before their suicide mission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Riley relaxed in his cockpit as his squadron formed up on him. He performed a standard roll call procedure, opening comms to his squadron. "All wings, report in," he said with a commanding tone in his voice. One by one, his squad responded with conviction. Striker Two, standing by. Striker Three, standing by. Striker Four, standing by. Striker Five, standing by. His team was ready, giving him the clearance to check ready to the fleet. "McCloud, is your squadron prepped?" he asked over open comms. "We're with you Riley." Daniel took a deep breath, taking in the scope of this mission. They would be outnumbered five to one. There was a slim chance for survival, but these were all acceptable loses in the broader scope of the war. He flipped on secure comms, now only talking to his team and Star Fox as they were the vanguard for the fighter groups. "Command has asked me to keep shut about this, but chances are you've all heard the scuttlebutt. There's a damn good chance none of us are going to come out of this alive." He paused for a minute to let this sink in. While Fox and his team were used to these words and often defied expectations, this was a very real risk to the Alliance pilots. Every time they've heard this, at least one squadron member has gone down. In their careers was the Reaper War and now the Civil War, where many pilots have lost their comrades and were forced to condense squadrons. They didn't want to die, but they were used to the idea that their next mission might be their last. "The reason I say this to you all is because I want you all to know is that in case one of us goes, they'll dying knowing that I believe it's been an honor serving with them. And it has been. I can't think of any other group of pilots that deserve this praise, especially with what we've gone through." Fox chimed up on comms. "Riley, my team and I have been working together for the last six years. We've gone against what were once impossible odds and have ended three major conflicts in our space, and I haven't lost a single man under my command," he said. "As long as every pilot commits themselves to their mission and their squadmates, we'll come out of this in one piece." Riley thought this over as he looked at the forming gateway in front of him. "You may have lost people before, but I feel like this time you're not going to lose a single man." Riley looked over as Fox pulled his Arwing along his wing. Maybe he was right. Maybe this time, they'd all come out of this alive against incredible odds. "Mr. McCloud, I admire your optimism... Maybe you're right. Maybe, just this once, we'll all come out of this together." Fox grinned. "Of course if I'm wrong, I'll need a new tour guide to show me around Earth, so you better not go down. Promise me that, Commander!" Riley grinned at Fox's humor. "You have my word, McCloud. Let's do this thing." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That was a rough draft of what I would have done, and I'll probably overhaul it at some point, but I hope someone can at least appreciate what I was trying to accomplish with this.