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Found 3 results

  1. I've been having this issue since a few days now and it's starting to become rather aggravating. No matter what I try doing, regardless of setting to pause, stop, starting again or queuing other downloads, Steam persists in clogging up the download schedule with this "0 bytes" workshop content update, making it impossible to download anything else. Whenever stopped, it's stuck at "stopping". I've experienced some slowdowns in games while this was going on, and my connection also tends to have some random usage that wasn't all that present before this started. I already trying flushing Steam configuration, so far the fix is only temporary until the next computer restart. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Additionally, Steam claims the game is ready to play.
  2. So, figured should post this here until Micro$oft fixes WMM and I can upload my next project. Also telling personally each person about it is a bit tiring. (And I need to get my post count up anyway. ) As you know, I'm a Garry's Mod animator (in-training, but still decently skilled). I make often animations with the thing and available tools/models/etc. It's quite some effort to do it, but a fun mess that at least for me gives that 'you-did-a-something' feel. Two of my current animations posted are somewhat SF-related, but since it's more GMod related, I figured should post by here. Well, I guess. Anyway, TAKE THAT!: As it may or may not be common sense of those who know me on Steam, I also am (more) prone to do Garry's Mod scenes. Have some recent/featured ones below: Many more are on my Steam. However, it'd hit and barge through the image limit up to eleven... thousand. May post more randomly. (Edited post to link to Steam for those who didn't figure out about the little icon in my signature.)
  3. So it seems Avast is thinking soundemittersystem.dll from GMod is a Win32:Evo-gen [susp] file and instantly tosses it into Chest storage without even asking. Oddly enough when I scan it inside the storage there's no virus, and AFAIK Steam doesn't usually let infected files into updates. I'm assuming it's an issue with Avast itself. For the moment I'm forced to exclude my whole Steam folder from scans. Thanks much but I'm gonna play my games. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to leave it out of scans with the huge tonnage of non-Steam files installed on my Steam games though (although I never came across any DLLs). Anyone else getting this? Or better yet, any solutions?