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Found 4 results

  1. Dendropsyche

    Dendropsyche's Art/Commission Links!

    Heya guys! Here are several links to my many galleries I post to across different websites, as well as links to my commission information. Currently I'm trying to get myself to Texas Furry Fiesta 2018, so I am planning WAY ahead early! The stars were not in position this year, but I can sure work my ass off to do it next year! Not only am I planning to attend, but I'd love to do it in my first fursuit, a character I've had for 3 years. Her name is Dulce Luna, and she's a very cute little bovine! She dresses in lolita clothes, so what with TFF 2018's theme being Lone Star Wonderland, I figured it would be great if she could make it! She would be perfect for it! (I also have a client to pay back, after coming across hard times and asking for a refund--I normally like to keep my funds in my PayPal account untouched until I deliver the finished art, but we desperately needed that money to pay bills.) Galleries DeviantART: FurAffinity: Weasyl: FurryNetwork: Commission Info Prices and Examples: Terms of Service: Queue:
  2. Dendropsyche

    Dendropsyche's Commission thread

    Hey guys! I accept commissions on the regular (actually quite regularly now, though things may change in the future as my main career is in massage therapy, just waiting on getting my Texas license!), if you'd like to hire me for art purposes, send me a PM or email me at Here are some links to get you started: My Prices/Examples: My Terms of Service: My Commission Queue: My DeviantART: (there are some nsfw images in my gallery but nothing too mature, everything mature is age restricted) My FurAffinity: (beware, here be monsters of the mature kind! also age restricted) If you are under 18, do not solicit me for NSFW pieces, I could get into some massive legal trouble and I do not want that! Some more recent examples!
  3. Well, if there can be misrepresentation on one front I think its time to set the fact straight once and for all: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> For too long there has been a struggle, between those of us who prefer a lifestyle over another and delight to tell others why and how much they dislike that particular way of life. Then there are those who would like nothing better than to forcibly remove others from the community. To isolate undesirables is nothing new. The centuries prior have been plagued with such occurrences, leading to the enviable outcome of a purist society. Whether you are or not aware of it now, one such movement continues to stir in the dark recesses of our community. For too long there has been a debate as to whether the FURRY is the undesirable class of our community. They are called perverts and labeled freaks out of pure ignorance. Without even bothering with details, the oppressors attack out of spite and unchecked by the those in authority to continue their relentless spurning of truth in favor of their spreading lies on false pretense. And what can be said of the BRONY? What terror have these people spread to receive such insidious, shameless maliciousness? What wrong have they done to the denizens of our community? Were we not already united in our mutual fandom, in our love and continuation of our freedoms? Is this the foundation of our unity? I come to you, not as a furry, but as a bystander of neither extreme, who has watched these oppressors bully, poke and prod their way, spam and cause discord and disunion. I ask you to rise up with me and boldly say: no more. A line has been drawn and crossed. Will you join us and fight for freedom?
  4. madame bellatrix

    furries and furry fandom

    -okay,so in my research and writing of starfox fandom,i ran into furry,nothing wrong with it,i'm a believer in that you can do whatever you want as long as nobody gets hurt... anyway,starfox and furry fandom. -how many people here are furries or like anthros? was starfox like a gateway to it? -i'm not furry/anthro lover per se,but i have an online friend who is and i myself have always had an appreciation for anthro art though i'll be honest,i always had a love for kemonomimi (you know,japanese manga trope,the people with the furry ears and tail,ex:inuyasha).i find it interesting ,but i didn't come to starfox because of a love for anthros or kemonomimi,but in spite of it.