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Found 1 result

  1. Shmibli7

    Cornerian Mercenaries

    They weren't the first pick, they weren't the second pick either, in fact as Jasper Hiiahishi, leader of the mercenary group known as The Rejects sat looking out of the window of the drop craft carrying them, he wondered how many other bounty hunter teams the Cornerian Secret Service contacted before them. In the end, his team were the only people brave enough or stupid enough to undergo the assignment they were on their way to. Recently, there had been a resurgence in support for the now deceased (or at least that's what the file said) Andross. A political party that wanted an absolute dictatorship had come into being, led by a man named Troy Nichols, a general under Andross from the second Lylat War. Noticing they had made a huge mistake in letting the party exist, the Cornerian government needed to get their hands dirty and eliminate Nichols, but they couldn't use the military, bad image, you see, so they needed mercs, and ended up with Jasper and his band of rag-tag guns for hire. Getting to Nichols would be no cake walk, Nichols had a lot of power and had set up a puppet government, complete with a functioning military. This would be a dangerous job, but he was determined to finish it. He pats the patch on the arm of his jacket, an image of a wolf grim reaper. A memento from his time in the Fortunan Resistance. He felt it was lucky. He turns to his team and pulls a photo of Nichols, a gruff Rhino, out of his pocket . "This is our man." He says, "Don't bother trying to incapacitate him, they want him dead." "We are over the drop zone. Get ready." The pilot says, "Get yourselves ready. Jasper pulls his rifle off of the wall behind him, an old Fortunan battle rifle and puts his automag laser in the holster on his hip. He throws an oxygen mask on and grabs a parachute and moves over to the opening door of the craft. "See you on the ground." He says, then jumps. ROLEPLAY START