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Found 1 result

  1. Drasiana

    The Ghost Topic

    I've been on a ghost story kick lately and just want to talk about goddamn ghosts all the time! Whether or not you believe in them, the stories are fun, not to mention creeping the hell out of your friends for kicks. Me, I'm a skeptic, but I also love the idea of the paranormal and it's fun to mess around with once in a while. So, here, let's talk about our "experiences", or the weird things that've happened to a "friend of a friend", local legends, etc. All in good fun, of course. I'll start. The Walls Have Fists I live in a historic building that used to be the staffhouse for railway workers. It used to be pretty much a crackhouse, until its renovation for the Olympics a few years back. It's a cool old building, and there's nothing particularily unsettling about it save for a couple of cockroaches here and there and the occasional unidentified body hair in the common bathrooms. At least, there was nothing unsettling about it until I had a bizarre revelation earlier today. I live at the end of the hall. End of the floor. My room number is the first. My next-door neighbor is a kind gentleman who took my program at the school before me, so I've known him for a while, and he's quite quiet and due to film commitments isn't home very often. So I'm between him, and nothing. Occasionally, I hear a knocking on the wall opposite of the one dividing our rooms. The first time it happened, I was convinced it was room service (we get a full room cleaning once a week), but consistantly opened my door to an empty hall. I shrugged it off; maybe someone messing around in whatever room was beyond that wall, be it a staff room or staircase or something. It wasn't the pipes, as they make a significantly different noise (and some of them are exposed running through my room), but whatever. It would happen now and then after that, but I never thought much of it. Until I realized today that there is nothing on the other side of that wall. That's it. It's the edge of the building. The building next door is significantly shorter. Rats? Maybe. If rats can replicate the strength and rhythm of human knocking perfectly, that is. Cockroaches? Well, we have those, but if they can make the noises I heard then that is almost scarier than the paranormal alternative. So...yeah. tl;dr Dras might have a ghost chilling in her walls The Man in the Tunnel This is an older one. Four years, to be exact. My friend offered me a chance to join her on a trip to Europe, and we ended up in Edinburgh, Scotland, to do whatever the hell we wanted. Eventually, me having recently discovered the X-Files, dragged her along to one of those hokey touristy "ghost tours" that all big cities host. I was thrilled by it, but I acknowledged a lot of it was money-making BS and just kind of played along. My friend, a no-nonsense athiest skeptic, was strangely disturbed by the place. I was just messing around, and found the architecture of the tunnel--once used by bootleggers beneath the city streets--to be pretty neat, so I snapped a few photos of it. The tour ended, and I went over the photos to see if any turned out in the dim light and my crappy camera. Then this happened. Oh, no biggie, just a man-shape chilling out in the middle of a photo I took of an empty sealed corridor with no one in it. Shadow? Nah, the shape makes no sense with my body shape or the way I was standing. Then there's the part where this thing is interacting with the light source, as if it were a 3D being. I wtf'd significantly. Afterwards my friend told me she'd heard breathing over her shoulder and "sensed" something malevolent hanging around me. She's really skeptical and no-nonsense, so this was an uncharacteristic claim for her to make out of nowhere. Suffice to say, we noped out of there soon after. Here's another photo of the figure after fucking around with it in Photoshop. I've asked one of my director friends to tell me what he thinks of it. Anyway, SFO. Tell us your spooky stories.