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Found 2 results

  1. GameXplain recently posted a video based on Dylan Cuthbert's recent Twitch live stream semi-interview with him playing Star Fox Zero for the very first time. The video includes a few highlights where Cuthbert explains a few things about the original Star Fox game and Shigeru Miyamoto. It's a funny reel, although it may contain some offensive language. Check out the highlight video below, or if you are interested, check out the full live stream of Cuthbert trying too hard to play the game right here. As the video explains, although Curthbert is a significant part of Star Fox's history, he was not at all involved in the development of Star Fox Zero whatsoever. Enjoy!
  2. Nintendo Life recently conducted another exclusive interview with Dylan Cuthbert, a well-known figure among Star Fox enthusiasts. They were discussing the cancelled Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Star Fox 2. Cuthbert, a former employee at the now-defunct Argonaut Software (co-developers of Star Fox and Star Fox 2), and founder of Q-Games (developers of Star Fox Command and co-developers of Star Fox 64 3D), stated in the interview that despite Nintendo's decision to cancel the release of Star Fox 2, they continued the remaining work on the game and even sent it to be tested at Mario Club - Nintendo's debugging division. Although, it was not until during the development of Star Fox Command that Cuthbert got back a copy of the game's final, mastered ROM image from Nintendo. Additionally, Cuthbert said that all the ROM images floating about the internet that we know about are all unfinished prototypes, and are "a long way off" from the actual final version as they are missing many elements which made the game feel "complete". Even the multiple patches from the Star Fox community does not do these prototype ROM images any justice! Cuthbert added a commercial distribution of the game may still be possible, but very unlikely due to sustaining legal reasons between Nintendo and Argonaut Software, despite the fact the latter company is defunct. The full interview has not been yet posted for public viewing as of writing of this thread, but will be posted a little later. Source of this specific information can be found here. Update: Full interview is now available - click here.