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Found 10 results

  1. Star Fox Assault's Aparoids were an interesting addition to the franchise, since they were something new and unique. Even though the problem in Adventures was pretty large scale, the Aparoids weren't focused on destruction. Instead, it was spreading across the galaxy if not the universe. The Aparoid Queen's goal seemed to be spread as far as possible, and create something new. Based on the details about the Aparoids, I think that their presence was influenced by a genre of horror known as "cosmic horror". Cosmic horror is usually defined as the fear of the unknown, and involves a greater and existential problem that simple beings like humans or Cornerians will never truly comprehend what's going on. Trying to solve the problem however, will drive the characters insane since they're dealing with something no mortal should try to deal with . For an example, it can involve a godlike alien being that is far more intelligent than us and/or defy certain parts of our known reality. The Aparoid Queen doesn't seem to defy reality in anyway, but she definitely possess supernatural intelligence as well as superior knowledge. But as shown at the end of the game, Fox and his team come out sane. What gets me more interested in the Aparoids, is the fact there could be something similar to them but different in many ways. For an example, it could be a being that is both omniscient and omnipresent, an object that warps reality around it, or merciless godlike beings that have motives beyond what a mortal can comprehend. Anyways, I like thinking about all of the possibilities on how Nintendo could expand on the fact something like the Aparoids could exist somewhere around the cosmos of the Star Fox franchise. I would like to see your ideas on what Star Fox's next existential threat would be like. Is it an object, being, or something beyond our confined reality. Please keep you ideas original.
  2. Snys93

    Starwars: the last jedi

    It's coming, like it or not, ready or not, it's coming this December. Personally I like the Force Awakens. While it was not a perfect film, I felt it was a fun film. This I hope atleast matches or exceeds. I just want it to be enjoyable compared to Rouge One. ... The movie... Ew... So anyway, this thread has to happens. What do you dudes think? It can't be as bad as... You know... Can it be better than THIS ?!?!?! ^ ...
  3. I'm really kinda upset how Mat Pat from game theory only covered two underwhelming ones about metal legs and the barrel roll being an aileron roll. Yet I believe that most people here can come up with better ones to explore with minimal effort. So, have you thought of any good theories about that fox to explore?
  4. As most people reading this probably already know, Nintendo announced their new console recently: the Nintendo Switch. If you haven't already, I recommend that you go and watch the announcement trailer. Watched it yet? Great. I will say that when we were getting rumours about the NX and all the various aspects of it, I was a bit sceptical, but now that I've seen it in action, I'm hopeful. If I can play the Skyrim Special edition on the go as shown in the trailer, it's an instant sell for me. Even more so if it supports mods(side note, how likely do you think that will be?). One think I am wondering though is how using one half of the controller will work in multiplayer will work, or if it even will for some games. So what are your thoughts? This could make for a good discussion, I think.
  5. Naza Sutera


    Guys, I wanna thank you for being interested in my experimental RP. Of course, this here is the discussion thread. Later I might start a skype chat for it. Edit: I am also going to open the participant limit up a little wider.
  6. This is the discussion thread for Cornerian Mercenaries. We will also no longer be accepting new players because we have met our maximum amount of them.
  7. This topic came to life much like the Furies of Greek mythology...violent chaos. No just kidding, not like that at all. Since the subsequent demise of Lucasarts, that same question has gone forth, "How will this effect the next installment of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise?" In this topic, feel free (but be civil) to discuss your expectations of the BF3 game (possibly) coming soon. Also you can discuss the previous games and your likes and dislikes of the series, favorite game mods and most importantly any helpful (resent) news regard new developments. We look forward to your post. May the force be with you.
  8. Snys93

    Star Trek

    Space...the final frontier... These are the voyages of the Star Trek discussion thread. Uber-Nerd Snes1993 here. Spanning five series', 12 movies (so far), numerous novels and comic books, games, coffee mugs and T-shirts, this cosmic tale of exploration has touch humanity at some point to 'look up at the stars and dream of new worlds'. Post your love and admiration for this beloved scifi, its blunders, its successes, its past and its future. Live long and prosper.
  9. Snys93

    Where are we going?

    Snes1993 here, talking about the world, the universe and beyond. The discussion can go from Climate Change to wayward asteroids, from threat of nuclear war to finding a new planet to call home using star ships within a 100 years. In other words, will the fate of the human race be like a hollywood movie script? Maybe not. But truly, what do you as a member of a species think of the direction of your race? Where are you going? How will you get there? And what will you do then?
  10. El Zorro de la Estrella


    Hey everyone, I just got caught up with Housepets! and I wondered: Does anyone else here read it? It's SO great, the perfect mix of humor and seriousness. The characters are perfectly done and the art style is simply amazing. Like, it's perfectly done to appeal to our (ie the general average of teens to early 20's here) age group. I'd rate it PG for content. The Thanksgiving Arc that just finished up was AMAZING! Seriously, probably one of the most touching and funny things I've read in a long while. So, yeah: A. Does anyone else here read it? B. Discuss!