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Found 9 results

  1. Snys93

    A Question for Y'all

    As I writer (amateur writer...very very amateur lol), I tend to get bored easily. As a result I've ha e written or atleast started several series' without finishing them. So I ask this of you: which of this fics should I continue? I will post them in a poll on this thread and if you'd like I can give a brief, informative synopsis for each one. Please, this would REALLY help me out guys. Thank you for your time. Synopsis: Starfox: Fall of Lylat : Set before, during and after events of the Lylat War, the story mainly follows CDF officer Chis Agathol in his experiences as part of the military and as an individual. As his journey unfolds, many questions are asked as to the nature of war, sacrifice and commitment to just doing the right thing. Follow him on this journey from a young child full of promise and imagination to an aspiring cadet in training and the seasoned officer he becomes. Only thing is...what else lies beyond? Action/adventure/scifi Naruto: Bloodied Desert Rose : A genderbend retelling of the popular manga/anime series, Sabaku no Gaara goes from skilled assassin to simple bodyguard for the newly elected Hokage, Hinato Hyuuga. Action/drama/romance Doom: Lengthening of Shadows : B. J. Blazkowicz III comes from a rich military family history. But once he goes on the wrong side of the law, the UAC doesn't hesitate to lock him and throw away the key on of all places...the second moon of Mars, Phobos. He doesn't wish for escape but the heat of battle in raw combat with no holds barred to fight his inner demons. And with all of Hell unleashed...he gets his wish. Dark Souls: the anthology series : What is life? What are souls? What is this thing you call 'self'? There are two paths, one of fire to keep Burning a dying Flame, the other Dark and... Who are you...? Are you on this journey? Join us and see for yourself. For who knows where the road may lead...and let souls feed your Hollowing mind. ZabuHaku: A Naruto Pairing : One a slave, the other a slave to his desires. Both seek rest and only one sought the comfort of the other. Zabuza and Haku paid their sins in blood...but their story is just beginning. Starwars: Parallels : His master slain by his own hand and his mentor lay dying, much goes through the mind of the new Emperor. What path has the galaxy been set on and how will Emperor Skywalker blaze a new future without the Jedi? Snes1993's Starfox : My take and spin of the beloved series' notable characters and their path to salvation from a tyrannical ruler and his near infinite space armanda.
  2. Shmibli7

    How to play pen-and-paper rpg's?

    Recently, I came across the James Bond pen-and-paper rpg. Expecting it to be simply one game, I started searching and found that it is a bit complex. There are games for most of the movies from the 60's-80's along with other documents like the "Q Manuel", which, from what I gather, is the guide to equipping items in the field, a book called "For Your Information" which I believe is the gamemaster's guide, and many other books devoted to running the game rather than playing it. All this introduction to say... I don't know how to play pen-and-paper games in the slightest. My coach plays D&D but in the short time I have with him, I can't ask him to spill the secrets of how to play pen-and-paper role-playing to me. Does anyone know how to execute a pen-and-paper game?
  3. Fookes

    Where are the rules?

    Hello! I have recently joined SF-O and I am still getting used to the site, and I am wondering where the general rules of this site are? I have checked the 'Rules and Announcements' forum but all I could really find were announcements of new rules and just general announcements. Does anybody know where I can find all the current rules of SF-O packed into one page? Thank-you! Have a nice day!
  4. Alyson

    I need Krystal in my life

    They can't do away with Krystal. They can't. She's a member of the Star Fox team!! She's Fox's love interest!! Sigh. I have faith in you, Shigeru Miyamoto. Don't let me down. Do you all feel the same, or no?
  5. Arwing_Pilot114

    I Found Something SF64 Related, Help Me ID It!

    Hello all, Arwing_Pilot114 here. I just wanted to ask the collective of SF-O a question pertaining to a VHS tape I found at a retro game shop today. It's a tape of what appears to have the US Box Art of Starfox64 on it. I'm going to test it out once I get my hands on a VHS player, but my main question is this: What is this? A commercial recording? Recorded game footage? Is this a promo from Nintendo when the game first came out? I can't post the picture I took of it since I'm posting this on my phone, but I'm just currious if anyone knew something about this? I also got a VHS with the cover of Donkey Kong Country on it too. I guess I'll find out what these two VHS tapes are soon!
  6. It all started yesterday, I decided to crack open the retail version of the Starfox Adventures GCM that I have, and it contained some interesting files that may lead back to DP's development. I can say for sure that what I found here took me by surprise: As you can see underlined in red, swapholbot, swaphol, and warlock if you don't know already were supposedly removed levels in the original game. To me, it appears that the level data for these areas still remains in the retail's file system. That would be what I hope the case is... The other possibility is that Rareware was just too lazy to delete the files so they overwrote them and replaced the data for the new maps. However, I believe these are still intact because the format of the data is in the same order as all other map files, meaning it contains all of the files for the level to load properly. Seeing that I have no idea on how to replace these files with the retail's to perhaps access them, that's why I have come to this forum for some feedback and suggestions. I have been attempting to get into some deeper parts of this game for a few years now, and this is the closest I've gotten so far. - Mike
  7. Germany's a pond, tornadoes in Oklahoma, and now Calgary is turning into the world's biggest underwater ghost town theme park. I've heard from second hand sources that Dras is ok, but I do worry, since it's kind of my job. Internet and power is out and I think 100.000 people might soon be homeless (or at the very least, have a soggy house) in the great province of Alberta. Major roads and transportation routes out of the province are cut by the floods, so if you want to leave, you can't. Great! I hope you're ok, baby ;_; I do know that topics with anything approaching substantive content beyond 'game is good' or 'xbox bad' are generally frowned upon here but I would like to point out that we may be actually witnessing the shift in climate paradigms, right now, that will end up in humanity living in Water World. And I hated that movie, and so should you, because it's not only a shitty movie but also a shitty existence! So I guess this topic is kind of for me and others to flail around in and be kind of panicky in between offering words of encouragement to those touched by all this shit. I do hope people will be ok though. If anything's happened to Dras, I will be very difficult to deal with. E: so it turns out Dras is making funnies about learning how to swim on Face, I think she's going to be ok. God damn, I need to learn how to breathe again.

    The Impossible Dream Of A Game

    Yo guys. I've just started my FMP (Final Major Project) at college. I need to gather a large number of names from Games and Anime Characters. This is where you guys come in. I want you to tell me about your favorite characters, which games they are from and why you like them. Thank you.
  9. Cavemonkynick

    Help Hone My Writing Skills

    I've recently been looking for new ways to help me in the endless war against boredom. I've noticed that a lot of people on this site draw and do commissions, and i like the idea. Problem is, im not very good at drawing so i thought I'd take a diffrent approach. What i am good is writing. When I was in high school, in english we would get these random writing topics and i would have a field day with them. So hears my idea, you give me some scenario and I'll give you a short story in return. You can be as vauge or specific as long as i have enough to work with. You can even give me a word max on minimum So post below and I'll respond with a story prolly within an hour or 2. Lets do it!