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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Quadroline's Two Characters

    Disclaimer Most of my characters I have are not RP, OC, FF, or CC I find that misrepresentative and further more these characters are not 100% Star Fox related so someone who probably will flame for this wouldn't be a surprise. -- If I was able to participate any RP I have two choices I can RP as: Apollo version 21 Revision 1984 Short name: Apollo Manufactured: Alphos 12, 2022 CE (August 12, 2022) Maker: William R. Archer Homeworld: Novum Appearance 1: Robotic, made to look like a Delta (Without wings) Appearance 2: Has human-light skin-like fur color (like most Deltas, Alphas, and Thetas*) Hair: Long and Green, Fur pattern: Spotty-like Body: Metallic some of the metal can be see from the back of the neck and mostly on the arm Clothing: Desert-cream-like colour shirt with abstract art Blue Jeans Eyes: Green Horns: Brown and medium size. Hoof hands, and Hooves: Brown Player-type: BALANCE Description: Apollo was manufactured as Novum's first Sentient Robot by 21 year old William R. Archer one of the Indigenous "Deltas" which at the time were a vast minority, Apollo went through several changes with v21 r1984 by 2036 CE however Novum at the time was like our planet But was closer to Global Thermonuclear War. His maker at the time also had found away to create time travel and went missing for a minutes. Just minutes after Apollo was awaken He was able to see the lush green, and clear skyscraper cities for a moment until the city where his maker was from was replaced with a mushroom cloud and soon experience Global Thermonuclear War. Soon after being blasted away from nuclear blast caused him be in critical damage and had to repair. After which he roam the decaying world for a century before being sent back in time to the 900s settle things right. His current occupation is Time Traveler and was reported by many civilizations from ancients, to medieval, and even Renaissance. He cannot speak making have a personality similar to Quote from Cave Story and this was because his maker forgot to update him to r1985 so now everything is permanent. The means of communication is via accessing the Console of Apollo (his brain) Or using a computer/tablet which He'll be able to give to anyone who wish to speak to him. Abilities: + Was made to look like a 15 year old child which can get enemies off guard when he is in % ATTACK MODE. + When in % ATTACK MODE He is able use any sort of weaponry since he is a BALANCE player. + in % DEFENSE MODE any on coming attack by any sort of weaponry He is able to dodge quickly and even counter attack said attacker. + Is a Robot, is calm automatically and cannot go BERZERK unless the command is issued (Which never happens) + Can scan items, Lifeforms, and exam things (Like a Robot does) + has booster jets which he can fly for a brief of two hours. (which is 2-3 posts) + Can be a strategic use if you can play your card rights Downsides: - Can be intercept and be damaged if does not manage to fly faster/properly. [Loses 50 HP of 72 HP] - Cannot communicate, best to use tablet/computer and inter the console to speak with him. -The Command to issue % BERZERK is catastrophic and will be in BERZERK mode for 1-2 posts before his motherboard melts [-72 HP of 72HP] - being Sentient meaning he will be able to ignore certain commands if it breaks the second law of robotics. -Can be hit if doesn't dodge in time or fails to counter. [loses -15 of 72 HP while fails to counter can lose about -25 HP] -Cannot kill any lifeforms this is because of Law 2 of robotics: Don't kill. He does harm which is different. Importance: Apollo has HP if Apollo HP reaches "Zero" he be pronounced "Totaled" He can be repair however via by an engineer-like character or computer. other wise; out for 4 posts (turns) -- Apollo's Stats ========== HP: 72/72 OFF: 50 (Offense) DEF: 50 (Defense) SPEED: 50 ========== ----- Jiro Darwin. Beta Short name: Jiro or Beta Date of Birth: Cancer 4th, 2007 (July 4th, 2014) Species: Anthro Goat Breed: mixed (Pygmy + Ram) Age: 7 Homeworld: Terra Hometown: Farmlands AI*, Eagle Island Nationality: Yagian -Rodinian - Eagle Islander Appearance 1: Wears a light-blue shirt Red Scarf, gray jeans (Or sweatpants) Appearance 2: Is sometimes wearing a Bulla (Roman Amulet) and a necklace tide to it With the word "JIRO SON OF YAGI" in Yagian (Japanese). Hair: Black, it actually merges with his fur. Fur colour: Black Eye Color: Blue Horns: Yellow Hoof Hands and Hooves: Brown Mother: Susan Alpha (Goat) Father: Ron Beta (Ram) Sister: Mary Beta (Goat and Deceased) Player Type: HYBRID (MELEE + STAFF) Special ability: Lucid Dreaming Description: Jiro D. Beta is a local child in a quiet village known as Farmlands being born 4 years after the death of his sister: Mary Beta (who died at the age of 4 for being a breed) As a child (and still is) he forbidden to enter the left bedroom presumably being what should have been Mary's Room if she survived. Relationship between Susan and him is a mother-son bond (I.E Being close) Jiro began to Lucid dream at the age of 5 with him suffering night terrors before coming aware at age 7 and recorded his dreams by drawing them on pieces of paper. Most of them could predict what could Happen or record what seen in one's person "past" (probably due to the bedroom that he is forbidden to enter) His dreams become more clear the deeper he go in and began sleeping for more often an is usually seen sleeping in his mother's lap who sits next to a large tree with a tree house in the backyard during the day. For him to wake up from his dream is simple: Pinch your cheeks! This usually helps him during situations he is in and will wake him up automatically. He only uses Two "Effects" for he is in combat. Mainly he uses a Bo (Japanese Staff) or on rare occasions a Gladius sword (Roman sword) with a Scutum (Roman shield) Abilities: + Can Lucid Dream + HYBRID Player can use either STAFF weaponry or MELEE weaponry + "Effects" can have use either switch to him using his Bo or Gladius depending on situation + Can wake up by pinching cheek (if decides to opt out) + small child, more swift; SPEED is unusually increased by +20 + 50% Chance of him dodging while 20% countering attacks + Can Block enemy attack if it's MELEE, STAFF, or DUAL + If sleeps in reality he can instantly teleport to the current scene if he is ever taken out by an enemy. Downsides - HYBRID players are more unstable stress can be increased by +15 - BERZERK mode will cause him to lose HP faster by -30 HP - If HP reaches Zero he'll "wake up" in reality meaning he opt out for a few minutes (He could be vital in critical situations) - It take him about 10 seconds post to sleep and dream (As in one post from someone else) - Will most likely wander around but will stay with group after one or three times. - If an event gets to critical and Stress levels is near high He'll most likely "wake up" and opt out for at least 5 posts - small child, OFF and DEF are decreased by -15 Jiro's Stats ========== HP: 72/72 OFF: 35 (Offense) DEF: 35 (Defense) SPEED: 70 ========== Hopefully I did it right if anyone has a say about the stats I'm not sure if it's alright to have that. I might make a thread about stats on another topic or so. Thanks for reading this post -Quadroline